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Penny Drossos Talks Teaching Special Needs Children, Reveals She Is Close Friends With Jennifer Dalton

Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis has been quite the firecracker on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and in a new article in Skinny News Magazine, she reveals more interesting details about who she is. Penny has been in the beauty industry for over twenty years and has styled celebrities such as Regis Phibin

Johnny And Penny Karagiorgis File Civil Suit Against Bravo, Seven Defendants

Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is wrapping up, but the show’s legal problems worsen as seven defendants have been named in a new lawsuit over the brawl that occurred at the opening of POSCHE 2 in the season finale. In Touch reports that a civil lawsuit has

Kathy Wakile Did Not Bring John And Penny Karagiorgis On RHONJ

The Real Housewives of New Jersey rumor mill keeps spinning as Penny and Johnny Karagiorgis have brought the majority of the drama throughout season 5. The latest? The Wakile family is connected to John and Penny Karagiorgis. Reality Row reports Margio Mihalos, who is related to John is Victoria Wakile’s

Teresa Giudice Calls Penny Drossos A Stranger, Says She Is Just Trying To Be Relevant

Teresa Giudice is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa says she is so tired of her brother talking garbage about her that she has become numb to it. Teresa also shares that she was not happy Melissa was

Teresa Giudice vs. Penny Drossos, Who Do You Believe?

In this preview for the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice faces off with Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis about why Penny has Teresa’s phone number. Melissa asks Penny why she has Teresa’s contact information and Penny says because Teresa gave it to her. Teresa denies ever giving

Penny Drossos Silenced By Bravo For Revealing Filming Secrets

Throughout season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis and her husband Johnny “The Greek” have been controversial figures. When Penny started writing her own blogs after each episode and posted them on Faux Reality Entertainment, Bravo was not pleased with the information Penny revealed in her

Exclusive: Bravo Cuts Footage Regarding Caroline Manzo’s Marriage And Albert’s Cheating

As we previously reported, Caroline Manzo got into a verbal argument with Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis at the opening of POSCHE 2, which will air as the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season. In our report we told you that Bravo is going to edit and air the

Jacqueline Laurita Confronts Penny Drossos

In this preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Jacqueline Laurita confronts Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis about rumors her husband Johnny was going around saying Nicholas didn’t have autism and that the Lauritas were doing it for attention. Penny tells Jacqueline that someone behind the scenes is

Melissa Gorga Says Penny Drossos Isn’t A Reliable Source Regarding Cheating Scandal

Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her talk with Penny Drossos. Melissa says she was shocked to see Penny at Chakra that night, but she had to act like a lady and not confront her guns blazing. Melissa says Penny is not a reliable source in

Exclusive: Penny Drossos Did NOT Admit Teresa Giudice Was Behind Cheating Scandal

In this Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Melissa and Joe Gorga confronted Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis about who is behind the rumors Melissa cheated on Joe. When Joe asked Penny, “So who’s behind this cheating thing?” Penny is shown saying, “It was your sister.” Adding, “She asked me

Exclusive: Rich Wakile Secretly Tries To Get Penny Drossos To Lie About Teresa Giudice

More behind the scenes drama when it comes to The Real Housewives of New Jersey. We previously reported that the finale episode is going to show Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis confronting Teresa Giudice after Penny met with Joe and Melissa Gorga about the cheating scandal surrounding Melissa. Now, an insider is telling

Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis Reveals More Of Bravo’s Editing Secrets, Says The Gorgas Had Several Opportunities To Confront Her

Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis is taking to her Blog via Faux Reality Entertainment to set the record straight and reveal more of Bravo’s manipulation with editing. Penny reveals she had met with Joe and Melissa Gorga (airing in next week’s episode) prior to Joe’s temper explosion where he threw the glass in Arizona.

Exclusive: RHONJ Season 5 Finale Details

There have been many conflicting reports on what Bravo will show during the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Since the opening of POSCHE 2 is the stage for the season 5 finale and Bravo cannot show the brawl, an insider is telling us EXCLUSIVELY what we can

Penny Drossos Reveals Behind The Scenes Details Of RHONJ Confrontation With Melissa Gorga

Penny Drossos Karagiorgis is opening up about her recent appearance on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Penny shared her blog exclusively with Faux Reality Entertainment, and she is opening up about what really went down at the Milania Hair Care Launch Party. Penny reveals her attendance at the event

Teresa Giudice Denies Inviting Penny & Jan To Milania Launch Party, Kim D Says Teresa DID Invite Them

During her Bravo Blog this week Teresa Giudice insisted she did not invite Penny Drossos or Jan DeDolce to the Milania Hair Care Launch Party, but Teresa’s BFF Kim DePaola has a different story. Teresa wrote, “For the record, I didn’t invite Jan or Penny. The party was open to

Exclusive Details: Who Are Jan DeDolce, Penny Drossos And Bryan ‘Bulldog’ Bowen?

With Melissa Gorga’s cheating scandal making The Real Housewives of New Jersey full of drama this season, we thought we would put the pieces together for you and explain some of the key people to the puzzle. Bryan ‘Bulldog’ Bowen (who’s name has been bleeped on the show), Jan DeDolce

Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis Says RHONJ Episodes Can Be Deceiving!

Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis is writing her first blog after appearing on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Penny was having drinks with Teresa, Kim D and Jan DeDolce, when Jan revealed Melissa Gorga had cheated on Joe. Penny shares her first blog, exclusively, with Faux Reality Entertainment and she isn’t holding back! She explains

Teresa Giudice Says She Is NOT Behind Rumors Melissa Gorga Cheated On Joe & Denies Being Friends With Penny Drossos!

The latest cover of Life & Style Magazine reads, “Teresa Giudice’s Lies Spark The Biggest Fight In Housewives History.” According to the magazine Teresa spread rumors that her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, cheated on Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, with her criminal ex-boyfriend, Brian “Bulldog” Bowen. And it’s these rumors that led to the brawl at

Teresa Giudice To Blame For RHONJ Brawl? What’s Teresa’s Relationship With Penny Drossos Karagiorgis?

A new report claims Teresa Giudice was the cause of the nasty brawl at Kim D’s POSCHE 2 opening. A source tells RadarOnline, “Teresa has been talking sh*t about everyone on the show, and she roped Johnny and Penny Karagiorgis into doing her dirty work this season.” “Melissa Gorga had had enough of the

Exclusive: Melissa & Joe Gorga Have Sit-Down With Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis

Melissa and Joe Gorga filmed a scene for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, last night, and it took place at a restaurant we’ve seen before on the show. Chakra in Paramus is where Dina Manzo and Danielle Staub had their infamous sit down in Season 2. Joe and Melissa met

Exclusive: Joe & Melissa Gorga Attend Teresa’s Launch Party, Who Was Supposed To Get Set-Up?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey helped Teresa Giudice celebrate her launch party Monday night for Milania Hair Care, and much to our surprise Teresa’s brother Joe and his wife Melissa attended the event! Also in attendance, new RHONJ, Jennifer Dalton, Kim D, Penny Drossos, and Teresa’s BFF, Priscilla DiStasio.

Who Is Penny Drossos Karagiorgis & How Is She Connected To RHONJ?

Many Real Housewives of New Jersey fans may now Penny Drossos Karagiorgis, and her husband Johnny “The Greek,” but some may not know what Penny’s connection is to RHONJ! Penny is most famous for her hair salon, Le Chateau Allure Salon, the salon that Kim D took Teresa to before the infamous “set-up”