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Apollo Nida is Back in Prison Following Release

Just days after he was released from prison, former RHOA star Apollo Nida is back in custody! Nida is currently listed as an inmate at the Federal Detention Center (FDC) of Philadelphia, per online records from the Federal Bureau of Prisons. His release date is listed as Oct. 15, 2019.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Apollo Nida Released From Prison

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida has officially been released from prison. Nida has been moved to a halfway house in Philadelphia, where he will remain until October. Phaedra Parks’ ex-husband finished his eight-year prison sentence for fraud and identity theft early after a federal judge signed off

Phaedra Parks is Finally Divorced From Apollo Nida

Former RHOA star Phaedra Parks is finally getting a divorce from her estranged husband Apollo Nida that includes a parenting plan, according to TMZ. Two of the biggest problems holding up the couple’s divorce was spousal support and how they would split up property. They also reached a custody agreement

Former RHOA Star Phaedra Parks Still not Divorced from Apollo Nida

Former RHOA star Phaedra Parks recently spoke with US Weekly, and mentioned that her divorce from her husband Apollo Nida who is currently in prison isn’t quite yet complete. “[The divorce] was finalized last year in July so of course that obviously made me assume that I had regained my independence

Update On Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida’s Divorce

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida’s nasty divorce will go before a judge on July 10th. Parks filed for divorce from Nida, who is currently in prison, back in 2015. And although it was approved in November 2016, the ruling was reversed when a judge decided that Nida was not properly

Judge Throws Out Phaedra Parks’ Divorce to Apollo Nida

Bad news for RHOA star Phaedra Parks. A judge tossed out her divorce judgment because it was unfair to Apollo Nida, TMZ reports. The judge said he was troubled by a number of things, including Phaedra “intentionally misspelling the parties names.” In the docs, hizzoner also said he was troubled

Apollo Nida’s Fiance, Sherien Almufti, Shows Off Real Engagement Ring

Apollo Nida’s fiance, Sherien Almufti, is showing off her REAL engagement ring to people on social media. Almufti posted an Instagram photo of her holding a bagel with her left hand. On her engagement ring finger was an oval-shaped diamond ring in a gold setting. Dear trainer…….. I swear I’m only

Apollo Nida’s Fiance Says Their Relationship Is Still Going Strong

Apollo Nida may be behind bars, but his relationship with his fiance, Sherien Almufti, is still going strong! In a new interview, Almufti is speaking out about her romance with the Real Housewives of Atlanta star. “My relationship with Apollo is going wonderful,” Sherien, who will make her first appearance

Apollo Nida’s Fiance Sherien Almufti Shades Phaedra Parks

Apollo Nida’s fiance Sherien Almufti has yet to appear on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she is already starting drama over social media with his ex-wife, Phaedra Parks. “Catching up on the #RHOA like oh wow!! So your s**t does stink after all #TeamApolloandSherien,” Almufti captioned a photo of

Phaedra Parks Speaks Out About Apollo Nida’s Engagement

Two years after announcing that she was separating from her husband Apollo Nida, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks is reacting to the news that her former husband is now engaged to a new woman. Parks also reveals what kind of relationship her sons have with their father. “They

Phaedra Parks Denies Lying About Filing for Divorce

First, Phaedra Parks says she was officially single and then Apollo Nida said that wasn’t true. But, TMZ has gotten to the bottom of all of the divorce rumors surrounding the former RHOA couple. Court documents that where previously private have become unsealed, and it looks like Phaedra was the one telling

Apollo Nida’s Fiance Sherine Almfuti Shows Off Handmade Engagement Ring

We all heard that shocking news that RHOA star Apollo Nida got engaged from prison and now his fiance, Sherine Almfuti is showing off the ring that Nida made her from behind bars! Sherine posted a photo of the ring on her Instagram page, sharing that Nida made it out of

Apollo Nida Files For Divorce, Reveals Phaedra Parks Never Filed

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks claimed last month that she filed for divorce from her incarcerated husband Apollo Nida, but when media outlets were unable to locate the divorce fillings, they found nothing. Now, Nida is revealing the divorce was never finalized and sharing that HE has filed

