Is Summer Redstone’s Ex Sydney Holland Joining the RHOBH?


Viacom mogul Sumner Redstone’s ex-girlfriend Sydney Holland is in the running to nab a spot on season 7 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sources are confirming.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Holland’s recent love life drama would add plenty of spice to the show. Sydney reportedly pitched herself to the show’s producers. She and the 93-year-old media billionaire were together for five years until they parted ways in fall of 2015.

The site reports that the film producer was living in the lavish Beverly Park home of Viacom and CBS Corporation’s chairman emeritus until she was booted for having an alleged affair with a former actor.

Holland was initially introduced to the National Amusements chairman through Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger. A source tells US Weekly that Stanger and Holland remain close, despite the split.


Do you think Sydney would make a good addition to the show?

Photo Credit: Bravo/Getty Images


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          1. You know what it’s like the day after, just sleeping a lot! The dog just woke me up! Xxxooo❤️❤️❤️

              1. Much love to you DeeDee! I have just had a message from my SIL to say she is coming over on my birthday with her new Retreiver puppy. Not sure how Meg will cope she is vey possessive! Anyway that made me think of you and your birhday the day before and your last day of term! Xxxooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                  1. Suze, I didn’t know it was your birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!’ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I hope you have a fantastic day xoxxoxo

                  2. Sorry it’s not until 13th, I should have said but DeeDee knows so I just assumed! Silly me I’m out thinking to straight at the moment! Xoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️

            1. I saw your name and am so happy to see you in between snoozes! It is great that your daughter returns soon too. I hope you have a nice rest of the day and that Meg lets you sleep a bit too. 😉 xoxoxo

              1. She is out playing golf with her Dad then they will go and pick our daughter up from the railway station, well, the pub as she will have to wait an hour!

                1. Well golf is important and Meg gets her exercise…and an hour at the pub may be fun? 🙂

                  I know you will love having her home with you again.

      1. Hi, Joanna, I have never heard of this lady either. Another woman in the running hopefully means Rinna and Eileen are leaving. I would like Yo to go too, but Bravo has done that before, gotten rid of too many at one time and it didn’t work out. IN season 5 of New York I think it was. Then they ended up with too many housewives, IMO, how can we keep up with 8? If they get rid of Yolanda Erika would probably go too, or vice versa. BH always gets the most talk far after their reunion and season ends. Atlanta might have had good ratings, I don’t recall, but no one cares much now and it hasn’t been too long since their season ended.

  1. Suze❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Well, there’s an age difference!!! 🙂

    1. I’m not really one to bother about age differences but I guess the next one will be well into his 100’s!!!

      1. I’m not bothered Suze just wondering what our age difference police would think about that . I’m just being silly

        1. I know you aren’t! It does look as though Bravo are getting desperate but who knows I may be unkind to her, just things I have just read when I googled her! ❤️❤️

          1. I just googled the article by “Vanity Fair, HIVE”. It has two stories, one about Sydney, and one about Pilgrim, her boyfriend from Sedona Az. Very interesting story. He spent a few years in prison, and according to him he did not even know Sydney was living with Sumner Redstone in Beverly Park during their affair! These are quotes from him too, not a source. Hmmmm.

  2. Another gold-digging POS. She’s 44, he’s 92. Met thru Millionare Matchmaker loser, Patti Stanger?? OMG, it must be true love then. She lived with him for 5 years and then he tossed her out cuz she was SHOCKINGLY ENOUGH having an affair. You’re kidding, right? Why would she want to have an affair when she has great-grandpa? Plus, she was in cahoots with his ex-girlfriend to get him deemed incompetent. And she is contesting his will and HE IS NOT EVEN DEAD YET! So I guess we’ll have yet another upstanding morally conscious POS. She swears up and down she is in love with him but is now vying for 20 million from him for the 5 years she sacrificed. I could go on but you get the picture. These shows are history if they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel. It’s getting like those old VH1 shows with Brett Michaels and all those ho’s that showed up to be his girlfriend/wife. Oh well, back to Diagnosis Murder.

              1. So happy your daughter is going back! That always makes you feel better. We are so lucky our families are loving, caring people. Good job mum!

                1. You too Joanna, Karen is a credit to you and your family! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. He never was my type – but puts on a great concert. We had our picture made with him – he looks great we look drunk! He was very sweet, kind and a gentleman – otherwise he’d probably gotten slapped – hehehe! xoxox my friend!!!

