Tamra Barney Dishes On Her Wedding, Reveals She WILL Be Changing Her Name To Judge!


Tamra Barney Judge is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal some details of her wedding that took place this past weekend. Tamra says the big day was perfect and she will never forget it. She also shares that she WILL be taking Eddie’s name, and jokes that Bravo needs to update their site because she is now, Tamra Judge.

Tamra writes, “I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU MAN AND WIFE: MR. AND MRS. JUDGE. I am a Real Housewife again.

We are still on am emotional high from our wedding last Saturday. It was an amazing day that we will remember forever. The day was perfect, the sun was shinning, not a cloud in the sky and the ocean breeze felt good. We were surrounded by 100 of our closest friends and family members. Sophia was the flower girl and stole everyone’s heart with her emotional embrace. Sidney and Spencer were bridesmaid/groomsmen and it melted my heart to see them walk down the aisle arm in arm. I honestly feel like the luckiest woman in the world. The wedding was elegant, emotional, humorous, and ended with a BIG sparkly surprise.

Mr. Judge I love you with all my heart and I thank you so much for loving me and my children. I am honored to be your wife and take your last name.

Mrs. Tamra Judge! That’s right I am changing my name so Bravo you need to update your website. I cant wait to share my wedding with all the viewers on September 2 on Tamra’s OC Wedding!

As my bridesmaid Vicki would say. . . .WOO-HOO!”

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3 Replies to “Tamra Barney Dishes On Her Wedding, Reveals She WILL Be Changing Her Name To Judge!”

  1. So she’ll have a different last name than her children? Considering that she’ll most likely be on her fourth or fifth marriage by the time her kids are grown up, I find that to be very sad and selfish. Thankfully she’s too old to have any more kids to mess up.

    1. Okay but why would she keep her EX husband’s last name? Because her kids have it? That would be extremely sad. But I guess moms aren’t allowed to have relationships after they’ve been divorced. That would be selfish.

  2. Mtkb, as Tamra has shown two times already, husbands come and go but her kids are always going to be her kids. I don’t look at it like keeping her ex-husband’s name, I look at it like keeping her childrens’ names. They’re already going to feel left out of this marriage but by having a different last name than their mother, they’re going to feel worse. Just my opinion – we can agree to disagree!! 🙂

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