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Jim Marchese Welcomes Lawsuit From Napolitano Family

Last week, twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano revealed that their family was contemplating suing Jim Marchese over allegations that their mother slept with Teresa’s husband Rino. Marchese insists he did not start the rumor and encourages the family to sue him so they will have to reveal their secrets

Santa Napolitano Ready To Sue Jim Marchese For Slander?

New Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano have had enough of the drama. They have shut down rumors that they quit the show and are slamming Jim Marchese for allegedly starting rumors that Teresa’s husband Rino previously had an affair with her mother, Santa. “We never said we

Nicole Napolitano: My Mother Is Off Limits

Nicole Napolitano is taking to her Bravo Blog to address the “hideous conversation” her cast mates had with Victoria Gotti. Nicole writes, “This blog is going to be short and sweet due to me not being happy at all with what took place. Well, this episode was the good, the

Rino Aprea Slept With Teresa’s Mother Santa?

Victoria Gotti rocked The Real Housewives of New Jersey Sunday night with shocking allegations that Rino Aprea cheated on his wife Teresa with her mother, Santa Napolitano. Gotti claimed that she was great friends with Rino, and he shared this private information with her when explaining why he and Teresa