      1. I hadn’t thought about that show in years. The first season was hysterical. I admit I watched the whole thing but the very first episode with that super drunk girl that was falling on everyone and she kept saying “don’t threaten me with a good time”. lol.

    1. Patti Stanger is the best matchmaker. She never even found her own true match. Her last bf seemed strange. The one she was with for years just never committed. That should say something. All of the “women”she would show for the mostly older men were young and looked like prostitutes a lot of the time or she would tell them to dress and look like hookers. She never even really screened them, but just picked them up off the streets it seemed for so many of them. Why did anyone pay her? Oh, yeah…they got on TV? I hated that show.

      1. I don’t think one “match” ever took, did it Sandy? If one did it didn’t show it on the shows I watched. I thought the idea was to actually have them stay together, but Patti asked weird questions and I never liked her. Just one of those instant, not dislike really, just did not “like” her. When she screened women it was hideous. I know it’s millionaire match making, but her screening process always seemed like a purchase set up rather than a date.

        1. Hi 3D’s. She may have gotten lucky with very few. It was horrible to watch her and her mouth…She was nasty. The men were treated like objects too. She would have them take off their shirts and more and prance around for her too…unreal. She said things in front of their faces like they were not there…and made fun of the way they dressed or their looks right then and there…so cold. It is no wonder she had problems with finding love herself. I hated when she fired that couple who worked for her…forgot their names right now. They were husband and wife and she just fired them and got other people who kissed her behind more. I don’t know why I watched as many as I did. I was hoping it would get better or something!?

    2. I LOVE Diagnosis Murder, and Murder She Wrote. I honestly do not understand why, in Beverly Hills California, and surrounding area, where there must be many, many women who are beautiful ( a requirement ) rich, or working at some important job, who go to fabulous places, have fashionable parties, immaculate homes, who aren’t money grubbing little bitches. I am sorry, but I don’t agree that the RHOBH is low class, and so much so that women of good standing and character would be embarrassed to be part of the cast. I also don’t think it would be boring if those were the women who were on the show.

      1. Hi 3D, I tape Diagnosis Murder. I have like 79 on TIVO. I watch them at night WHEN I’M KNITTING! How boring, huh? My husband lays in the bedroom watching War and Medical scary-type stuff or listening to the police scanner (never dull in Chicago) and I’m in the upstairs living room with all the cats watching Mark Sloan on Diagnosis Murder solve murders. I love Jessica Fletcher also. They are “feel-good” murder mysteries which is what I tell my husband and he just looks at me like I’m crazy. I LOVE all that 60’s music too. Stuff was so much easier then, simpler and cleaner I think. I have no idea what is going on with today’s music. These rappers think they are so smart and original but Country Music has been doing rap for YEARS, i.e., talking during the song. It’s nothing new. It’s just this rap music is disgusting and vulgar, sorta like that Erika beast. I didn’t go to Woodstock, but I remember it being the year 1969 and riding my bike around our little neighborhood and the other kids were all laughing about “69” and I had no idea what it meant. I was 13 in 1969. God, I remember it like it was yesterday. Now that’s scary! I still like Buffalo Springfield and all that music from that time. Remember when the Beatles came into the limelight? On Ed Sullivan? It was a huge event. I had no idea about sex or anything. My mom used to rip pictures and articles out of Time Magazine so we didn’t see anything that would make us grow up too fast. THANK GOD! Kids these days know way too much. Their innocence is gone at like 3 years old. And now my Dad is talking all about his childhood and how things were so much different then (he was born in 1932) and it makes everything today seem crass and ugly. The times they are a’changing….. another great song.

