Tamra Barney Defends Herself Against Mean Girl Accusations From WWHL Caller!


Real Housewives of Orange County Star Tamra Barney was in the hot seat on Watch What Happens Live Monday night. She was labeled as the mean girl, and Dr. V from LA Shrinks says the women bullied Alexis Bellino at the dinner at CUT Fitness.

Dr. V wasn’t the only person calling out Tamra. A viewer called in to ask a question for Tamra, and I have to say I was even shocked at how blunt the viewer was. The viewer, Denise, from Miami, said to Tamra, “Tamra Sue, do you think you’ll ever be happy with yourself and your life and stop being such a mean girl?”

Tamra replied, “You know what, Denise? The difference between you and I is I don’t play the victim. I’m on a reality show and I’m paid to speak my mind, so I did that. Am I happy with myself? I’m SO freaking happy! You have no idea.”

“But Denise are you happy with yourself that you need to call in and ask me that?” Tamra added.

Watch below!

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39 Replies to “Tamra Barney Defends Herself Against Mean Girl Accusations From WWHL Caller!”

    1. Oooo…good for you tamra! Yea she really showed the caller! Yea right…she showed how incredibly stupid she is. And you ain’t too far behind moron.

    1. If she does that because she’s being “paid good money”, then does that mean she wouldn’t do that/act that way if she wasn’t being paid? Doesn’t that then make her said phony? She almost seemed to be blaming Andy. Implying that she behaves that way because he pays her. And that makes her gross.

  1. Tamra doesn’t know Denise like Denise knows Tamra from watching her operate all this time; therefore, Tamra has no reason to comment that Denise plays “the victim”. That was just a dumb thing for Tamra to say. And Tamra is proving Denise’s point that she must not be a happy person (she obviously isn’t, she is bitter, mean and full of anger) by accusing Denise of being an unhappy person by calling her out. If Denise isn’t happy, then TAMRA certainly isn’t!

    Yes Tamra is a bully and has been since day one on the show. Some of the things she says about people are just beyond mean; she seems to think she is clever or funny but she appears ugly. She did bully Gretchen for a long time. Gretchen is a fool to befriend her and may have only done it to end the torture! Dr. V knows what she is talking about.

    I think Eddy is seeing the light when it comes to this one and he is regretting his choice to propose.

    1. Yes Tamra can be a bully at times. However to say that Denise knows her because of the show, well that’s not true. So many times, even the ladies have commented that things were cut out of the show. The show is just entertainment, and unless you are present at these functions, then you really don’t know the whole story and the truth!

      1. tamra does that too keep that bravo money rolling she will do and say anything she has no values are morals .
        what a nasty person she is bravo tells her too pump it up, some of the ladys will so no tamra and heather will do what ever to stay on the show. before the season starts they all have a meeting and thy are told what the story line will entail , so tamra will start fights keep that paycheck rolling.

      2. Tamra admitted that she gets “paid big bucks” to “tell it like it is” about her opinions of other woman on national television. Tamra takes it to the extreme of being a bully.

        Other housewives themselves have said that no amount of editing can make a person appear to be something they are not.

        Tamra doesn’t know Denise from a hole in the wall. There’s no contest there.

    2. Tamra is a real piece of work. She deflected the caller by insulting her and trying to put her on the defensive. This woman is too broken to have a civil response. She’s trying awfully hard to play the ‘I’m not phony’ card and that behavior in itself tells me how phony she is.

  2. “But Denise are you happy with yourself that you need to call in and ask me that?”

    What a pathetic response. Tamra is miserable bitch and quite dumb.

  3. Anyone who is “happy” is joful and shows grace and gratitude. The only thing that makes Tamra “happy” is debasing and judging and evaluating others, and she couldn’t even pretend to be mature and courteous to the caller. There was no need for her to go “there” with the caller, guess the caller hit a nerve.

  4. LOL Annie!! Very clever….and true!! Tamra is deffinatly being an asshole so far this season. I also think Eddie is seeing her true colors, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they ended up not getting married.

  5. I think over the years of Tamara being on the show she has shown that she is a negative and jealous person. She claims that it is her job to speak her mind, but everything that comes out of her mouth is so mean and hurtful. If she were truly happy in her life, she wouldn’t entertain all this drama.

