Tamra Barney Fires Back At Simon, “He Is Damaging Our Children”


The bitter court battle between Tamra Judge and her ex-husband Simon Barney rages on as Tamra fights to allow her children on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Now, Tamra is responding to Simon’s statements saying their children have been embarrassed by their mother’s actions on TV. RadarOnline obtained court documents that reveals Tamra’s declaration. “I am saddened that the Petitioner (Simon) has made it a point to portray me as someone that does not have our children’s best interests at heart,” Tamra said. “The Petitioner is constantly discussing these proceedings with our children and manipulating them against me.”

“The Petitioner utilizes the majority of his declaration to diminish my character while at the same time he is living with his girlfriend, who is twenty years younger than him. I am requesting the court admonish the Petitioner regarding his tactics. The Petitioner should take a moment to reflect on how he is damaging our children instead of utilizing all of his energies toward alienating them from me,” she continued.

Speaking of her youngest child, Sophia, Tamra vowed that she would not be exposed to any of the “adult content” that Simon complained was inappropriate. “The type of scenes mentioned by the Petitioner, which were obviously selected by the Petitioner to portray me in a bad light, would not be the type of atmosphere that Sophia would be exposed. In light of Petitioner’s threats, the only types of scenes I am currently involved in are with the other cast members, without our children present.”

A judge will rule in favor of Tamra or Simon on December 20th.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • getreal

    Simon’s argument against allowing their youngest daughter to join the show are all valid. I noticed that Tamra isn’t denying that she acts like an idiot, but she is definitely trying to deflect from it, making her look even more guilty of wanting to exploit her daughter for her gain. Instead, perhaps Tamra should be looking ahead, and utilize her energies into planning how she could help Sophia cope with the embarrassment of being her daughter– because that day is coming, and everyone in that family needs to be prepared.

  • AnotherRHO_Fan

    I don’t know about Tamra’s battle with Simon over the kids…and quite frankly, I don’t care. However, based on the above photo…she needs to stop f-ing with her face! She looks very different from the person who started on RHOC…what…6 years ago?!!
    Not looking like the “hottest housewife of OC” much, is she?!!

  • Teri

    The Housewives franchise is a travesty. I feel horrible for the fall out all their kids face. It’s a total embarrassment for the kids that are left to defend themselves when classmates and friends tease them about their parents bad taste in how they behave on camera. You know damn well the kids see their parents behavior.

  • cindi

    I would think Tamra’s behavior would be an embarrassment to her kids….

  • Teri

    Glad to hear judge ruled in Simon’s favor but it won’t stop Tamra from her trashy behavior.

  • traci

    Can you not see simon has been trying his hardest since his split with tamra to bring her down.It didnt seem a problem when he was married the children where involved with the show.
    Its about time he let his anger go tamra is doing nothing different to what she was doing when he was with her.
    Using and turning there children against her is disgusting and proves hes unhappy with what he has.
    No parent is perfect and anyone that says they are is deluded.
    We try our best and do what we think is best and if he feels his children are suffering then you dont involve them in things that are between him and tamra.They are children so keep them out of your nasty thoughts about your ex wife.