Tamra Barney Doesn’t Understand Why Gretchen Keeps Bringing Up Her Past, Especially Because She Has So Much To Hide


Tamra Barney is taking to her Bravo Blog to recap part 1 of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion. Tamra says she doesn’t understand why Gretchen keeps bringing up the past and the allegations that she cheated on Jeff, because all it does is draw more attention to it. Tamra also says that she believes Lauri fabricated the threesome claims to bring drama on the show.

Tamra writes, “Andy brought up the 100th Episode the second we sat down, thats when I knew things were going to get bad fast! While filming the 100th episode I was asked about the last six years I had been on the show and of course they wanted to know about my epic fight with Gretchen. It was not an easy thing to visit since we had moved on. . .or had we?

When I sat down with Gretchen two years ago I wanted to move on and thought I was being the bigger person by saying “SORRY and let’s move on.” By saying I was sorry I was NOT saying “I was lying about what I saw.” I knew what I saw and she knew it. In my 45 years of living I have realized that rumors will fade fast but lies can haunt you forever. Gretchen continues to talk about the past to everyone. It would be in her best interest to just stop talking about it and everyone else would too. The fact that she sat down with Lauri and brought it up again was stupid of her. She opened the door for everyone to revisit the story, including Alexis who had kept the secret for years.

Lauri’s threesome accusations about Vicki were ridiculous She had no proof, she said it herself. I think her exact words were “I don’t know what you guys were doing, I don’t know if you had clothes on, you could have been watching TV”. IF you have NO IDEA then why are you telling people she had a threesome?

For Gretchen to spread the rumor like wildfire was wrong. For her to say Vicki banged 12 guys without ANY proof was ignorant. Vicki is not the one with compromising pictures with another man while wearing her engagement/wedding ring. . .Hmmmmmm!

I honestly think that Lauri fabricated the story to cause drama on the RHOC.”

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6 Replies to “Tamra Barney Doesn’t Understand Why Gretchen Keeps Bringing Up Her Past, Especially Because She Has So Much To Hide”

  1. I guess you forgot when you and Vicki conspired to get Gretchen very intoxicated at your dinner party. You made snarky remarks and ridiculed Gretchen behind her back. Then you had your worthless son stalk her. Shame on you.

    1. Charlyn that was really a dumb statement Im sorry. No one can set anyone up to get them drunk. If your a responsible adult and drink responsibly your don’t get yourself into the predicaments that Gretchen did. Obviously she has a pattern of doing this she says it is innocent flirting but any flirting while your fiance’ is fighting for his life is sad. I look at that photo of her with her tongue out and she cannot make up any excuses about that one. Disgusting Gretchen

  2. Yeah I agree Tamera although she has had her moments she is right on with this one. Gretchen is an idiot every time she brings up stuff about her life with Jeff people are going to throw it right back in her face, and Im sorry but she deserves it. Gretchen is not telling the truth and Vickie actually was right own it and let it go. Gretchen could have said. That situation put me in a bad light and I should not have done it. I hated that the picture got taken and showed me in a way that disrespected my fiance. Done over etc. She leaves it at the flirting and does not push it to the actual cheating. Gretchen is not a well educated woman and that is sad. She has probably gotten away with a lot with her looks. Just the way she speaks she can never even speak a declarative sentence and has no proper grammar.
    Laurie is just looking like a fool. Nothing she said makes any sense. I have crawled into bed with friends male and female to watch a movie nothing sexual just innocent friendships that go way back. Laurie was insignificant for a very long time and the only thing she has going is this letter from her husbands ex mother in law that happened 7 years ago. Vickie is right about this it was 7 years ago let it go. laurie wants back on the show and this seems to be the only dirt she has on any of the HW.

  3. I think Gretchen harbors a lot of resentment for being put through so much by Tamra and Vicki and I don’t blame her! But to continue on with this show she will have to get over it and not just pretend to be doing so with Tamra. Vicki continues to just present herself as a childish vindictive jealous woman when it comes to ANYBODY befriending Tamra. Sadly Tamra herself told Gretchen in essence, that the friendship she hash with Vicki is shalow and meaningless in so many words, since Vicki doesn’t require much of her emotionally, and that is where she is most comfortable. I don’t necessarily believe that when Tamra shared those feelings about Vicki with Gretchen on the beach, that Gretchen was even understanding or comprehending what she meant! Let’s face it, Gretchen is just not the brightest bulb on the tree, and she is transparent. It used to be Tamra I was not appreciating, and now that she is coming around and seems to be growing up, I don’t feel that way. Tamra could be a ton of fun and great friend if she would let the poisons roll off because she seems to be smart and have a good heart. She is trying!

    The more I think about it, I am trying to figure out who on this show I really do like! Hey nobody is perfect, but if I were to pursue a true friendship with any of them, I would probably do so with Alexis simply because I feel she is the truest at this point.

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