      2. Anonymous June 1, 2016 at 7:33 PM Hi 3D, I tape Diagnosis Murder. I have like 79 on TIVO. I watch them at night WHEN I’M KNITTING! How boring, huh? My husband lays in the bedroom watching War and Medical scary-type stuff or listening to the police scanner (never dull in Chicago) and I’m in the upstairs living room with all the cats watching Mark Sloan on Diagnosis Murder solve murders. I love Jessica Fletcher also. They are “feel-good” murder mysteries which is what I tell my husband and he just looks at me like I’m crazy. I LOVE all that 60’s music too. Stuff was so much easier then, simpler and cleaner I think. I have no idea what is going on with today’s music. These rappers think they are so smart and original but Country Music has been doing rap for YEARS, i.e., talking during the song. It’s nothing new. It’s just this rap music is disgusting and vulgar, sorta like that Erika beast. I didn’t go to Woodstock, but I remember it being the year 1969 and riding my bike around our little neighborhood and the other kids were all laughing about “69” and I had no idea what it meant. I was 13 in 1969. God, I remember it like it was yesterday. Now that’s scary! I still like Buffalo Springfield and all that music from that time. Remember when the Beatles came into the limelight? On Ed Sullivan? It was a huge event. I had no idea about sex or anything. My mom used to rip pictures and articles out of Time Magazine so we didn’t see anything that would make us grow up too fast. THANK GOD! Kids these days know way too much. Their innocence is gone at like 3 years old. And now my Dad is talking all about his childhood and how things were so much different then (he was born in 1932) and it makes everything today seem crass and ugly. The times they are a’changing….. another great song.

  3. I think this old gentleman and the OC OG liar face should hook up off screen far far away. This story and alot of the others are making it so much easier to abide by my decision to give up on all the RH franchises.

    1. ITA Aunt Bee. If it wasn’t for this site, and the people on it, I would quit watching. I’ve dropped ATL, OC and NJ. Hope you’re well today.

    2. I agree Aunt Bee! How and when have they decided to turn the HW into a Jerry springer show??? It’s sad , really. At this point, I’m way past blaming Vicki, it’s Bravo that pays and supports all these criminals from various HW shows and gives them a platform. Its intersting how many of them end up in jail or are embroiled in some kind of scheme , lawsuit or tax evasion . Maybe next on OC, there will a rumor that Meghan is really a man or that David Bedor and dr Dubrow are secret lovers! Or even better, paternity tests!!!! Just icky all around

      1. Hi Rain ITA. When I see your name I think of you and 3D’s wearing a halo made of flowers. Makes me smile. 😉 xoxoxo❤❤❤❤

        1. Oh you’re so sweet lol.. Seeing you around here makes me happy ❤️❤️❤️ Been years since I had flowers in my hair . How are Joanna? I hope you’re feeling better and getting stronger every day ! You’re a trooper ❤️❤️❤️Xoxo

          1. That was so sweet Joanna , I will have visions of lovely ladies with flowers in their hair all day. I hope your doing good dear lady

          2. Thanks Rain. You wear flowers in my mind and you look beautiful in your free flowing dresses! I’m feeling better, thanks for asking. I’m a little upset that I’ve been taken off caffeine and my espresso maker is at my daughter’s house! Other than that I’m fine.

            1. Off caffeine? For how long? I’m allowed only ONE cup of black tea a day and I had to fight for that. Yes that would make me upset too Joanna! Hang in there ❤️❤️❤️

            2. No caffeine at all is tough. Are you in withdrawal now? I get mean headaches with none at all…but I don’t drink more than 2 normal mugs full daily on average…not espresso. Can you have tea? I like some teas anyway, like spicy chai tea…
              I hope you can have it again in small amounts at least. Xoxo

              1. I’m off caffeine as it tastes like sh*t! (Not that I have ever tasted it but the smell!) I can’t have cold drinks as they hurt my throat so just on boiled water luckily only lasts two days! I’m foul without coffee!

                  1. That tastes horrible as well, even tried lime but tomorrow I should be able to have a cold drink, room temp, and also coffee! YAY!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    1. Interesting. I could always tell when I was pregnant…since the smell of coffee was so nauseating. I love coffee normally.
                      I hope you are able to have it soon.

              2. No withdrawals so far but I do have a desire to kick some doctor butt. He’s lucky I’m not able to. I like tea. I’ve never had spicy chai tea nor Black tea. Worth a shot! Thank you ladies! ❤❤❤XoXo❤❤❤

                1. My S-Daughter loves Chai tea. She does not like coffee, but I take her to SB every time we are together and she has a venti chai with 8 pumps. Hot in winter and iced in Summer. It’s ok, but nothing is as good as coffee. I have been drinking coffee since I was tall enough to reach my Mom’s cup from her seat at the table where she would sometimes leave her 1/2 drank cup. I would get it and gulp it down. Since I grew to 5’8″ it didn’t stunt my growth. I must have been 5 maybe 6 when this started, no shit. How long, if I can be nosy, do you have to be without? Oh man, I feel for you for real. I get a splitting headache without coffee. I don’t drink too much or anything, not all day like some friends I know. Just my pot of espresso in the a.m., and occasionally a small cup in the afternoon if I have a lot to do.
                  I just hope you are feeling good and your spirits are good. It sounds like you have a wonderful family, which is such a blessing from God. When I say my prayers tonight, I will pray that mean old doctor changes his mind!!!

