Tamra Barney: How She Got Cast On Real Housewives Of Orange County!

Do you ever wonder how Bravo chooses which ladies will be on The Real Housewives? Well now, Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney is telling her story! Tamra tells Emme Magazine that it was a joke response to an internet ad that got her foot in Bravo’s door. Barney joined the cast in Season 3, and has been a stand-out since.

“It was a freak thing, and I still don’t understand why I was picked,” she explains. “I jokingly filled out an online application that my friend sent to me, not thinking for one second they would call me. I was totally obnoxious (mocking the show). We were both were laughing at my answers. I didn’t send any pictures and didn’t show up to the casting call in Newport. So when they called me a few days later, I almost dropped the phone.”

Haha, that’s true Tamra fashion, mocking the show. But after that things got a bit more serious for Tamra. She spent the next month doing interviews for the position. And finally she decided, “Everything happens for a reason… here goes another chapter in my life.”

We’ve seen a lot of chapters unfold in Tamra’s life. Five seasons, one husband, one fiance, and several friendships later she’s still chugging along. But she admits, “You can’t beat getting paid for being yourself.” That’s the truth!

Photo Credit: Bravo