Tamra Barney Heartbroken By Simon’s False Allegations


Tamra Barney Judge is speaking out about the allegations made by her former husband, Simon Barney. Details of the couple’s custody battle have been made public, including claims of abuse and neglect.

“I am very [saddened] by my [ex-husband’s] attempt to publicly hurt me with false allegations. Why doesn’t he understand he is hurting our [children?] My heart is broken and one day he will see the pain he has caused everyone. I love my children with all my heart and would never do anything to hurt them. Please God help me understand. I sit here crying trying my hardest to keep my mouth shut, but I’m only human. Thank you for the support XOXO.”

It has been made public that Tamra is estranged from her oldest daughter, Sidney, who took to Twitter to shed some light on the topic.

“@TamraBarney if dad needed money he would have gone for child support and not full custody…” Sidney wrote. “Please stop bring me and the kids in this. Your not even with them and I don’t think they even know about it.”

“He is a great dad but everyone thinks he is a terrible person because they believe the lies. It’s getting old,” Sidney, who is 15 years-old, tweeted in March. 

Photo Credit: Bravo