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Caroline Manzo Reveals How Her Children Have Changed

Caroline Manzo and her family are officially back for their third season of Manzo’d With Children and Caroline is revealing she thinks it’s time to change the name of their show. “I think it’s a lot of milestones this year, a lot of turning points in everybody’s lives and a

Albie Manzo Addresses Mom Caroline’s Breast Cancer Scare

In the upcoming season of Manzo’d With Children, Caroline Manzo reveals those dreadful words, “I found a lump.” Now, her oldest son, Albie, is setting the record straight about his mom’s breast cancer scare. “Mom’s fine,” he reveals. “That was a really, really weird moment for us. I think we

Did Caroline Manzo Lie About Where Her Sons Live?

Fans of Real Housewives of New Jersey veteran Caroline Manzo are pretty excited to catch a second season of Manzo’d With Children where they get to laugh, cry, and feel like part of the Manzo clan. We’ve seen bits and pieces of what we can expect from season two in

Manzo’d With Children Season 2 Preview

The Manzo family is back for another season of their Bravo spin-off show, Manzo’d With Children. This year brings change for Caroline’s children. Lauren Manzo will marry Vito Scalia, but Caroline admits that her husband Albert is in denial that his little girl is growing up. Chris and Albie do

Albie And Chris Manzo To Open New Restaurant In Hoboken

Caroline Manzo’s sons Albie and Chris are known for their brilliant ideas, season one being strip clubs and car washes (did not happen), their BLK water, their partnership in Little Town New Jersey restaurant, and now they are partnering in a new venue Little Town Social. Albie took to Instagram

Manzo Brothers Expanding Restaurant Businesses In 2015

Albie and Chris Manzo have big plans for 2015, including starting several new business ventures. First, Albie and Chris will be relocating their restaurant Littletown to a new, location in Hoboken. They’ll also be making room for their newest venture, the Ainsworth, which is an upscale gastropub that has several

Preview Manzo’d With Children: Premieres October 9th On Bravo

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo and her family are back in their new series Manzo’d With Children on Bravo. The show premieres October 9th on Bravo, and we’ve got the first preview! Since leaving RHONJ, Caroline has been focusing on her family and the arrival of

Preview Manzo’d With Children

Bravo has announced several brand new shows that are coming soon, and one of those is Caroline Manzo’s spin-off show, Manzo’d With Children. The new series “takes you inside the wild, out-of-control, smack-talking, pork-product-tossing lives of Caroline Manzo and her beloved family, husband Al Sr., sons Albie and Chris, daughter

Why Did Caroline Manzo Tell Albie To Lie About Where They Lived?

A new report states Caroline Manzo instructed her son Albie to lie about where the family lived years before their family became famous on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey. In a tweet about their family’s dog passing away, Albie wrote that when he attended Elementary school, his parents encouraged

Chris And Albie Manzo To Open Sports Bar

Things must be going well for Chris and Albie Manzo at Little Town New Jersey, because they are partnering up with restaurateurs Michael Sinensky and Sean McGarr of Funbars.com to open a new bar, US Weekly reports. That’s right, Chris and Albie are going to open a “Vegas style” sports bar at Meadowlands Racing and

Caroline Manzo Is Proud Of Her Sons, Albie And Chris

Caroline Manzo is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal how proud she is of her son’s for opening their own restaurant. Caroline says life is funny because the restaurant business is in their blood and she enjoyed seeing Albert’s reaction and pride the night of the opening. Caroline writes,

Manzo Family Spin-Off Show On Bravo

The NY Post is reporting that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo is next to make her family reality TV stars. The site reports, “Real Housewife of New Jersey Caroline Manzo and her family will be getting their own, albeit less glamorous, show on Bravo.” The show is to

Caroline Manzo Worries Her Sons Work Too Hard!

Caroline Manzo is taking to her Bravo Blog to express that she feels like her sons, Albie and Chris, work too hard and she worries that they don’t take enough time to enjoy themselves. Caroline explains her children grew up watching their father work 16 hour days and that’s not

Albie & Chris Manzo Open Hoboken Restaurant, Little Town New Jersey!

Wednesday night Albie and Chris Manzo opened their newest business, a restaurant called Little Town New Jersey, in Hoboken. The Italian restaurant opened to the public Thursday, but Wednesday night invited guests got a sneak preview. The Manzo’s invited press, family, friends and an insider tells us “they were scrambling

The Manzo’s Throw Greg Bennett A Going Away Party! Where’s Greg Moving?

Twitter was flooded with tweets and pictures from Caroline Manzo and her children, Albie, Chris, and Lauren on Friday night. The Manzo Family was throwing Greg Bennett a surprise going away party, which had people asking, where is Greg going? Caroline Manzo responded to tweets revealing that Greg is moving

Police Called While RHONJ Film Season 5!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are currently filming Season 5, and there’s already drama involving the cops! And it’s not the women for once! According to NJ.com, Thursday night, a man in a Hoboken bar threw a glass at some of the cast while the cameras were rolling, because

Albie & Chris Manzo Opening Up Restaurant!

After promoting their black water BLK on Real Housewives of New Jersey, now the Manzo sons are on to their next business venture. They are going to be opening a new restaraunt in Hoboken, NJ. Housewife Caroline Manzo’s son tell US Weekly that they will be partnering with NYC based restaurateurs

Albie & Lauren Manzo Call Out Dina!

After Dina Manzo returned to The Real Housewives of New Jersey last night, she was tweeting up a storm about Bravo’s editing. To refresh your memory here is what she tweeted while the episode was airing, “hmmm this is weird, most of my convo was about T & her brother, giving