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Exclusive: Peggy Sulahian Reacts to Reports She Was Fired From RHOC

Reports recently surfaced that Peggy Sulahian has been fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County. RadarOnline was the first to report that Peggy has already been fired from the show. I cited the story from Radar and wrote that I believed the story was true, as you may remember, but

Peggy Sulahian Reportedly Fired From RHOC- Exclusive Update

RHOC newbie Peggy Sulahian will not return to season thirteen of the show, according to a new report Sulahian has been fired. Bravo has reportedly fired Peggy, even though she was torn about coming back for another season, RadarOnline reports. “None of the ladies wanted to work with her anymore,”

RHOC Season 12 Reunion Part 1 Recap

Part one of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion aired Monday night and a lot went down in just one episode. Shannon Beador announced that she had been separated from her husband David since September. Shannon explained that David was the one who made the decision to end their

Is Vicki Gunvalson Quitting RHOC? Preview of Season 12 Reunion

The first preview for the season 12 RHOC reunion has been released and it is quite shocking. We admit this season of the show was a bit dull, but the reunion looks very interesting. The trailer comes with normal Housewives drama, including plenty of yelling and name-calling, a glimpse of

RHOC Cast Wants Peggy Sulahian Fired

Peggy Sulahian has been a very controversial part of this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and a new report claims that her co-stars are banning together to make sure Sulahian gets fired. “The other women cannot stand Peggy. She has started so many fights with the ladies

Cast of RHOC Tapes Season 12 Reunion

The cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County taped the season 12 reunion last Friday and we have some photos and details of the event to share with you. First, Andy described the reunion as “surprising,” in a cryptic tweet. Just wrapped #RHOC Reunion. It was….. surprising!!!! — Andy

Kelly Dodd Frustrated Peggy Was Getting in Way of Helping Vicki Gunvalson in Iceland

Kelly Dodd is dishing on her trip to Iceland with the cast of RHOC in her blog this week. Kelly says Peggy Sulahian was really getting on her nerves, calls Shannon out for getting in the middle of Tamra Judge and Lydia McLaughlin’s argument and says how frustrating it was

Peggy Sulahian Wishes Shannon Beador Didn’t Complain During Iceland Trip

Peggy Sulahian is taking to her blog to dish on the RHOC cast trip to Iceland. Peggy says that she wishes Shannon Beador would have enjoyed the scenery and not complained so much during their hike and shares that she has never been so scared as when the ambulance arrived

Did Vicki Gunvalson Have a Heart-Attack in Iceland?

The Real Housewives of Orange County headed to Iceland this week and the episode ended with Vicki Gunvalson having a major health-scare, as she was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. Vicki returned to the hotel after a hike and before she was supposed to join the ladies for dinner

Report: RHOC Cast Begs Bravo to Fire Peggy Sulahian

According to a new report, Peggy Sulahian’s RHOC co-stars want her fired from the show after allegations she’s homophobic and belief she has created “fake fights” with co-stars to stay on the show. “At this point everyone is just over Peggy’s bullsh*t,” a Bravo employee said. “Her and Diko are

Major Drama to Come on RHOC During Iceland Trip

A lot of viewers have been disappointed with this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The ladies have yet to really kick-off any drama that is interesting, but our sources tell us that things will heat up when the cast travels to Iceland. Lydia McLaughlin also confirmed this

Peggy Sulahian Now Understands Why Shannon Beador Has Been Lashing Out

Peggy Sulahian is reacting to the drama she didn’t know she was starting at Meghan King Edmonds’ dinner. In her blog, Peggy explains why she didn’t have any interest in the psychic and how everything about Shannon makes sense to her now. Sulahian insists she had no idea Shannon was

Shannon Beador Believes Peggy and Diko Sulahian Were Stirring Things Up

Shannon Beador is sharing that she was taken aback when Diko Sulahian pulled her aside at his anniversary celebration. In her blog, Shannon says Peggy and Diko should have talked to her husband David if they were upset by something he said. Of course, Shannon has a lot to say

Peggy Sulahian Addresses Diko’s Conversation With Shannon Beador

Peggy Sulahian is taking to her blog this week to react to her anniversary party. Sulahian clears up her cancer journey for those who do not understand and addresses Diko’s conversation with Shannon. “Relationships seem to be the theme of this episode. From broken to embraced, let’s review what’s happening.

