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Phaedra Parks Responds To Mama Joyce’s Accusations

Phaedra Parks is talking about Mama Joyce’s accusations during this week’s episode of RHOA in a new interview with Bravo. Parks says she is never surprised what attention seeking people will do and also dishes on Kenya Moore’s housewarming party. Bravotv.com: What was going through your head when Kenya asked

Does Mama Joyce Get Along With Kandi’s Husband Todd Tucker Now?

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss used to have a hard time with her mom Joyce Jones getting along with her husband Todd Tucker and his later mother Sharon Wells, but the singer confirmed on a recent appearance of Watch What Happens Live that Joyce’s behavior has changed as

Mama Joyce Confronts Phaedra Parks

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta we saw Phaedra Parks get a surprise visit from Mama Joyce. Joyce stopped by Phaedra’s office to confront Parks over her fallen relationship with Kandi Burruss. Joyce asked Phaedra what happened between her and her daughter. “You know I went

Mama Joyce Finally Apologizes To Todd For What She Said About His Mother

In this somewhat shocking scene from the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale, Mama Joyce finally apologizes to Todd Tucker for the things she said about his mother, but is she sincere? “Kandi, I hope this year will be a better year for all of us,” Joyce says. “And Todd, if

Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker Talk Mama Joyce On The Steve Harvey Show

Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker appeared on the Steve Harvey Show this week and dished about their time on RHOA, Mama Joyce and more. Steve wants to know if Mama Joyce is the only thing the couple fight’s about and why. “Uhh My mother is very opinionated,” Kandi

Mama Joyce Opens Up About The New Home Kandi Bought Her

Kandi Burruss’ mother Joyce Jones has continued to shock people with her antics on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. This season, Kandi revealed she was buying her mother a new house, because Joyce wasn’t happy with the one Kandi had already given her. Now, in a new interview, Jones says

Kandi Burruss’ Mother Joyce Slams Husband Todd Tucker Again

Kandi Burruss’ mother Joyce Jones is speaking out about her beef with Kandi’s husband Todd Tucker AGAIN, and reacting to claims that she spends her daughter’s money. Jones says all she wanted for Kandi was for her “to marry somebody that had as much as she did.” “I didn’t take

Kandi’s Mama Joyce Regrets Fight With Todd’s Mom Sharon, Wants A Better Relationship With Kandi’s Husband

RHOA star Kandi Burruss’ mother Joyce Jones is known for her harsh opinions of Kandi’s husband Todd Tucker. But now that Todd’s mother Sharon suffered a stroke and suddenly passed away this week, Joyce is telling TMZ that she regrets her toxic relationship with her in-law. Joyce famously attacked her

Kandi Burruss Talks Mama Joyce, Phaedra And Apollo On WWHL

Kandi Burruss and former RHOA star Lisa Wu appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night. Kandi and Lisa chatted with Andy Cohen, dished on the new season, the drama and Kandi answered viewer questions about Mama Joyce. “She’s funny, she’s quick on her feet but be careful because she will

Todd Tucker’s Mom Sharon Speaks Out About Her Feud With Kandi’s Mama Joyce

RHOA star Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker have been dealing with family drama for a long time now, including a heated feud between their mother’s. In a new interview, Todd’s mom Sharon is speaking out about her feud with Mama Joyce. “I refuse to stoop to Joyce’s caliber;

Kandi Burruss Buy Mama Joyce A House

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss recently announced on Twitter that she just bought her mother, Joyce Jones, a new house. “Just bought a new house for my mom @mamajjoyce. @b_luxurious helped us close the deal! Thanks girl!,” Kandi tweeted, sharing the photo above. “The wonderful couple that sold

Mama Joyce Tells Todd Tucker’s Mom Sharon She’s Gonna “Whoop Her Ass”

Mama Joyce hit a new low in Sunday’s episode of Kandi’s Wedding. Joyce told Todd Tucker’s mother, who she previously called a prostitute that she was going to “whoop her ass.” Todd’s mother was visiting before the wedding, and she stayed with Kandi and Todd, which didn’t sit well with

Mama Joyce Wants To Be A Real Housewife Of Atlanta

Mama Joyce is voicing her opinion about who she thinks should return to the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta in a new interview with Wetpaint Entertainment. “I like all the girls, so whoever they pick, I’m sure they’ll make the right choice,” Joyce said, adding how highly

Mama Joyce Accused Of Getting Restraining Order Against Kandi’s Father So He Couldn’t See His Daughter Grow Up

Kandi Burruss’ Real Housewives of Atlanta spin-off show, Kandi’s Wedding, has been all about Mama Joyce’s drama with Todd Tucker. But during Sunday’s episode, shocking details about Kandi’s father Titus Burruss were revealed. Kandi shared that her parents got divorced when she was four years-old and “sometimes I didn’t see

Kandi Burruss: My Mother Was Way Out Of Line For Calling Todd’s Mother A Prostitute And His Father A Pimp

