Tamra Barney Accuses Gretchen Rossi Of Getting Engaged To Get Bravo Spin-Off Show?


Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney is accusing Gretchen Rossi of getting engaged just for a Bravo spin-off show! RealityTea reports that Gretchen and Slade were supposed to get engaged last season on RHOC, but Slade messed up those plans with his child support drama and the engagement storyline was handed off to Tamra and Eddie.

But this season Gretchen proposed to Slade while the Bravo cameras rolled and Tamra is agreeing with one viewer that it’s because Gretchen hopes to snag her own spin-off too! “Ok, so I’ve figured out why @GretchenRossi wants to marry Slade,” a fan tweeted Tamra. “@TamraBarney got an episode gig of her wedding, so now G needs the same. haha.”

Tamra replied, “That’s what everyone is saying. Not a good reason to get married.”

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6 Replies to “Tamra Barney Accuses Gretchen Rossi Of Getting Engaged To Get Bravo Spin-Off Show?”

  1. Tamera needs to realize everything is not about her she don’t even know when shes getting married. Slate and Grethcen have been together a lot longer than her man I would hate for Tamera to be my so called friend if that’s a friend Id rather be alone..

  2. I dont get it at all If Tamra, is so happy why does she even care what Gretchen, did. Tamra obviously was in in the 1 out of 100 percentile who benefited from the show. She would have still been with Simon, living in California with her fake boobs and hair and fighting with everyone along the way. This girl is so consumed with Gretchen, she is so jealous of Gretchen, that she competed with her from the day Gretchen, arrived on the show. You could see how she kept her husband Simon, at her side during that whole time. Tamra, has to be the stiff at the funeral the center of attention at all times. SHe hangs around Vicky, because Vicky, makes her look good. Gretchen, missed her big shot at the title when she told Smiley, not to ask her to marry him.
    After that anti climactic turn out were both of them were wearing what appeared like a wedding bride and groom Bravo, was disinterested. Bravo, has to always have a bitch to bring it on and Tamra, fit the bill . Now Brandi , is taking her place. ON the RHOBH, I like the BEVERLY HILLS, crowd much better because there is real money there . Tamra, is lucky very lucky. Only time will tell what happens. I think it was wise of her ex no matter if you like him or not to keep the kids out of the media. That is never a good idea again Tamra, thinking about herself and not the welfare of her kids and what it could do to their future. Its one thing if you want to put your life on camera . However to someone as vulnerable as a child who has to face a class of developing children everyday not a good idea. You think she would know that by now. So all that brings me back to if she is so happy why does she need to bully Gretchen, Tamra, is a bully that is what she does and was probably that girl that you hated in high school . I dont think she finished as a matter of fact I think she stopped at 5th grade and quit.

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