Tamra Barney Admits She Was Mean To Alexis Bellino!


Tamra Barney is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss kicking Alexis out of her CUT Fitness dinner and her argument with Vicki in Malibu. Tamra says she knows kicking Alexis out was mean, and says her relationship with Vicki was very strained during the beginning of filming.

Tamra writes, “Alexis and I are polar opposites and we find it hard to find common ground. I know kicking her out of my party was not nice. But after all it was MY party and I honestly had a hard time with her being there in the first place. So I asked a honest question: “Why do you want to be here?” I felt it was her opportunity to tell everyone that she wanted to move forward and everyone would have agreed with her. When the whole group is upset with you, its time to think about what you’re are doing and fix it or stay away.

My friendship with Vicki has been strained for the past year. I love her like a sister and things do get better. Our fight last year has really taken a toll on both of us, and it became very hard to work with each other. Vicki is a hard worker and I could not understand why she wasn’t taking a interest in WBW? As the season goes on you will see why.

The trip to Malibu was an exciting one and we definitely got to taste some new wines and experience some interesting pairings. I’ts great learning about wines and I am actually getting better by “drinking on the job.” As you all know being healthy and focused on fitness allows me to enjoy the best of both worlds. I am excited to launch of our new Wines by Wives Flagship brand with a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Chardonnay.

You may of seen some drama between Vicki and I tonight, but partners disagree at times and its the ones that have the ability to work on it that build successful companies. Stay tuned as we have some surprises you can get our new wines exclusively WinesbyWives.com.”

Photo Credit: Bravo