        2. I like that. I think of Rain with the last name Zappa for some reason. 😉 I love Rain.
          I agree about 3D’s too. Both great women…hippies. 😉 xoxo

          1. I can see Rain Zappa 🙂 . I used to dig that 70s skinny man look with the slight hairy chest lol. But my rocker ‘free pass’ is Bon Jovi!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I mean come on! The man is so beautiful and sweet and decent !!! Mmmmm I’m feeling very happy now! Thank you RealSandy ❤️❤️

              1. I can go younger with no problem lol, just don’t know any young rockers, don’t follow rock that much anymore ❤️❤️❤️
                I also know the Phonexes, Joaquin, River , etc etc . My husband and I tried to not call our kids Shadow, or Lagoon LOL. We thought enough is enough

                1. My dog’s name is shadow. If I had a daughter her name would have been Pagen Moon and the funny thing is I’m not a hippie

                    1. Oh Joanna that’s such a lovely name . My dogs name is shadow . If I had not put off having children to care for my mom my son’s name would have been Shadow Moon (yes my kid’s would have hated me )

                  1. Come on down Daisy! My husband and I keep talking about buying a big piece of land so all our kids and family can build a home and live with us . It’s time to bring communes back ❤️❤️❤️

                    1. Rain , I’m not sure what that is but yes hale storm does sing here’s to us that is my go to jam when I’m having a bad day and also amen is another by them that I really like

                    2. That is so, so funny and ironic. Mornin’ Rain. My Daughter always wanted us to build a self-sustaining compound for us all to live on. Where there was privacy and togetherness both! We even designed some of it fooling around, kind of, and some serious talk too. But then the rest is history. I still am blessed that both of my Daughters live here, and my S-Daughter comes every year. My S-Son lives in Lafayette Ca., so everyone is pretty close. Have you had a chance to read the Vanity Fair article? Wow is all I have to say, that or I would go off on the woman, and I don’t want to get all judgmental!!

                    3. Howdie 3D :). No I haven’t read the vanity fair article , but I will . Is she a definately cast member or just another ‘maybe’? You know how very year there is a bunch of speculations. Because aren’t Brandi and Kim allegedly coming back ? And isn’t Mohamed fiancé Shiva also allegedly joining? How many HWs will the show have LOL? Nobody knows other than Andy
                      I would LOVE a commune idea. Secretly it’s my selfish way of being close to my kids and grandkids ❤️❤️❤️ But we had so much fun as kids because we grew up with all our cousins and uncles and grandparents and it really was a ‘village’ ! I know the whole thing is a pie in the sky idea but hey an old lady can dream 🙂 right now my kids are close by but who knows where their careers or spouses will take them in the future and that’s just life I guess! I always threaten them that if they move too far away , that my husband and I will become swingers and host massive orgies all the time 🙂

                    1. OH PLEASE not BG or Kimmy, please. I would prefer this woman to either of them. Yes, we can have our day dreams, I really wanted to do that when we had the money. But it got spent on something more important, so such is life. It is always so good to see everyone’s names here. Daisy, I agree with Sandy. She already said it with perfection so I need not add any more. ❤️

                    2. Yes 3D, I hope neither Kim or Brandi are back , not even as FOH ! Enough already lol. Just get a classy and beautiful rich BH woman , who is not a drunk and who can actually articulate a thought ! Come on Andy, you can do it

                    3. Rain, I’ve given up on Andy, if these women are his choice there is no hope for RH! Xoxoxo

                  2. Shadow Moon reminds me of a song, Moon Shadow by Cat Stevens. I used to really like his songs. That was before he became Yusuf Islam. Sorry, I went off there, because I was hearing Moon Shadow in my head. 😮 Oh, and I think you would have been a great mom. You are a great mom to Shadow.

