Still to Come On This Season Of RHONJ


Bravo has released a trailer for what else is to come on this season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and it looks like the drama is just getting started.

Jacqueline will announce that she’s going to become a “glamma,” and she will also be battling it out with Teresa and Melissa.

Kim D will return to stir things up with Melissa.

The Wakiles will go up against the Gorgas and the Giudices.

“You’re a fake, phony bitch!” Jacqueline tells Melissa, before she turns to Teresa and says, “You’re a f*cking criminal!”

Then, there is the trip to Vermont where the fight happens between Jacqueline Laurita and Robyn Levy.

As Joe Giudice prepares to leave for prison, can these ladies make amends?

Watch the trailer below.

Will you be watching the rest of the season?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I hate the idea of the Gorgas and the Wakiles fighting. I know they caused drama for the Guidices on the 3rd and 4th seasons, but it nothing else, the four of them truly seemed love spending time with each other.

At this point you see the bond was really for the cameras. The genuine relationship I see between anyone is Rosie and Joe G.

Right, I agree with you. I thought that Richie seemed to really get along with them as well, but he will definitely be loyal to Cathy over anyone else. Wait…which Joe G. were YOU talking about?? lol.

Rosie & Joe Giudice are cute together! They just really enjoy each others company.

I have never liked Joe Guidice and last night once again he showed what an ass he is. I for one hope they deport this idiot but then I would feel sorry for Italy. Teresa you could do so much better.

I heard one line Joe Giudice was yelling in the moment it took to change the channel after OC last night. It was something like, I don’t care about the mob or the government or nobody.
ITA Bee!

That wasn’t Joe yelling.

I heard, not saw. I never looked up at the screen from my book. I asked the hub who it was that said it, and he said it was him.So, he was wrong. Who was it then? I don’t watch. Just curious.

It was his felon friend who was denied entrance into Teresa’s book signing.

Well, that is not saying much about his friends then. Strange to be that crazed at a book signing. Thanks for the answer. 😉

He was offended because they wouldn’t let him or his 12 year old son in. You had to be 21 to attend which is why Gia couldn’t go. I agree. They guy really overreacted!

I understand. It is a shame the children had to hear that too.

The threats were just too much. It never ceases to amaze what will blow someone’s gasket to the point of no return.

I don’t think that Ahole gives one bit about Teresa. He knows she is not allowed around convicted felons and children were not permitted but he said he didn’t care he would handle it. Teresa opens your eyes and look at what the hell you are defending – this piece of crap is the one who got you into this mess in the first place.

I was shocked by Joe Giudice’s behavior during this episode, especially the physical threats he made to Teresa & Gia. He was so nasty to Teresa. Why would she put up with that crap? She doesn’t need that or him.

That WASN’T Joe!!! LOL. Joe invited a friend to Teresa’s book party, and after Teresa’s lawyer vetted the guest list, they found out the man had a record. Obviously, Teresa can’t associate with felons a condition of her parole, so Joe was tasked with uninviting him on arrival and boy was that man ticked! In addition to screaming about how he wasn’t afraid of the government her also made mob references, and threatened to send goons after Joe for his disrespect. I actually felt bad for the guy. He was getting punked on a public street on national television in… Read more »

Sorry Bon V but I don’t feel sorry for that crook at all. If he cared so much for family he would have quietly left instead of making a spectacle of himself in that big televised crowd. Some People have no decorum or self respect anymore.

Rosie is still a loud mouth wannabe, I see.

Nothing ever changes with her! She started ok then went downhill quickly! Hope alls well with you and the new semester isn’t too challenging? Xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Rosie is so disappointing isn’t she? I thought she was a great addition at first but in the end she’s just an abusive jerk. Suze the semester is already crazy. how are you Suze? Love youuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I know I loved her initially I thought she was really funny!
I hope it’s crazy ok and not crazy scary! Xoxoxoxoxoxox

Crazy like life sucks right now. But I’ll be ok!!! XOXOXOXO

I know you will xoxoxoxoxox

I like Rosie. i think she’s just so hurt that Joe Giudice is not bothering with her since Teresa got home she doesn’t know how to deal with it. She and Joe were close while Teresa was away. I was glad Rosie decided to play cards after all 🙂

Siggy, stop sucking up to Teresa to secure another Bravo paycheck. It’s getting old.

I like siggy. She’s a good addition to this crazy bunch

Siggy creeps me out the way she keeps telling her 16 year old son she’s obsessed with him bc he came out of her body.
What REALLY creeped me out was the way Siggy’s son told her to stop touching him, especially his butt. Joshua had to explain, “Dad doesn’t touch my butt.” EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

So to be clear, you’re implying that Siggy Flicker harbors genetic sexual attraction toward her son?

Sounds to me like I’m not missing anything I don’t watch this show full of crminals. Are the new ladies legit?

Dolores Catania is, by far, the best new addition; the kind of person who would make a loyal & sincere friend.

I wish she would be more proactive in taking responsibility for her personal finances and business ventures, though. I believe in traditional households myself, but wives should at least know what insurance policies they have or the basic information about their credit cards and bank accounts. If not for personal protection in the event of a falling out, then at least in case of a husband’s illness or unforeseen death. But she’s a nice enough girl, it appears.

Jaq.. you are a nut.. get on meds..