Cynthia Bailey Reacts To Apollo Nida’s Engagement

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is reacting to the news that her co-star Apollo Nida is now engaged just after the news that his divorce from Phaedra Parks is finalized. “I don’t know if that’s 100 percent confirmed yet, but I did hear about it,” Bailey said on

Apollo Nida Gets Engaged From Prison

Just weeks after Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks announced that her divorce from Apollo Nida was finalized, Nida has announced from behind prison bars that he is engaged to another woman. Apollo, who has been serving an eight-year sentence in a federal prison, has revealed that he found

Phaedra Parks Officially Divorced From Apollo Nida

Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida are officially divorced. Parks appeared on TMZ’s Raq Rants to confirm the news. Parks had been married to Nida since 2009. Nida is currently serving an 8 year prison sentence for cashing stolen checks and laundering more than $2 million.

Apollo Nida Making Inmates Mad in Prison?

Apollo Nida started serving an 8-year prison sentence on bank fraud and identity theft in September 2014 is reportedly getting into trouble behind bars. He is currently serving his time at Fort Dix in New Jersey. “Apollo doesn’t respect the other inmates,” a source says. “He has no regard for

Apollo Nida Moved to Maximum Security Prison for Smuggling Cell Phone

Apollo Nida is in trouble behind bars. A new report reveals that Nida was caught with a cell phone in his New Jersey prison! According to a prison insider, officials discovered in February that the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star had been using the forbidden phone to call friends

Phaedra Parks Takes Her Sons To Visit Apollo Nida In Prison

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks took her sons to visit their father, Apollo Nida, in prison. After learning that Nida had been transferred to a “more child-friendly” facility, Parks finally decided she was comfortable enough to take her children to visit their father.

Phaedra Parks is Divorcing Apollo Nida, Brought Children to Visit Him in Prison

Fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta have seen the rocky relationship between Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida. Last time we saw him on the show he was turning himself in to serve an eight-year prison sentence for bank fraud, and since then she has gotten some backlash in the

Phaedra Parks Wants Her Divorce From Apollo To Be Amicable

Phaedra Parks is opening up about her divorce process in a new interview with Bravo. She says she just wants the divorce between her and Apollo to be amicable for the sake of their children. Parks also dishes on Kim Fields’ beatless brunch and more. Bravotv.com: Why didn’t you go

Apollo Nida Reveals Kandi and Todd Put Money in His Commissary

Despite being in prison, Apollo Nida is finding out who is friends are and he is letting everyone know that RHOA star Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker remain loyal to him. Apollo called TMZ to let them know that most people won’t answer his phone calls anymore, so he was

Phaedra Parks Seeks Mental Specialist’s Opinion About Bringing Her Sons to Visit Apollo

So far, RHOA star Phaedra Parks has refused to let her sons Dylan, 2, and Ayden, 5, visit their dad, Apollo Nida, in his New Jersey correctional facility. But a new report states that Parks has consulted mental specialists about the topic to find out if she is making the

Apollo Nida Gives Interview From Prison; Talks Divorce From Phaedra and Seeing His Children

In a shocking new interview, RHOA star Apollo Nida called into TMZ from Fort Dix, where he is currently serving 8-years in prison for bank fraud and identity theft charges. He discussed his marriage to Phaedra Parks, seeing his children and his transfer to the prison where he will eventually

RHOA Peter Thomas Says Apollo Nida Needs to “Man Up And Call Me”

After going to prision about a year ago Apollo Nida has been very silent… Until now, as Apollo posted on Instagram a photo of he and Peter Thomas with the caption reading “CRAZY WORLD RIGHT!! I GUESS IT’s TRUE THAT IN TIME ONE WILL SEE WHOM THEIR FAKE FRIENDS REALLY

Shocking New Cheating Claims Involving RHOA Apollo Nida

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks claimed she would be divorcing her husband Apollo Nida one year ago. Although she still hasn’t filed, a new report where a “nude exotic dancer,” Cashaun Sidney, describes a night out with Nida in 2014 (while he was still living with Parks) might