                    1. Real Sandy that is the most beautiful special thing anyone could ever say to me . Your words have me in tears or maybe it’s the margaritas that I had with lunch ha ha . Thank you that truly made me feel good

                    2. Daisy, we all feel the love from you here. I know you are a great pet parent. You are a beautiful person. A child would be lucky to have you for a parent. I know pet parents who had no children, and they are the best parents to their pets. It is easy to see how wonderful they would have been as parents to children. Luckily the pets have all that attention now. Your pet is a lucky one to have you. You are a nurturer and it shows. 🙂 xoxo

                    3. Thanks. I wish I had a good memory. I remember songs for some reason. When young, I knew the lyrics for manys songs.

                    4. Sandy said it best Daisy! You would’ve been a great mom! And you are a great kitty and pet mom. And just like Sandy said , We ALL love you here! You can still be a parent in so many ways if you like , be it adoption or fostering , but I know that’s not what everybody wants! So many children need love and I can tell you have endless amounts of love to give . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                2. River is nice. I can see you with a child named River. Rain and River…nice. 🙂
                  I am not into young rockers…since there aren’t any…or so few. Rock is not like years ago. The best rockers are all older than me now. I missed the Monkees this morning on GMA…I used to like them when I was very young, though Davy is not around any more. I love Eric Clapton…music. I also always loved Allman Bros. Great guitar. I like Santana too. Loved in SF…loved lots back then. He is not the same now without the hair! 😉

                    1. If you ever see Carlos Santana please tell us what he’s like in person. His music is beautiful. So many great songs back then! My eldest son went to Woodstock and loved it. Jimi Hendrix’ version of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ was awesome. You could hear his guitar making rocket and bomb sounds. This day has been awesome! Lots of great memories. I’m so ‘Happy Together’. Think that was by the Turtles. CCR, Jim Croce, I could go on and on…

                  1. Oh! Sandy you are keeping me in great music memories. I am now going to go to i-tunes and listen to some. I loved the Carpenters to, and Roy Orbison. Janis Joplin could belt it out too. Elvis naturally, he could sing, his voice had that deep soul reaching sound. Ahhhhh…..

            1. Rain Bongiovi. I believe that is the correct spelling of John Bongiovi. He uses Bonjovi for the band. He does not live far from here. I knew someone whose kids played soccer with his kids. He lived in a huge home on the river in Middletown NJ a few years ago anyway. Springsteen is not far away either…Has or had two homes in this county…one is a horse farm.

                1. Oooo, Bruce Springsteen! We are talking now. Big arms, cute butt. Mmm Mmm. Loved his song about red headed women. I get around you know. Even naughty older ladies need love. I love you, Rain.❤❤❤❤❤❤

                  1. Joanna, you naughty girl! I could see you hanging out with kt as a groupie too now! 😮

                    1. Thank you. Join us, won’t you..? “Those Were The Days” my friend. We thought they’d never end. But now there’s Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber. No talent there. Except for the coffee embargo, I’ve had a fun day! By the way, All my kids live on our commune farm along with my grandkids and ggrandkids! Far enough for privacy but too close to bust me doing something I shouldn’t be doing. So I behave myself.

                    2. Behave yourself? You? Hmm. Maybe.
                      Just kidding. Sorta Kinda. 😀
                      Those kids are looking out for you, so it is all good. I love that you are all so close. It is rare in this day and age, especially. I love that you all live at the farm. It sounds beautiful.

                  2. NO button under your Star Spangled Banner comment. Oh I can hear that guitar right now. Jimi Hendrix could make that guitar sing man. Wow, memories of my young life, thanks everyone. I had a spectacular time between 12 and 19. Stellar, peace loving, laughing, not a care in the world, music, goin` puttin` on Harleys, freedom. Now THAT word, freedom, reminds me of that song! Sleeveless dresses and sandals, literally flower headbands in our hair, no barefoot unless we were at the park where I grew up. 118 in the shade, no bare feet.

                2. I used to belong to the same Health Club (there are 2 clubs) Springsteen belonged to but the other club. I knew some people who went to both clubs and used to see Bruce working out. There was also a scandal back then linking him to a married woman who also worked out at that club and was quite chummy… My health club only had the Ex drummer from Kiss…yuck. He used to work out with dark glasses on and his long dyed black hair looked off on a man his age. He was the one in the group with the ugliest painted face…and was quite unfriendly unless you looked like a blonde model. His wife was a much younger blonde model too, but never saw her.

