Take a Look at Photos of Heather Dubrow’s New Home

Throughout her last seasons on RHOC, we saw Heather Dubrow building her dream mansion. However, Heather left the show after season eleven and viewers didn’t get to see the finished product.

We are happy to share these photos with you of Chateau Dubrow. Tell us what your think about the new Dubrow home by commenting below.

SO CLOSE …..getting so excited !!! #homesweethome

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Yup, I did this . #champagnedoorbell #inmycloset #Ringsinkitchen #heatherdubrowsworld #RHOC

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Sneak peek of Master Bath! #movinginnextweek #abouttime #RHOC #heatherdubrowsworld

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You can also check out this video of Heather giving a tour of her new closet:

I think the home looks gorgeous!

Photo Credit: Bravo


43 Replies to “Take a Look at Photos of Heather Dubrow’s New Home”

  1. OTT as hell… however, this is (one of the reasons!) why they need HD back next season!! Would love to see her & Peggy interact tbh.

    1. I don’t think she’ll be back, although I wish she would. Someone flapping their gums about her husband killing people on the table? Best to put this show behind you.

      Fingers crossed that Peggy is a bad memory by next year.

        1. Heathers confessionals would be hilarious but I can’t watch Peggy any longer..to fake, to dumb..it is just too annoying to watch a woman in this day & age act/talk like she does to tell you the truth..

            1. It would be awesome if her castmates stepped away from the mirror and picked up a book once in a while. It boggles my mind that women so dumb actually run a business and are rich.

      1. Absolutely! Vicki and Tamra are stupid enough for this show but Peggy brings the IQ level down to double digits. Heather would lose her mind.

    2. warning about sameal and khipp from that site they are total trolls and will stalk and bully you keep your distance and make your activity private

        1. You got it . Don’t think it’s over , samael starts it but he’s a coward . Khipp will log on shortly then they will both attack you . Do not engage under any circumstance. They are bullies and like driving people away . Ignore them avoid them and have fun with others

          1. Noted and will do.

            I don’t expect to agree with everyone on the forum but don’t see the need for anything to get personal and/or confrontational with others :-/

  2. Totally stuffy and trying too hard. Her bookcase ladder in her office is absurd, when there is no library. Hubs has one in his library but wow…it actually has books.
    It’s almost has if she tried to do transitional but couldn’t break free to gaudy!

  3. Not even close…not gonna have that many home…yes, I’m pouting. I’m working a lot between now and then sooooo….it might be time to call a restaurant…LOL

  4. It really feels so blah! No pops of color in all that black/brown/gray. I don’t even like her flowers of the week, although they do have color. Her house reminds me of a rainy, dreary day.

  5. Kind of meh…, it’s ostentatious, over-sized and rather insipid. The living room where Terry is sitting reminds me of an expensive bawdy house in Southern Spain where they host cocaine-fueled orgies for British tourists and local celebrities

  6. The furnishings look on par with IKEA of Home Goods. Dark brown shag carpeting is very 1970’s. The dark brown sofa, club chairs in the master bath are all masculine in tone. Heather’s “office” is dark green and dreary. I wouldn’t want to stay there overnight, let alone live there. What a let down 🙁

  7. Rainy,
    I am not sure what ur emoji means???
    I adore Ojai, Pismo, Moonstone Beach, parts of Santa Barbara..
    The Cutest Surfers, are in Zuma. Also, I love El Toro beach, it is like going through a Labyrinth of these amazing Rock Structures and the Structure looks like a Bull.
    I used to like Carmel, but they moved in Pottery Barns and such.. I love seeing the Seals & Sea Lions, then I adore SLO and Cambria, Big Sur.. Great Hiking and the late ( I think Writer, Henry Miller as in ” Tropic of Capricorn) has an Art Gallery, he paints or painted)
    Monterey, been to The Monterey Jazz Festival Many Times, Cannery Row in homage to John Steinbeck..
    I forget where it is, but there is a B& B, somewhere after Ventura County that is Themed on “Alice in Wonderland” on a cliff over looking the beach.
    It is Magical…

  8. Hahaha! So true… 50% of Lydia’s vocabulary this season has consisted of “Doug’s balls”. I would well and truly loved to have seen Heather parent this petulant child!!

  9. Aw, thanks Minx – much appreciated & likewise to you 🙂

    I try not to take anything too seriously or personal on here, so I don’t get upset even if people can be confrontational 😉

  10. What happens when you have more money than you need…meanwhile over here… I am struggling to pay the rent and shopping for groceries at the Dollar Tree…UGH!

  11. Go ahead and build your house and live in it. Showing it off to people is just shallow and plastic. Heather stop. Your just digging yourself in further where people have to respect for you.

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