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RHOBH Star Erika Girardi Misses Eileen Davidson

We aren’t the only ones who are missing Eileen Davidson on the upcoming season of RHOBH, and the show hasn’t even come back yet. Erika Girardi took to Twitter to announce that she misses Eileen. I miss @eileen_davidson — Erika Jayne (@erikajayne) September 27, 2017 … Eileen misses Erika as

Erika Girardi On Eileen Davidson Leaving RHOBH

RHOBH star Erika Girardi is reacting to her friend Eileen Davidson’s departure from the show. “Well I can’t even confirm whether I’m back, so there you go. But I know that a lot of people are gonna miss Eileen,” Erika Girardi told The Daily Dish. “Eileen is one of the

Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump Talk Eileen Davidson Leaving the Show

As we reported, Eileen Davidson isn’t going to return on the upcoming season of the RHOBH. Andy Cohen recently spoke with Access Hollywood about Davidson’s departure and who might take her place. Andy said, I love Eileen!”  So with Eileen leaving, “that means there is space for a new Housewife doesn’t it?” As

RHOBH Reunion Part 3: Lisa Rinna Calls Kim Richards a “Sick Woman”

Who knew one little bunny could cause so much drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Part three of the reunion picked up right where we left off last week, with Kim Richards going to find Lisa Rinna backstage to explain why she was superstitious about giving Lisa’s gift

Kim Richards Makes Lisa Rinna Walk-Off RHOBH Reunion Stage

Lisa Rinna had a rough season this year on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she had to face the ladies on part two of the reunion Tuesday night. Lisa got so upset and one point while arguing with her nemesis Kim Richards, she told host Andy Cohen, “I’m going

Preview RHOBH Season 7 Reunion

The trailer for the season seven Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion is out and it is explosive! They slam each other for being “sick,” “big mouth” and worse! “That’s a flat out lie Lisa!” Dorit Kemsley slammed in a sneak peek clip, possibly referencing the allegations that she was

Eileen Davidson Disgusted By Ken Todd and PK’s Sexist Joke About Erika Girardi

Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog to discuss the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Davidson writes that she is absolutely disgusted by the crude jokes Ken Todd and PK were making about Erika. Eileen also says that she thinks Kim Richards and Lisa Vanderpump need

RHOBH Season 7 Finale; Dorit Confronts Lisa Rinna, PK Calls Erika Inherently Cold

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale night was packed full of drama as the women confronted each other for the drama that occurred over the course of the season. The ladies gathered at Villa Rosa for a Diamonds and Rosé party to celebrate her daughter’s new wine venture. Rinna

Eileen Davidson: I Knew Erika and I Were Going To Be Okay

Eileen Davidson is opening up about spending her time with the rescue dogs in Hong Kong about recuperating from the drama with the women. In her blog, Davidson also talks about Erika’s apology for blowing up on her at dinner and what else happened in the episode. “We’re back in

Erika Girardi: Don’t Ever Bring Up My Kid, You Don’t Know What I Go Through At Night

Ever since the trailer for this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was released, viewers were curious what led Erika Girardi to break down in the emotional moment we witnessed tonight. In an attempt to try and heal the relationship between Dorit Kemsley and Erika stemming all the

Erika Girardi is Talking To Eileen Davidson in THAT Scene

When viewers first saw the trailer for this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills one of the most shocking moments was when Erika Girardi was in tears, saying, “You don’t know what I go through at night.” Well, we are close to finding out what she was talking

Eileen Davidson: Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog to discuss the drama in Hong Kong on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Davidson admits Rinna’s sixth sense was BS and gives her opinion about Dorit talking about Rinna’s bag of pills. “Hong Kong? How about Wrong Kong?

Lisa Rinna Denies Having Drug Problem in Hong Kong, Erika Girardi Confronts Dorit Kemsley

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna confronted Dorit Kemsley over comments Kemsley made to Erika Girardi, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump in Punta Mita about her “bag of pills” and the allegation that she had a drug problem. “I’ve heard some things that

Eileen Davidson Connects With Erika Girardi After She Opens Up About Her Past

Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog this week to share her thoughts on Erika Girardi opening up about her past to the group. Eileen says she’s always connected with Girardi, but now she understands and relates to her on a much deeper level. “Hong Kong has never been a

Erika Girardi Opens Up About Her Mother and Grandmother

Tensions were running high on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills between everyone except for Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson and Erika Girardi, who traveled back home and shared some of her personal childhood with viewers. Kyle Richards met Dorit Kemsley for lunch and praised Kyle for

Eileen Davidson Was Shocked Lisa Rinna Admitted To Saying Those Things About Kim Richards

Eileen Davidson is reacting to this week’s episode of RHOBH in her blog. Eileen shares her thoughts on Rinna’s apology to the group and says that she does believe Lisa and Kim can move forward now. Davidson also says she was shocked to learn Rinna admit she said those things

Eileen Davidson Continues To Defend Lisa Rinna

Eileen Davidson is taking to her blog to defend Lisa Rinna once again after this week’s episode of the RHOBH. Davidson asks what would Lisa Rinna have to gain from lying about not remembering what she said to Eden Sassoon. Eileen also says she feels sorry for Kim Richards, because

Eileen Davidson: Rinna’s Comments Were Inaccurate and Extreme

Eileen Davidson is weighing in on Lisa Rinna’s conversation with Eden Sassoon. In her blog, Davidson admits that Rinna’s comments about Kim Richards were inaccurate and extreme, but she says that Rinna was not being malicious and is not a malicious person. Eileen agrees with Kyle that this kind of

Kyle Richards Confronts Lisa Rinna Over Gossiping To Eden Sassoon

On this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna arrived in Mexico to celebrate Mauricio Umansky’s opening of his second location of The Agency. However, Kyle Richards had just learned that Rinna had said some controversial things about her sister Kim, including that she was close to death, mostly

Eileen Davidson Ready To Move Forward With Kim Richards, Reacts To Rinna Drama

RHOBH star Eileen Davidson may have been in a bad place with Kim Richards in Amsterdam, but that doesn’t mean that she ever wants to go back to that place with Kim. In fact, in a new interview, Davidson is ready to move on from that and celebrate Kim’s happiness.

RHOBH Mid Season 7 Trailer

There’s plenty of more drama coming this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and we have a sneak peek at what’s still to come in the trailer below. It looks like the ladies will be turning on Lisa Rinna for her remarks about Kim Richards. While alliances among