Tamra Barney: I’m Disgusted By Vicki’s Backstabbing


Tamra Judge is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of RHOC. Tamra says she was a fool to defend Vicki Gunvalson and is disgusted by her backstabbing this year. Tamra also explains why she couldn’t go to Lizzie’s party and reveals what happened behind-the-scenes.

Tamra writes, “After the shock of Ryan moving away and getting married to a girl he doesn’t know, I thought it was a good idea to talk with Vicki. Vicki and I have been through so many of the same life experiences, and I wanted to hear take on things. Clearly there is nothing you can do to change the mind of a 28 year old, so I just sat back and hoped for the best.

I really felt bad when I couldn’t make it to Lizzie’s Birthday party. Sophia had come down with the flu that day and was running a fever. When Lizzie called, I said I was so sorry but Sophia was sick and I could not make it. We talked a bit, but you’ll hear more about that later.

Vicki found out that I was not going to the party around 5 pm when she texted me to ask me what I was wearing. I told her what was going on and I that could not make it. She was so upset and told me “I do not want to hang out with dumb and dumber,” referring to Lizzie and Danielle.

And then Vicki gets into the limo and started blasting me saying I could have come, that I just didn’t want too, and that she would never do that Lizzie. ARE YOU KIDDING ME VICKI? You were the one caught calling Lizzie “Dumb and Dumber” and saying how you didn’t want to hang out with her — and you throw me under the bus?

I am just disgusted with Vicki’s constant backstabbing all season long. She is so sweet to my face, but behind my back she is trying to turn everyone against me. It’s like she wants to pay me back for no one liking Brooks.

Which leads me into her conversation about how I went to her daughter and turned her against Brooks . . .That is another flat out lie! Briana has said in past seasons that she knew about Brooks for many years and has never liked him. She has expressed to everyone that she does not like Brooks. And after seeing their therapy session, I don’t believe she will ever like him.

Vicki seems to forget that last year at the Reunion Briana told us all about the Brooks conversation with Ryan (that he recorded), when Brooks said some pretty horrible things about Vicki. I am pretty sure that was the nail in the coffin for Briana.

I did my best to accept Brooks this year to make Vicki happy. I felt like I did a really good job considering what I knew about Brooks, only to watch the episodes and see how much Vicki has bashed me all season. It shows me what kind of friend she is. It was OK for her to get involved in my marriage to Simon and not like him, but I am a horrible person for not being accepting of Brooks in the past and now she is going to try and make me pay for it? To think I was the only person that stuck up for her last year when Lauri was going after her. I thought I was being a good friend? I was a fool.

Heather and her party games are always funny — but Fancy Pants really surprised me with her games this year. I am going to have to change her name to Dirty Pants.

When Lizzie came up to me a the Valentine’s Dinner to let me know what Vicki said, I was blown away once again. I never had a issue with Lizzie and thought she was a very sweet girl. It was Vicki that had been nasty to Lizzie all season. When I heard what Vicki told Lizzie I wanted to say, “So let me get this straight, Vicki calls me to tell me she does not want to go to your party then calls you names, my daughter is sick, and I am the bad guy?” Wow I am starting to feel like what ever I do, I’m going to be the bad guy.

But all I could do is sit there and shake my head in disbelief, I didn’t know Lizzie that well and wanted to talk to Vicki, my long time friend, to find out if this was really the truth.

Thank you to my amazing husband for the beautiful flowers.”

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9 Replies to “Tamra Barney: I’m Disgusted By Vicki’s Backstabbing”

  1. Tamra was ridiculous at her dinner party. Once more boo hooing with no tears. Does Botox keep people from having tears? Or is her crying fake?

  2. Like I have always said DONT TURN YOUR BACK ON VICKIE. NoW Vic’s protege is finding out why. Tamera you learned from the master so quit complaining now.

  3. Lizzie already commented that your daughter has been sick all week and you and her have been texting about it. So their was no reason for the last minute cancelation. Love how you try to spin this into bringing up the mother and daughter drama of Vicki to take off yourself. Looks like you are learning something from Heather I just wish it was more about manners at least. Maybe you wanna worry more about your husband’a happiness and less about try to back stab yourself. Husband has been looking a little sick over this reality show and probably your gross behavior.

  4. Vicki isn’t backstabbing her she’s just trying to prevent future people from getting hurt by Tamra. When Tamra was married Simon was really mean to her and Tamra was extremely unhappy. That’s why Vicki stepped in to see what was going on. Vicki was very happy with Brooks and he treated her well yet Tamra jumped in for no reason and was mean just because of her suspicions. So that’s how season 5 & season 7 were different. I don’t think vicki ever back stabbed Tamra so Tamra needs to stop bringing that up!! Vicki has been very nice this season and is just defending Shannon. So back up Tamra!!

  5. Tamara Barney Judge & Heather Debrow are two of the most disgusting, I’ll mannered trouble stirring bullies I have ever seen. I think Andy Cohens paychecks are getting to their heads. Maybe it’s time to fire them both. The way they both Have taunted & treated Shannon is disgusting. There is nothing wrong with her & I’d rather watch her than the 2 of them. I’m bored of Tamara & Heather on OC. Love Vicki & New Girls. … Next!

  6. I am throughly disgusted by Terri Dubrow’s nasty, vile, and violent accusation to David. And furthermore, by Tamara’s smirky look of revenge — like she gets off on this stuff. Take your meds Tamara!! I agree with Lisa, these people are a great display of rich bullies! Andy if your smart you will take them off your show. I’m very tired and bored too and will not be watching the show anymore. Its turned into a blood bath of bad, rich, psychopathic behavior. And Tamara your the biggest backstabber on the show. No wonder your ex won’t let you have your kids and your son has a restraining order…

  7. I think T is a mean drunk. When she hasn’t had any shots, she is a regular person. I hope now that she has let God into her life that she sticks with the wine. My ex could drink beer and be a nice drunk. But get a shot of whiskey in him and he got mean. I am always surprised that since they have the rare opportunity to actually see themselves, they don’t learn more from it.
    I think T was the sacrificial lamb on that season. I just watched it all in a row, and Lizzie was the one who stirred it up. Jeeez, get over the birthday. Not even her best friend made it, or Shannon, and T is the one who hurt your feelings. She said she was sorry like several times and she was still griping about it at reunion. So glad she is just a guest this year. She keeps saying T is the pot stirrer. SHE was the one who waited for T to be gone and then made up lies about the tone of what T said, all to what? To be nice. I think not. As usual they want to be in the position of the longtime cast. It was to hurt Tamra, and she succeeded. Talk about back stabbing. Then not admitting what she said at the party. She thinks everyone is jealous of her. Why? I don’t even think she is pretty. Big boobs. Big deal. That is not the same as a big character and a big heart. Those are the things that matter, not how you can twist what someone says and cause such pain all the while trying to look like the innocent newcomer. So you have big glands to feed your babies, lot’s of us have that and don’t think it makes us worth being jealous of.

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