            2. OOOOooo….Rain, I am a huge Bon Jovi fan (well, was before Richie left – but that’s another story)! You should see all my concert pics!!!

                1. Oh Suze, I wish you could!!! I have a pic displayed that I took of Bon Jovi from second row (camped out for those tickets)! Rain would LOVE it – Jon is all sweaty! I have tons and tons of Bon Jovi memorabilia too.

                    1. With all of this wonderful talk about music I have to ask if anyone has heard off my newest favorite Hale Storm

                    1. Suze I have a long long lost of hotties that I want to do! You can have Bon Jovi ❤️❤️❤️

                    2. Nah! I only want what I have to fight for! Not worth it otherwise! No fun! Anyway you would win, as you are ten year younger and have titsXoxoxox

                    3. Suze you’re so funny lol! Ok we can fight over him but you’re the hottie Scottie and you ALWAYS win ❤️❤️❤️

                    4. ITA 3Ds, not all men are breast men. These days there’s also the stigma of people thinking that all big tits are fake and that turns most men off . A lot of men are into long legs and into butts now :). My twin boys , both their girlfriends have small breasts and I don’t think any of my boys ever dated a top heavy woman . So I remain the only cow on this meadow lol ❤️❤️❤️

                    5. That just shows you that those boys don’t need a mommy replacement. They have you.
                      You made me laugh, Rain, Are you grazing? Nice meadow you have there. 😉
                      Love you Rain! xoxoxo

                    6. RealSandy, you’re so sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Your post made me so happy! Yes I guess my boys don’t need a mommy replacement :). I never thought of it that way before …. but it does make sense!! My cow tits are flattening and drooping and being so short, theyre quite tragic 🙂 have a great night my friend xoxxoo

                    7. You’re sweet! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks Rain. Have a nice night too! ❌⭕️

              1. If I saw Bon Jovi at a private meet and greet, he might end up with titty bruises LOL ❤️❤️❤️ Would be worth the jail time lol

                1. Hahahahahhehehehehehe! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    1. I’m sorry but you ain’t a TRUE groupie unless you’ve done several of the band membeeds AT THE SAME TIME! Lol :). Ha ha ha xoxxoo

              2. My dear sweet RH friends…I will leave you to fight over Jon Bon Jovi and Slippery When Wet…I’ve been called in – we are under flash flood warning and no one in this town knows how to drive in two drops of water let alone a flood. I’ll be safe I’m riding ambulance today.
                I can NOT wait to read the rest of this thread….rock n roll, my sister friends!

                  1. I am the one who is blessed having you as a friend xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

                  2. Why oh why do you have to be missing coffee? Please don’t tell me that is one of the things you have to give up. Nana, my Mom’s Mom, was told that too, but she allowed herself one cup a day anyway and remained ambulatory till the day she went to heaven.

                1. Very true Suze! Age has nothing to do with it ! ❤️❤️❤️ I’d like to teach Chris Pratt a thing or 2 ! And on a slow day, bring on Zak Effron too LOL

              1. Joanna, my cougar friend, put on those scrubs and listen to the beginning of Social Disease on Slippery When Wet “calling Dr. Bon Jovi to Emergency”!!!! You’re never too old to appreciate a good looking man!!!!

                    1. Joanna ! !!! You dirty girl you. You have just put the biggest smile on my face with that comment

              2. Kt please be safe . Are you in the Houston area? Just curious because we are having historical flooding here and many have to be evacuated and they are just leaving all their animals behind heartbreaking

                1. Daisy, that’s scary! Please stay safe xoxoxoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    1. I’m so pleased to hear that! I know we had a lot of flooding a few mnths ago but out house is fairly high so we will always be ok! Scary though for your area! Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️

                2. I couldn’t and wouldn’t leave my kitties. I know it is hard to say what one would do in a life or death situation, but I would not leave them behind unless the water carried them away. That is so, so sad. This has been an emotional week, I hope anyone with loved ones there stay safe. Flash floods are so scary, I wondered why it was called “flash” thinking, out of ignorance, that one would have time to do whatever they needed to get away. That was before I saw a live news program when we had the floods here about 24 years ago now I think it was. Then watched a few other documentaries about them, sheesh.

