Tamra Barney, ‘I Look Hotter At 46 Than I Did At 25″


Tamra Barney is taking to Life & Style Magazine to show off her bikini bod after she just celebrated her 46th birthday, comparing her body to when she was 25 and she says she’s never looked better. “Overall, I feel more comfortable in my skin now,” Tamra tells the mag. “I look hotter at 46 than I did at 25!”

But Tamra admits it’s taken some work to get where she is with her body. “I used to starve myself,” Tamra admits. “I was skinny, but I was really flabby. Eating right has changed my body the most.” Some of Tamra’s fav things: veggie omelets, kale salads from Costco, almonds, sushi and Baja Fish Tacos’ blackened fish. “No dairy; no sugar. Nothing white, basically,” she adds.

“I’m at the gym every single day,” she tells Life & Style. “So if I’m there, I might as well go take a class: Grit, cycling, dance or something else. Sometimes I’ll do three classes in one day.”

Photo Credit: Life & Style



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  • DebBrenn

    Look again, Tamra. No, you’re not.

  • Jeanie

    What is she thinking? Of course she doesn’t look better…the surgeries show, the sagging is showing…no one can look at 46 like you did at 25 when you are young, fresh looking, supple, firm and just fresh faced. All that crap they inject today is just stupid…your stomach looks terrible, knees are sagging, face doesn’t move from the Botox…those 10-15 years you have on Eddie are gonna show up real quick and don’t think he won’t notice…

  • Aunt Bee

    That’s great for a woman who can afford it. What about a woman with kids and a husband and a job sitting at a computer 8 hous a day.???????

  • cindi

    Tamra dear…… only a few short years and the decline will begin and it comes fast and furious…..

  • getreal

    Are you kidding? Have you ever seen Tamra when her botox wears off? She is a walking, talking, wine-throwing raisin. She makes Vicki look good, which I’m sure Tamra would find mortifying. I dare her to share a pic when she’s due for a massive round of injections and tell us how “hot” she thinks she looks then. Plus, for someone who claimed that her “kids and managing cut fitness takes up every second of her day”, she seems to have a lot of time for taking classes. I’m always catching her telling lies. UGH.

  • Star

    She is 46, and looks better than pretty much all other women in their 40’s. Her antics are questionable and her botox is a bit much but come on guys…you HAVE to give credit where credit is due. She looks fantastic!

  • DebBrenn

    That picture is so photoshopped! When you see her on TV you see her legs are chubbier than that, her arms are heavier, she’s got a bunch of cellulite, and her face does not look that young.

  • Uh … no you don’t. You were definitely much hotter at 26.