    1. Well it looks like Simon wasn’t really wrong about her. She did not act like a lady then and even less like one now. She is a pathetic oiece of work and Karma WILL come back and bite her in her ass!

  6. Tamra is a desperate – not to mention unintelligent – woman. She lives in a place where youth and beauty is worshipped, and she feels the pinch of aging. Sadly, she has chosen the completely wrong way to handle the situation by acting like a vile harpy. Shrieking and raving and bitching and being vulgar just makes her more unattractive and pathetic.

  7. Tamra is vile and her behavior is discusting. She is a bully and she seems to genuinely get satisfaction from anothers discomfort over her loud brassy mouth. She is so far removed from being a lady or being of class. You just can’t take the trailer park out of her. I would take Alexis over Tamra anyday of the week.

    1. In my opinion this poor excuse for a lady got the idea that it is ok to treat people like crap. I hope that her kids are with their father at least 95% of the time. If not they will pick up this vile and disgusting behavior which will cause them to become bullies and even tamras big mouth will not be able to save them.

  8. Ha!!! Props to that Caller for Telling it like it is! Hopefully she’ll call back when Gretchen & Heather are guests!

  9. i remember the first 3 seasons of this show.. they were great. what did this biches do to this show? you can’t even turn it on anymore cause they’re so pathetic.
    its like watching HS drama but with 40-50 year old hags.. 🙁

  10. Tamra’s hobby is to character assassinate people. This is a common form of bullying often used surreptitiously by women to attack other women. To accuse someone who has been under sustained vicious attacks (by the other women) of ‘playing the victim card’, is outrageous and offensive. Both Tamra and Gretchen are opportunistic recreants. Heather’s narcissistic, self-righteous compulsion to educate everyone is simply asinine, along with that holier-than-though ‘look into your soul’ speech she made at the last reunion. Tamra’s behaviour is utterly distasteful. It is a big mistake to start attacking the audience. These particular females have demonstrated over and over again, that they are actually proud to show us some of the worst kind of behaviours of which humans are capable. Andy Cohen please take note, there are laws against bullying and it is not acceptable ‘drama’ for your show. This is not the first time I’ve seen Andy and Bravo indulge this conduct.

  11. Sonja, I totally agree with you about Heather, too. Narcissistic and self righteous, she certainly is! What a boring person! She tries hard to act and look perfect which makes her appear like a very on dimensional character. She too appears unhappy with her life. How dare she say Alexis is acting like the “poor little rich girl” with her problems. This woman is so uptight; and I do not see her and Tamra ever actually connecting because being mean miserable, uptight bullies who love pointing out other peoples weaknesses is all they have in common. Alexis had it right at the original “bully” session when she called Tamra out for being a “mean girl” and telling her “maybe YOU need to work on THAT.”

  12. She’s not just going to lose her fan base, but she will lose Eddie. Mark my words…that is not going to make it to the altar. If it does, it won’t last 3 to 6 months. Tamra acts like a mean, ill mannered, obnoxious and immature child. She targets a different person all the time….the other girls are not the issue. Tamra is the problem. Speak your mind? Do it with some class Tamra.

  13. Tamra kept saying that she acts this way because “she gets paid a lot of money.” So does this mean that she would act differently if she wasn’t getting paid? And doesn’t that make her a REALLY BIG PHONY? Something she had a beef with Alexis about? Which is it tamra? Are you just being sooo honest by saying what you’re thinking or are you just doing whatever it takes to keep the money rolling in? And doesn’t that also means she values money more than integrity, something else she harps endlessly on Alexis about. Which is it tamra? Keepin it real, or doing it for the money?

  14. I think we should all be responsible for her actions. Would she want her child to mimic her behavior. Yes, she does receive cash for her endeavors on television, but as a mother, how do you cast her behavior as examples for young minds. Umm, throwing wine in some ones face, that bath tub scene. Umm, yelling match with several people. Wow, to explain it away, means what I did was to make money. Really , it was me( says reality star) , but I didn’t really mean it, I just humiliated an other person for cash. I also kinda sorta debased myself for cash. But don’t you do it. I did it for you. It stops here. Was I close.

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