                  1. Thank you ladies each and every one of you . This really is a special place . 3 D’S the rain is only part of the problem , with all of the rain that we’ve had over the last few months all of the rivers , creeks and etc are out of their banks . Some of the flooding happened very fast . Others had many days notice but still choose to do nothing until the last moment . I had to stop watching the news this morning because they kept talking about all of the animals left behind . Most of these people had advanced notice but still did not get their animals out . This I just don’t understand

                    1. I hope everybody is safe and every creature is rescued! In SF we are earthquake country and we are expecting the ‘big one’ any day now, so we are ready with water, food , meds for more than 3 days and a plan for our cat . But you’re right Daisy, I’m surprised how many people seem to think that nothing will ever happen and just are not prepared at all ,nor are they willing to be prepared. Smh

                    2. Daisy, where are you in Texas my next door neighbours daughter is living n Austin for a couple of years. I just wondered where the flooding was!

                    3. Rain, it’s s bizarre to me. Where we are the worst we have had is 80mh winds. to hear about earthquakes is really scary!!!!

                  2. I’m with you on the pet situation. Once in Corona del Mar there was a tsunami warning. My husband wasn’t there and I got the phone call at 2:00 a.m. We were told it would hit at 7:30 a.m. I laid there wondering how am I going to round up all the cats (12 at the time), load them in my truck and drive up to my gfriends house in Yorba Linda… I eventually decided to set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. and decide then. When I woke up they cancelled the warning but still…
                    first of all I am TERRIFIED of water. don’t like it, don’t go in it unless it’s crystal clear and I can see what’s in there. The flooding in Texas is horrible. I saw videos of cows yesterday and it was heartbreaking.
                    Everyone take care in this crazy world!!!
                    Suze, take it easy and glad your daughter is back with you!

                    1. Thanks Gigicat! That must have been very scary for you! How you would have rounded all those cats up I don’t know! It was bad enough when we had two! Xxxooo

                3. Daisy, please be safe. I saw on the news how much it’s flooding there. I’m praying for y’all!! People, please TAKE YOUR PETS WITH YOU!! They’re afraid too.

                  1. Joanna we are fine in my neighborhood but yes please pray for all affected by the floods . No worries if I had to evacuation all my animals would be with me. Lol all 5 dogs and 3 cats

                4. Fast dinner break…I’m in Lubbock, West Texas flat lands and dust. Some areas of town had 5-7 inches of rain in two hours. Crazy, Sunday we had a haboob (yes, I said boob) which is a wall of dust and today a flood. All is well, although expecting more rain tomorrow. I was lounging in my PJ’s having fun with you ladies and got the call. No major injuries just a lot of stranded cars n wet people. Y’all are so sweet! Don’t worry about me, please!

          1. Suze , sorry there was no place to reply below . I’m in the Houston area . Austin is a few hours away . But I think that they are having problems also

    3. I don’t watch this one. I don’t watch NJ. I may give OC a chance..not sure if I can stomach it, though. I do like Below Deck Med…not the best, but I love just watching the Mediterranean and all the food Ben cooks up. The real estate shows are okay just to see the expensive real estate and decorating. Right now, if LVP does not return, no more BH. I cannot take Yo and her cohort at all. I am okay with NY so far…just okay. I may just give up housewives for better shows really. I do like the chat here. Xoxo

      1. Million dollar NYC is looking more staged than ever Sandy! So we are supposed to believe that Louis just went to the basketball game and convinced thoss tycoons to drop the price! Come on!!! Even fredricks antics are getting to be over the top now

        1. Yes, I agree. I said that to my husband about that Luis at the basketball game. Anyone with a box at a stadium has only invited guests welcome. I have been in these boxes…nice..with food, bar, TVs. Lounge and seats to watch the game. Anyway, I doubt that anyone would answer their phone, let alone let their realtor up to interrupt the game like that for that! They have security all over the place. I cannot believe all of that with Luis. Also, Ryan and his fiance…running around with those stupid guns in the house…all planned. I think these deals are done and they reenact them for us a lot of the time. It is so stupid a lot of the time, and I know it is staged, but I do love looking at how the very, very wealthy live…and how much they will pay to look at a bridge (or under a bridge) out their window!

