Tamra Barney Dishes On Lauri Peterson & Lydia McLaughlin!

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As we previously reported, former Real Housewives of Orange County Star Lauri Peterson is making a return to Season 8 of the show, airing in April. According to the Bravo Press Release, Lauri has some shocking news regarding one of her co-stars, and Lauri’s former friend, Tamra Barney is not very happy about Lauri’s return to the show.

“Lauri came back to stir up some sh*t, she really did,” Tamra Barney told Housewives Hoedown. Tamra dished more on Season 8 of the show, in an exclusive interview with the site! She reveals Lauri wants her job back and says Lauri went places even she wouldn’t go. Tamra also dishes on new Housewife, Lydia McLaughlin!

HousewivesHoedown.com: Are there any housewives who after filming this season, you’re kicking off your wedding guest list?

Tamra Barney: Well  I don’t know  that all the housewives will be invited to my wedding, and I can’t say which ones because this season we go up and down, friendships all around go up and down,  and I don’t want to let you know where we stand right now.

HousewivesHoedown.com: How do you feel about Lauri [Peterson] returning?

Tamra Barney: Lauri came back to stir up some sh*t, she really did. I think Lauri came back to try to get her job back. So she definitely stirred up a lot of stuff that even me, I probably wouldn’t have gone there. So it will be interesting to see a different Lauri because before we have always in the past have this Lauri that was very conservative, this is like sh*t talking Lauri. 

HousewivesHoedown.com: How do you feel about Lydia [McLaughin]?Tamra Barney: I like Lydia, she comes off very sweet but don’t cross her. She’s this very sweet girl but she’s got an edge to her like she’ll tell you exactly how she feels. So yeah, she scares me a little bit.

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huh? Tamra is a ”mean girl” and I fast forward thru her scenes. She is not nice – not at all and her friendship with Gretchen – well Gretchen now shows her true colors. Dump them both please and I won’t have to use my fast forward button.

im VERY dissapointed in lauri cuz she never was like that and to be honest i think she just wants to get some fame again so she comes on the show this season to stir shit up. smh

Tamra is so fake I can’t stand her. She certainly acts nice to Lauris face!

Please get Tambra off the show. When she appears I switch the channel.