Kandi Burruss is opening up about her relationship with Todd Tucker, her aunts and of course Mama Joyce in a new interview with Bravo. Burruss admits that her mother was way out of line for calling Todd’s mom a prostitute and his father a pimp. Read what else Kandi reveals about her

Mama Joyce Rips On Todd Tucker In Premiere Of Kandi’s Wedding

Kandi Burruss’ Real Housewives of Atlanta spin-off, Kandi’s Wedding, premiered Sunday night on Bravo and Mama Joyce was in rare form. Joyce, who doesn’t want her daughter to marry Todd Tucker, blamed him for letting Burruss gain 30 pounds, accused his mom of being a prostitute, and his father of

Mama Joyce: “Todd Was Raised By A Pimp And A Prostitue”

Kandi Burruss’ wedding spin-off show on Bravo will premiere this weekend on Bravo and in this sneak peek, Kandi’s mother Joyce is still bringing the drama in the ATL. This time Joyce has her sights set on Todd’s mother. “They know the game,” Joyce says. “Todd was raised by a

Todd Tucker’s Mom Called Mama Joyce A Bitch

Kandi Burruss’ mother Joyce Jones joined the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion on Sunday night, lighting up the stage with her over-the-top personality. (Was she drunk or was that just me?) After making light of the disrespect she showed for Kandi’s relationship with fiancé Todd Tucker throughout the season, Andy

Does Kandi Burruss Pay Her Mother Joyce’s Bills?

Kandi Burruss’ mother Joyce will join part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. After being very critical of Kandi’s fiancé Todd Tucker, Mama Joyce will take a seat on the sofa as Andy asks her some tough viewer questions about meddling in her daughter’s relationship. But in this

Kandi Burruss: Things With Joyce And Todd Are Not Where I’d Like Them To Be

Kandi Burruss is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal the current status of her relationship with her mother. Kandi’s mom, Joyce, has never made it a secret she doesn’t like Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker, and the Bravo star reveals while things are better, Joyce’s relationship with her husband still isn’t

Mama Joyce Doesn’t Think Kandi And Todd Will Last, Reveals She Ignored Him At The Wedding

More details of Kandi Burruss’ wedding are being revealed and RadarOnline is reporting while Mama Joyce may have attended the wedding and put on a happy face, but she ignored Todd (the groom) the entire time! “I didn’t really pay any attention to him,” Joyce tells Radar, confirming that she completely

Kandi Burruss’ Mother Joyce Dishes On Wedding And Todd’s Hesitation To Sign A Pre-Nup

Kandi Burruss’ mother Joyce Jones may have attended her daughter’s wedding this past weekend, but after the ceremony Jones spoke with TooFab, revealing she still isn’t happy about Kandi’s union with Todd. Joyce explains that despite her opinions, she let her daughter have her wedding day without any drama. “Long

Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker Wedding Date April 4th, Mama Joyce Is “Not Excited”

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker have set a wedding date, and although Kandi’s mother, Joyce Jones, is “not excited” about the marriage, she says she will not be causing any drama at her daughter’s wedding. Joyce tells RadarOnline that Kandi and Todd will say ‘I do’ on April 4th in

Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker Set A Date For Their Wedding

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss hasn’t had the smoothest engagement. With her mom Joyce interfering in her relationship with fiancé Todd Tucker, things have been extremely difficult for the couple. But in a new interview Kandi dishes that they are moving forward with the wedding plans, and reveals

Kandi Burruss, Joyce And Todd Speak Out On The View

After threatening to leave Kandi Burruss for her overbearing mother, Joyce Jones, Todd Tucker spoke out on The View about the complexity of his relationship. “I think everyone has a breaking point,” Todd said, as he sat on the couch with Joyce and Kandi. “You know, the lies, that stuff is really

Mama Joyce Says Todd Loves Himself More Than Kandi

Real Housewives of Atlanta mom Joyce Jones is continuing to speak out about her daughter Kandi Burruss’ relationship with fiancé Todd Tucker. Now, Joyce is telling In Touch that Tucker loves himself more than he loves her daughter. “Kandi’s on one page, and Todd is on his page,” Joyce says. “Kandi is in

Mama Joyce Jones Speaks About Bravo’s Editing, Says She Hasn’t Seen Todd In Awhile

Kandi Burruss’ mother Joyce Jones has been at the center of the drama this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. After a lot of criticism from viewers, Mama Joyce is speaking with Essence about her relationship with Kandi, her current feelings about Todd, and how Bravo has portrayed her this

Mama Joyce, “I Pray I Am Wrong About Todd”

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss has reconciled with her mother, Joyce Jones and Joyce is revealing it has a lot to do with the fact that she’s staying out of Kandi’s relationship with fiancé Todd Tucker. In a new interview with HLN, Joyce opens up about her judgement of

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Mama Joyce Jones

One of the most controversial women on The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season has been Kandi Burruss’ mother, Joyce Jones. Before Mama Joyce was voicing her opinion about Kandi’s relationship on national television, she had a very interesting life of her own. Thanks to BravoTV.com’s The Dish, here are