Stephanie Hollman Says She Just Listened as LeeAnne Talked


Stephanie Hollman is reacting to her conversation with LeeAnne Locken during this week’s episode of the RHOD in her blog. Hollman says she hopes in the future LeeAnne will be as willing to listen as she is to talk in their relationship and also weighs in on her emotional conversation with Brandi Redmond about Brandi’s brother.

“This week’s episode brought tears a couple of times. Reflecting on the conversation Brandi and I had brought feelings of sadness. While I knew her brother was struggling with PTSD, I had no idea of the intensity. I wanted to be there for Brandi and her family but wasn’t sure what to do. Prayers, support and friendship were all I was sure I could give. I felt helpless on what to do to take some of her pain away. She had been dealing with so much, and I knew she was hurting. Brandi is a strong and amazing woman. She takes care of everyone, and I just wanted to at least try to take care of her.

When Leeanne called me for lunch, I suspected it was to apologize. After lashing out at Marie’s party, I thought she would likely beat herself up about it when she calmed down and had some time to think about it. This seems to be a pattern for her. She acts out, apologizes, blames her past for her behavior, and then repeats the pattern when she gets upset again. The apology was offered a week after the incident. I had honestly dealt with it, forgave the behavior and moved on. I do appreciate her taking responsibility and apologizing. On the drive to meet her, I received a call that my sweet Aunt Shirley passed away. I met LeeAnne with a very heavy heart trying to process the loss of someone I loved and take in all LeeAnne was saying. At lunch she did apologize. As usual, she talked, and I listened. My hope for LeeAnne is that someday she will understand that friendships and bonds are made with conversations where both people may talk without fear of setting her off.

I loved attending Tiffany’s charity event. I adore Aaron and hope the dream of a successful music career in Dallas becomes a reality. He selflessly gave up a lot to come to Dallas. My prayer is that the people of Dallas will take the time to see and hear the amazing musician. If they do, they will love him. I was so touched when Aaron provided the encouraging words and song dedication to Brandi’s brother. Sharing this emotional moment was surreal and helped us all stop for that moment and put life into perspective. I appreciate Aaron’s thoughtful and kind gesture.

I had never heard of Heidi Dillon until I met her at Tiffany’s event. I thought a dress-up party could be fun so was open to attending. When I arrived at her house, I noticed a strange and divided atmosphere. After Cary arrived, it seemed like she was the target of the twisted fun for the evening. I couldn’t understand why. As an invited guest, it didn’t make sense for her to be targeted. It was as if the judge and jury had made their ruling before she arrived and everyone was “supposed” to know and understand that it was “Crucify Cary Day.” It was confusing and sad. I realized that we made a mistake by attending. I wanted to excuse myself and go home to my family shortly after arriving.”

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