Tamra Barney Explains Her Side Of The Story, Reveals What Wasn’t Shown In The Footage


Tamra Judge appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night after an intense episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. As usual, Tamra did not hold back and had a lot to say about her cast mates and the drama that’s going on with Shannon Beador.

Andy Cohen put twenty seconds on the clock to let Tamra respond and tell her side of the story.

“First of all, Terry would never call me and say ‘take the Beadors down’ it’s not like he’s in the mafia or something. So let’s just erase that.” Tamra says. “Shannon tends to get things lost in translation, kind of like the whole ‘she threw me out of the house, and she did this and she had evil in her eyes.’ I think Heather said, ‘it’s time for you to leave” and she kind of switched things up. Did I say that? No. I didn’t say that.”

Tamra also responded to Vicki Gunvalson claiming Tamra had also told her Terry had said that.

“Vicki’s an ass kisser this year,” Tamra says. “Vicki doesn’t want any drama. ‘I want to sit back, I had too much drama.’ What you didn’t see is me talking to David. I said ‘David, did you ever hear me say that? Did you ever hear me say ‘I’m going to take the Beadors down’ and he said ‘no.’ That was cut.”

A caller asked Tamra why she has been such a troublemaker this year. “Well I would like to rephrase the question if I can. Am I a trouble maker or am I just making the show worth watching?” she quipped.

Andy tells Tamra her job is to be herself on camera. “Yes, I am myself,” Tamra says.

Andy asks, “Are you a trouble maker?”

Tamra replies, “Yes. But the thing is, Shannon went into the party wanting to know this information. It’s not like she didn’t think it was going to cause drama, because it clearly did. She totally blindsided me with a question that I had no idea what she was talking about. So of course I’m like, what the hell is she smoking?”

Another viewer asked Tamra why she would bring the topic up at the dinner table. Tamra responded, “Shannon brought it up. I brought it up to Terry just because my head was spinning and I was like ‘really, we came to this party and this is the first thing Shannon hit me with?’ So I was just kind of thrown back. Terry has never been somebody to be confrontational, so I didn’t expect him to say what he said. I was just kind of thrown, I didn’t know where it came from.”

Towards the end of the show, Vicki Gunvalson tweeted in and said, “@Andy I just landed from OKC. Tell Tamra we are sisters and sisters fight at times.. We will be fine!” Vicki later added, “@Andy I look at the good in everyone … and pray.”

Tamra responded, “Ok, I hope so. I just feel like every episode I watch her and Brooks or she’s always telling somebody something really nasty about me. I came into this season trying to be very accepting of Brooks and if he made her happy then I was there for her and I was happy for her. We will talk about it at the reunion.”

Tamra also tweeted after WWHL writing, “Vicki can kiss my ass!! #badfriend #hypocrite #goaway”

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21 Replies to “Tamra Barney Explains Her Side Of The Story, Reveals What Wasn’t Shown In The Footage”

  1. Of course they didn’t show the footage of David agreeing with Tamra and saying he never heard her say Terry said to take the Beadors down. David looks like a jerk and I don’t trust him. Tamra was wrong but I think there’s more to this story we haven’t seen.

    1. I laughed every time Tamra stated she’s not a liar. Really??
      David said at the table that Tamra DID tell him. Why would David then turn around and tell Tamra that he never heard her say it?? Looks to me like Tamra is lying….again!

      This is the first season that I actually started liking Tamra. I thought that maybe her marrying had somehow changed her. Foolish me. Tamra, you are just a lying, coniving, mean girl. Always have been, and always will be.

  2. Tamra says “Yes, I am myself”. But she also posted that she was a “fictional character” in an attempt to quell some of the backlash. So which is it?

  3. So Tamara gets caught lying…AGAIN. Even in this blog she states she came into this season trying to be accepting of Brooks, yet the first chance she get sis to inform the new cast members Brooks is bad.

  4. please Bravo….. we can do without Tamra and Heather….. they are so full of themselves and sooooo phony…. Please bring on some real ladies!!!!! Show us some fun instead of old mean girls having at each other….

  5. Ta;mra has no morals, looks like crap and lies right to peoples faces. Didn’t she tell Andy that
    she had not done anything that sorta kinda maybe admitted to fillers.
    She thinks that she is cute. Cute is for children and though you act like one, those days are
    long gone, as should you be.

  6. Tamra has no ethics. She never learned them for some reason. She can’t even recognize good vs bad, decent vs indecent, lies vs truth. She got caught lying to Shannon about telling Heather and a week later she claims she never lies? Ann hit it right on the head: Cute is for kids. We forgive kids for some of their actions because we’re hard wired to realize that haven’t learned much, and besides that they are so damn cute. It’s about time Tamra realized that seeing a small child in a mess they made is adorable, and seeing a mess made by a middle aged woman is not so cute.

  7. Tamara is not real and just stirring the pot so she can stay on TV. It’s time to replace her! She looks really old too! She is a back stabber…. But she would have to be a real person with a soul to have that label. Okay I’m bored with her and Heather….(yawn) next!

  8. I think Tamara’s lying and stirring the pot are a reflection of the unhappiness in her life. Someone who is truly happy and satisfied with their life wouldn’t even spend two minutes thinking about all this drama.

    I also think Tamara is spinning this on Shannon because she knows that she F’d up any possibility of a friendship with her, so why not?

  9. Seems to me that for two people who say they are sooooo educated & classy (the dubrows) they really blew it big time at the dinner party—–terry yelling to shannon across the table was totally rude and inappropriate and terry & heather continuing with that stupid “we didn’t say we were going to take you down” faux manipulated fight was beyond rude…
    And then heather chiming in “should we call an ambulance, is she having some sort of psychotic breakdown” was truly planned to make Shannon look even worse and really awful. heather is a bit “jelly” of the Beadors which probably means they have more money than fancy pants……
    heather & tamra both are pros at taking “people down” and this time it’s shannon.
    And the really sad part is that tamra (who started all this crap by opening her big piehole), then chases Shannon down and won’t let up (what was up with that).
    I think terry has let the faux fame go to his head, he is pretty arrogant and both the dubrows are judgemental, rude and FULL OF THEMSELVES which is funny because before RHOOC NOBODY ever heard of them. Note to terry, plastic surgeons are a dime a dozen (nothing special), and please lay of heather’s face because it already looks “jokeresqe”…..

  10. terry & heather dubrow (phony know it alls), and really rude and inappropriate….
    since when do “classy” people yell across the table at a dinner party—-terry acted like a jerk and heather too…….And I bet neither one apologized to their hosts (because as we all know–the dubrows are never wrong).
    tamra is trailer trash twit……..

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