Peggy Sulahian Regrets Opening Up About Cancer Battle with RHOC Co-Stars

The newest RHOC star Peggy Sulahian was quick to open up to her co-stars on the show about her breast cancer battle, explaining that she had a double mastectomy in order to prevent a cancerous growth from spreading. Peggy explaining her situation to the RHOC ladies had some of them

RHOC Star Peggy Sulahiah Clarifies Why She Is Estranged From Her Brother

RHOC star Peggy Sulahiah is clarifying rumors that she did not invite her brother to their dad’s funeral because he is gay. Peggy spoke with Andy Cohen about it on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “Absolutely not. I am not a homophobe, absolutely not. We have not spoken

Peggy Sulahian Reacts to David Beador Asking About Her Cancer

Peggy Sulahian is taking to her blog to react to this week’s episode of the RHOC. First, Peggy mentions that she appreciated Tamra Judge’s apology. Sulahian also reacts to David Beador asking her husband questions about her cancer. “Tamra was very kind to approach me and apologize. It shows me

Peggy Sulahian Explains Her Breast Cancer Story

Real Housewives of Orange County star Peggy Sulahian is clarifying her breast cancer story, because her co-stars and viewers have been quite confused about what really happened. Peggy confirmed that she was given a cancer diagnosis after a lump was found in her breast. Sulahian says fans may be confused

RHOC Star Peggy Sulahian Breaks Her Silence On Homophobic Allegation and Her Brother

RHOC star Peggy Sulahian opens up in a new interview about being a Housewife and is finally breaking her silence on the rumors about her brother and accusations she is homophobic. First, Peggy talks about tongue-tied on the show and why she always seems confused. “I understand a big part

Real Housewives of Orange County Midseason Trailer

We are already through half of season 12 of The Real Housewives of Orange County and Bravo has released the midseason trailer and it’s quite shocking. Vicki Gunvalson, who has been feuding with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador, might be on the track of being forgiven. Tamra and Vicki are

RHOC Star Peggy Sulahian Calls Kelly Dodd a Pot-Stirrer

Peggy Sulahian is slamming Kelly Dodd in her blog this week. She reacts to Kelly’s comments about her being confused and not speaking well. “Oh, the volleyball game. First off, it was not something I was looking forward to because I was not yet completely healed. But I didn’t want

Peggy Sulahian Questions Shannon Beador’s Integrity

Peggy Sulahian is questioning Shannon Beador’s integrity after Kelly Dodd accused Shannon of recording their conversation. In her blog Peggy also writes that she doesn’t understand why Meghan King Edmonds is such an investigator and says she didn’t like what Meghan did to Vicki Gunvalson at lunch. “The heaviest conversation

Peggy Sulahian Clears Up Facts About Her Breast Cancer

Peggy Sulahian is clearing up the facts about her breast cancer in her blog. Sulahian insists she had pre-cancerous cells in her breast before she decided to go through with a double-mastectomy. Peggy also talks about her lunch with Tamra Judge and says Tamra had her all wrong. “Tamra had

Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador Make Amends; Shannon Reveals David is Distant Again

This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, we were still dealing with the aftermath from Lydia McLaughlin’s Nobleman party and what happened between Tamra Judge and Peggy Sulahian. Vicki Gunvalson got jealous that Kelly was hanging out with Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge wanted to get a group

Peggy Sulahian On Her Confrontation With Tamra Judge

Peggy Sulahian is reacting to her confrontation with Tamra Judge in her blog this week. Peggy insists that her intention wasn’t to discuss Tamra’s past with Vicki Gunvalson. She also adds that she doesn’t appreciate Tamra telling her to “watch herself,” when she was angry. “Seeing Vicki’s bond with her grandkids

Peggy Sulahian Has Amazing Relationship With Husband Diko, Despite Divorce Reports

As we previously reported, new RHOC star Peggy Sulahian and her husband Diko were divorced in 1996, and now an insider is coming forward to tell-all about the couple’s split. A source reveals that the couple’s split didn’t last long, and that they are very much together right now. “Peggy

Peggy and Diko Sulahian’s Divorce Exposed

New RHOC star Peggy Sulahian claimed that her and her husband Diko have been married for twenty years. But according to a new report, court records indicate the couple divorced in 1996. According to the Los Angeles Superior Court documents, the two were married on April 29, 1995 and separated