SUR: Who’s Dating Who, Meet The Cast Of Vanderpump Rules


When Vanderpump Rules aired, so many of the servers at SUR were dating each other it was hard to keep up. Now, after two seasons, shocking allegations and betrayal, fights, and fallen friendships, many are curious as to the current state of the relationships at SUR, and we have all of the info you need.

First, here’s a recap of how it all started:

Stassi dates one of the bartenders, Jax. Jax has a best friend named Tom who is another bartender at SUR. Tom dates another SUR server named Kristen, who is quite the drama queen. Kristen and Stassi’s other best friend is Katie. Katie is known as the sweet one of the group. Katie is dating another guy named Tom. Not the same Tom who is dating Kristen, this Tom doesn’t work at SUR. The new girl of the group is Scheana, you know her as the girl that slept with Brandi Glanville’s husband, Eddie Cibrian. Lastly there’s Peter, Lisa says Peter has slept with everyone.

February 2013, UPDATE:

Jax and Stassi have broken up for good and Stassi has a new boyfriend named Patrick who hosts a sports show on Sirius Radio. Jax is still single.
StassiKatie and Tom Schwartz are still together. Katie tweeted this pic of the gang celebrating Christmas. Notice Kristen, Tom and Jax are nowhere to be found.
PRRumorFix reports that Kristen officially moved out of Tom’s apartment in January and the couple is no longer together. A neighbor told the site, “They had loud fights. And they were passionate with their fights and also when they made up.” The source continued, “Neighbors used to scream out, ‘Hey keep it down!’ Maybe now it will be quiet.”

Kristen announced in her Bravo Blog that she has broken up with Tom.  “As messed up as our relationship had become, I will never have with anyone what I had with Tom,” Kristen admits. “As hateful as we had acted toward each other at times and beyond all of the lies and disrespect, deep down we both loved each other very much. I know how counterintuitive that sounds, but there aren’t words to describe the love I will always have for him. ”


Scheana Marie is engaged to her boyfriend, Shay, and planning their wedding.


Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram


2 Replies to “SUR: Who’s Dating Who, Meet The Cast Of Vanderpump Rules”

  1. this show sucks and everyone is sucking each other. I am so surprized Lisa would let this go on at one of her places Lisa acts classie and like a prood. Yet she lets employees date and fight with each other in front of people… And Stassi is nothing but a BIG whore for a little girl I cannot even call her a woman bc she does not ever act like 1..

  2. Why the heck is Carlton so uptight! She picks on the weirdest things I think that intimidate her, like Kyle. Kyle and Joyce are the most genuine in the whole group. Carlton is definitely the elephant who can’t stand it when she’s called out on ANYTHING! This tells me she’s really self conscious about her appearance, beliefs, etc. etc. etc.!!!!!! Weird!

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