Tamra Barney: I Was NEVER Offered A Spin-Off Show


Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge is clearing up rumors that she was offered a spin-off show by Bravo. Tamra shares that an unnamed blogger claimed that several of the OC Housewives were getting spin-off shows.  Judge took to her Facebook page to set the record straight.

“Let me crush a stupid rumor that won’t go away,” Tamra wrote. “I was NEVER asked to do a spin off show! A blogger wrote a story stating a few of the OC housewives were getting spin off shows (me, Lizzy, Vicki). But it was a lie!!!!!”

“No one has been offered a spin off!” Tamra continued. “I’m sure a lot of woman would love to have their own show and are working on standing out to get their chance? It is a lot of work to hold your own show and you need to have a lot going on in your life. #TamrasOcWedding #rumors.”

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