Surveillance Cameras Capture Aftermath Of Camille Grammer Abuse Allegations


Surveillance cameras reportedly captured the immediate aftermath of alleged abuse on Camille Grammer from her ex- boyfriend, Dimitri Charalambopoulos, RadarOnline reports. But the site reports that authorities investigating the case haven’t obtained the video. “The surveillance video is from the lobby of the five-star hotel the couple had been staying in. Wearing a hoody, with his head covered, Dimitri exits the hotel very quickly in the early morning hours on October 16th,” a source revealed to Radar.

“Moments later, Camille appears in the lobby in her pajamas, with obvious injuries, and asking for someone to call the police. The Houston Police Department hasn’t requested the video from the hotel, which is very curious because it could be helpful in determining if Dimitri should be criminally prosecuted,” the insider continues.

Camille said in court that Charalambopoulos “succeeded in pulling out swaths of my hair and gave me a large, painful contusion on the side of my head,” then “squeezed my nose between his fingers and pushed upward forcefully, meanwhile covering my mouth in an attempt to silence me and to prevent me from breathing.”

“I experienced great pain in my nose and became afraid for my life as a consequence” she said, adding that “he wrestled me on the hotel bed, repeatedly slamming my head and face into the furniture, and eventually he succeeded in completely immobilizing me.”

Photo Credit: Splash