Tamra Barney & Eddie Judge’s Wedding Date, June of 2013!


Real Housewives of Orange County Star Tamra Barney and her fiancé, Eddie Judge are have officially set a date for the wedding! TooFab reports the couple will wed this June! “I’m going to have three dresses,” Tamra reveals. “I’m going to have a ceremony dress, a dinner/cocktail dress, and a reception dress that’s going to be a party dress.”

“I just went back last Friday and did some sketching of the dress that I want. We’re incorporating different things from different dresses. [Designer] Mark Zunino is making them right now. I’m really excited about them!” Tamra gushes.

So will Tamra be getting a spin-off like Kim Zolciak or Bethenny Frankel? “I cannot confirm or deny it. But let’s just say I’ll be sharing my wedding with everybody,” she hints.

Photo Credit: Bravo


5 Replies to “Tamra Barney & Eddie Judge’s Wedding Date, June of 2013!”

  1. Eddie should take a step back and take a good lomg look at this vulture…then run! She is a vile person, angry, nasty and unable to have healthy relationships. Not only will I not watch ANY spinoff show for her wedding but I’m no longer watching RHOC until she’s replaced.

  2. This is the kinda girl that gives woman a bad name. I have stopped watching Housewives of Orange County because of her, her mouth is foul.

  3. Your both nasty! Tamara is human she has been through a lot and has admitted yet faults. Not to mention it took a lot of guts to admit her past on tv. Give her a break!

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