Stephanie Hollman Reveals Her True Feelings About LeeAnne Locken


Stephanie Hollman is opening up about her experience on the Real Housewives of Dallas in a new interview with RealityTea. Hollman is dishing on her friendships, the drama, her cast mates and how being on the show has changed her life. See what she had to say!

When asked who was the most genuine person out of her cast mates, of course Stephanie said her BFF, Brandi Redmond. “I talked to her this morning and told her, ‘You just let it all hang out!’ She doesn’t hold back. She’s let people into parts of her life that aren’t so pretty, which is hard because you can get a lot of criticism. It takes a really strong, vulnerable person to do that.”

She continued, I think Americans, we relate to people who are struggling. Especially on these shows where you are married with kids and having problems in your marriage, like all of us do, or our kids going crazy. Marriage is hard, and having children is just an added element. Travis and I have to work on our marriage because life can just become about getting stuff done, and children, and work. I mean, my kids throw tantrums. My life’s not perfect. I think we, as women, need to give ourselves permission to not have a ‘perfect’ life. We’re too hard on ourselves.”

Stephanie says the show has made her friendship with Brandi even stronger. “But between Brandi and I, it’s brought us closer together because we are the only ones that understand what each other are going through. I think we hold on to each other a little tighter now. We’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders too. I want good things for her. There’s no competitiveness with us. We’re both happy for each other’s successes, and we’re equally there for each other when we’re struggling.”

How does Stephanie reconcile real life with still needing to bring drama to the show? “It’s kind of sad. I get criticized all the time for not having a backbone, but I’m like, how does being nice and caring about other people’s feelings a bad thing? I have to remember that my children may look at this when they’re older one day. Maybe I’m not perfect, but I want them to see that at least I tried to do the right thing.”

What might viewers be surprised to learn about Stephanie? “With the show’s emphasis on charity, I wish they would have let me highlight my background in social work. I was in social services for 6 years before I met my husband, and I wish I could’ve talked about that so people don’t just think I hang out all the time talking about pooping and farting!”

Hollman adds, “They [the show] made it about charity, but didn’t really make it about the important things in life. They made it about charity in a negative sense too, with one woman telling everyone else how she thinks the charity world works. A lot of us are in the charity world, but we’re just not as vocal about it because when you make it about yourself, you’re defeating the reason why people do the work.”

So is Stephanie talking about LeeAnne Locken’s constant focus on charity? Yes. “I think her comments gave organizations and people who do the work a bad name. It made it look like charity was this exclusive world, but it’s work that anyone can be involved in.”

She continues, “I worked for Head Start, and at night worked at the Madonna House, a shelter for pregnant homeless women. A lot of them were domestic violence victims, which was why they were homeless. We helped them get back on their feet through their pregnancy, get away from their partner if needed. It was good. Really good. And I wish they [the show] would have focused more on things like that if they were going to go the ‘charity’ route.”

What is Hollman’s opinion of how Bravo edits the footage versus what really happened? “I was a little surprised because sometimes they minimized things that happened. I do bring that up in the reunion. At one point when I was yelled at [by LeeAnne], they kind of took away what had happened in the beginning. Sometimes they make edits to make the storyline better, but it can get kind of hurtful when you’ve lived it.”

“I told our producer I’m very grateful that the show portrayed me for who I am, but I never really liked the idea of RHOD going so heavy on charity work because I really feel like it’s such a personal thing,” she says. “If we do a season 2, I hope they cut back on that. We are not the voice of ‘Dallas Charity,’ nor should we be.”

What’s the current status of Stephanie’s relationship with LeeAnne? “I think you will see at the reunion especially that there are some boundaries. And filming with LeeAnne, I saw her as somebody that was very scary to me. I didn’t trust her, and I don’t get into relationships with friends unless I feel like it’s a safe, healthy place for me to be. I’m not still completely there with her.”

“At first I thought I would hurt LeeAnne if I said what I wanted because she seemed like such a lost, hurt, emotionally unstable person,” she continued. “Then I realized that if I didn’t set boundaries up, she would take advantage of me. With LeeAnne, I noticed there is definitely a pattern. She gets upset, then lashes out, screams and makes a big scene, then becomes apologetic. But then she puts the blame on her past. It’s like a circle that keeps going and going. And it’s no way to live.”

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4 Replies to “Stephanie Hollman Reveals Her True Feelings About LeeAnne Locken”

  1. When one brags about doing charitable acts, it can certainly tend to negate the point. I must agree with Stephanie on that.

  2. I 1000% agree with you Stephanie. On every point. I didn’t care for the whole charity route. It seemed to me to put a negative light on the good yall are doing. Also the way Lee Anne behaves is typical of an abusive person. Seen it first hand exactly that way. Those people can still be good people but hurt them in any way and there you have tonight’s episode. Blameshifting at its finest. I really love you on the show. Don’t ever change. You are a true southern lady. Hugs from one Texas girl to another.

  3. I think Leeann is a complete nut job. She gets that crazy look in her eyes and screams at someone in every episode.

  4. Love Stephanie, she is my favorite on Dallas. I also really like Cary & Brandi. I hope this show comes back next season.

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