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Where Do Nicole and Teresa Napolitano Stand With Teresa Giudice?

  On the last season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey fans got double the trouble, as they say, when the Napolitano twins were casted on the show. During their one season run the ladies were feuding with original cast member Teresa Giudice after accusations were made about their mother

Teresa And Rino Aprea Being Sued By Former Employees

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Aprea is being sued by employees of the restaurant she owns with her husband Rino, Angelos Of Mulberry St. The employees claim their checks were shorted and that they had to pay to clean their own uniforms. A former bartender and server at

Teresa And Rino Aprea Reportedly Suffered Marital Problems After RHONJ Wrapped

It sounds like there’s more trouble in Jersey. Multiple sources tell RadarOnline that TerEsa and Rino Aprea have been having martial problems since wrapping filming for RHONJ. “The Apreas have been having marital problems since the show wrapped,” a source close to the couple claims. “A few weeks ago, tensions

Report: Apreas Refuse To Take Lie Detector Test About Rino’s Alleged Affair With Mother-In-Law

RHONJ Twins TerEsa and Nicole had a lot to say about Victoria Gotti on Sunday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live. The twins accused Gotti of lying about having cancer and called her a “has been.” But Gotti’s rep reached out to RealityTea, claiming that the Apreas have refused

Victoria Gotti Passes Lie Detector Test On Rino Aprea Cheating Rumor

Victoria Gotti brought the drama to this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey when she alleged that Rino Aprea told her he cheated on his wife TerEsa with her mother Santa Napolitano. After being accused of lying, Gotti took a lie detector test and is now challenging the

Victoria Gotti Stands By Her Statements About Rino Aprea’s Alleged Affair With Wife’s Mother

RHONJ stars Teresa and Rino Aprea, Nicole Napolitano and Bobby Ciasulli gave a telling interview recently regarding the accusations that Rino slept with the twins’ mother Santa. The rumor was brought to life on the show by Victoria Gotti, who is now speaking out against the family’s accusations that she

Rino, Teresa, Bobby And Nicole Speak Out About Jim Marchese And Victoria Gotti

Real Housewives of New Jersey twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Naplitano have been laying low since rumors were revealed that Teresa’s husband Rino had an affair with her mother. But now the duo is speaking out about the topic and Jim Marchese’s behavior on the Florida trip in a new

Amber Doesn’t Think The Rino Rumor Should Be Blamed On Her, Calls Out Dina Manzo

The drama definitely exploded during Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey as the cast came together on the trip to Florida. But Amber Marchese is taking to her Bravo Blog to comment on last week’s episode and the reactions of her cast mates when they found

Melissa Gorga Calls The Rino Rumor Disgusting And Untrue

Joe and Melissa Gorga appeared on WWHL after Sunday night’s episode of RHONJ and Melissa spoke out about the Rino rumor. A caller asked Gorga if she believed the rumor about Rino. “No. I 100% do not believe it, and if you’ve ever met her she’s the sweetest, nicest lady,”

Teresa Giudice Explains Why She Told Dina Manzo About The Rino Rumor

Teresa Giudice wrote her Bravo Blog for last week’s episode of RHONJ a little late, but is explaining why she decided to tell Dina Manzo the rumor about Rino. Teresa writes, “So who knew this was going to be The Real Housewives of Medical Conditions? I think it’s great that

Teresa Aprea Disgusted By Teresa Giudice, Amber Marchese And Victoria Gotti

Teresa Aprea is taking to her Bravo Blog to talk about the rumor about her mother and calls out Teresa Giudice, Amber Marchese and Victoria Gotti. Teresa says she is disgusted by what has been said and believes there was an agenda to hurt her family. Teresa writes, “This blog

Producers Told Teresa Giudice To Spread The Rumor About Rino’s Affair?

According to a new report, Bravo producers pressured Teresa Giudice into spreading the rumor that Rino Aprea cheated on his wife her with her mother, Santa. During this week’s episode, Giudice told Dina Manzo about the accusation that Victoria Gotti made and since Teresa decided not to go on the

Amber Marchese Believes Teresa Giudice Knew Victoria Gotti Was Going To Drop The Bombshell About Rino

Amber Marchese is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of RHONJ. Amber calls her emotional phone call to Teresa Giudice her “most annoying scene” to-date, talks about her and her husband’s relationship with Bobby and suggests that Teresa Giudice knew Victoria Gotti was going to drop

Jim Marchese Welcomes Lawsuit From Napolitano Family

Last week, twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano revealed that their family was contemplating suing Jim Marchese over allegations that their mother slept with Teresa’s husband Rino. Marchese insists he did not start the rumor and encourages the family to sue him so they will have to reveal their secrets

Exclusive Details: Why Did Rino And Teresa Aprea Divorce?

Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers were shocked Sunday night when Victoria Gotti alleged that Rino Aprea cheated on his wife Teresa with her mother, Santa. We were also shocked by the claims, so we reached out to our show insiders who tell us that Gotti’s claims are false. “Rino

Nicole Napolitano: My Mother Is Off Limits

Nicole Napolitano is taking to her Bravo Blog to address the “hideous conversation” her cast mates had with Victoria Gotti. Nicole writes, “This blog is going to be short and sweet due to me not being happy at all with what took place. Well, this episode was the good, the

Rino Aprea Slept With Teresa’s Mother Santa?

Victoria Gotti rocked The Real Housewives of New Jersey Sunday night with shocking allegations that Rino Aprea cheated on his wife Teresa with her mother, Santa Napolitano. Gotti claimed that she was great friends with Rino, and he shared this private information with her when explaining why he and Teresa

Rino Aprea Cheated On Teresa? Victoria Gotti Drops Bombshell On RHONJ

Cheating rumors continue to rock The Real Housewives of New Jersey as Victoria Gotti makes an appearance next week and delivers some juicy gossip about Rino and Teresa Aprea’s marriage. Gotti alleges that Rino cheated on his wife. The Apreas were married for 7 years and then got divorced, but remarried

RHONJ Husband’s Opening Taglines

In this special new video from Bravo, The Real Housewives of New Jersey husbands are getting their very own opening tag lines. Take a look at this hilarious video that includes; Joe Gorga, Rino Aprea, Bobby Ciasulli, Jim Marchese and Joe Giudice’s Real Housewives intro. Joe Gorga: I’m a clean