  4. For Suze, since I cannot find the place to respond. I know you will be better tomorrow and hubby won’t leave. If not, then you just chill with your bairn and change the locks! 😉

    1. No he wouldn’t really just may spend more time on golf course if that’s possible! My eyebrows again tomorrow so will be able to look in a mirror again briefly! Xxxooo

      1. When you look in the mirror tomorrow Suze, imagine flowers in your hair. You’re a beautiful soul that shines through you.❤❤❤❤❤XOXOXO

        1. Joanna you are truly a very sweet lady! Well after reading some of your comments today maybe not so sweet??? A very naughty lady!!! Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. Suze, I wish I had eyebrows like yours must be. Mine have thinned out over the years. They also have the gray here and there that just stick out more…not so nice. I use pencil on them to try to fill them out a wee bit.

        1. You wouldn’t want eyebrows like mine if I didn’t have them waxed I would have a monobrow! The long hairs get tweezerd out! I also use a pencil as I don’t want them tinted at home!

  5. RSandy, thanks for the links for The Cowsills! I do love the flower girls in here. My daughter just got back from grocery shopping and made some spicy chai tea. It is very good. Thank you now I know what I’m drinking. I used a little milk and honey. Yum. I love you, Sandy. You’re always so helpful. I feel more like we are all sisters! ❤❤❤XOXOXO 😉

    1. I am so happy you liked the chai tea. It is not like any other tea.
      I love the flower girl…. 🙂
      I love Jimi Hendrix version of the Star Spangled Banner too. Your son must have been a baby at Woodstock! You are a young lady. ❌❌⭕️⭕️

      1. I wish. He’s 57 now 58 in August. I listened to all their music. Now my grandkids listen to songs like, Baby Got Back. It’s about men who like big butts. Amy Winehouse’ Rehab..she said no, no, no. Back then was a much simpler time. But I digress. Xoxoxo

        1. You are so with it Joanna. I love reading your posts. I agree about the music today too.
          How old was your son when he went to Woodstock? He had to be 12 or so if it was the original Woodstock. Did you go too? I was just 14 and I know people my age from my town went with older friends and relatives. I saw them in the movie too. I wanted to go so bad. I pasted the newspaper article with the Woodstock ad and all the bands’ names ( it was a pullout in the center of the paper), on my bedroom wall back then. I remember I had part of the wall painted with day glo paint back then and a black light too. 😮

  6. 3D’s, my coffee is gone, my espresso machine is at my daughter’s house. Doctor has taken away caffeine. I drank a cup of spicy chai tea and it’s good. Black tea later after dinner. Miss my coffee. 🙁
    Good to see you here again, my dear friend. I see you and Rain in halos made of Daisies. I’m worried about kt otherwise I think I may be having withdrawals. I have a slight headache, I’m getting cranky and some palm sweating going on. He said I’ll be over them in a few days. I think I should have been weaned off but I’m no medical professional. I love you my hippie flower girl. ;)XOXOXO❤❤❤❤

    1. Joanna, I left message above..please don’t worry, the rain has stopped and I’m fine! You’re too sweet for words!!

      1. We are so proud of you for helping all those are in need …. you have such an important job kt and you help so many people ! Of course we will worry about you but I’m sure you and your colleagues are capable professionals !! We love you kt ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. Rain is right we are all proud of you xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Hey Joanna, Long time no see. How are you? I hope you are getting better every day.
      Miss you! ❌⭕️❌

    3. Oh, that would be for me, taking one of my biggest pleasures, it is a treat EVERY cup!! I personally do not agree with the doctor, but I am obviously not a doctor or any kind of medical professional. My Dad was an Herbalist, my Mom a Respiratory Therapist, the later went back to school when she couldn’t push those big machines they used to use around anymore, and became a Medical Transcriber at Kaiser Hosp. in Sacramento, Ca. Anyway, what the doctor says, goes. I wouldn’t follow that direction myself, but we each know our own body and know what would be correct or not correct.
      It is good to see your name, how goes it? Hippie flower girl is right! I can actually claim the title, as I actually wore flowers in my long hair back when. I still believe in Peace, and not war.
      Anyway, keep up the good work and soon you will have your espresso back, in the meantime I hope your daughter enjoys it. Keep posting so we can hear your opinions on the housewives also, OK? ❌⭕️♥︎

  7. Hi ladies hope today finds everyone good. Joanna I third what the other ladies said. Miss you precious lady. I hope you’re doing better and can come back to us soon

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