Stephanie Hollman Reveals Why She Started to Trust LeeAnne More


Stephanie Hollman is sharing why she started to trust LeeAnne Locken in her blog this week. She also dishes on the birthday party she threw for her husband Travis and why she decided to jump out of his birthday cake!

“Every year I plan an over the top party for Travis. He loves celebrating his birthday and always wants a big party or dinner to celebrate the magical day of his birth. I love a good party, but it is hard to plan an over the top celebration every year. I stress out thinking about ways to make Travis feel loved and special on his favorite day. Brandi and Brian are a big part of all of our lives and I bounce ideas off of her. Brandi’s sense of humor is hysterical to me. When she made the joke about a gift from the grave, I knew she wasn’t serious. She was joking and acting goofy to lighten the mood. That’s Brandi.”

Stephanie also shared her thoughts about hearing LeeAnne speak. She believes that public speaking is definitely LeeAnne’s gift.

“It was very sweet of LeeAnne to invite me to hear her speak. I know her dream is to do speaking engagements and write a book. I love watching people live their passion and thought this would give me the opportunity to see LeeAnne in a different light. She is a very good speaker. The women at the event were so receptive to her words. I saw a real side of LeeAnne that was kind and giving. I was very happy for her and the women at the event. I pray that LeeAnnes motivational speaker dreams work out. I believe that public speaking is her gift.”

Next, Hollman discusses Travis’ birthday party and how she wanted to give him a sexy surprise.

“The day of the party I was excited and nervous. It’s important to me that people feel welcome and have a good time when I host a party. I wanted Travis to feel special and wanted the girls to have a good time. I especially looked forward to a drama free evening. WhenCary said that Brandi and I fell for LeeAnne hook, line and sinker, I was not upset. I have mixed emotions over LeeAnne. Cary was hurt by being treated poorly at the Goth party. She was protecting herself, Brandi and I. I agree with Cary in that friendship and trust are earned. I was starting to reconsider trusting LeeAnne, but Cary was in a different place.

Travis joked about me popping out of a cake for his birthday many times. He knows that is way out of my comfort zone and I’m sure that is why he teased me so much. We have been married seven years, have two children together and my body is definitely not what it once was. But since he backed off and trusted me to do all of the planning, I thought I could do the unexpected and at least jump out of a cake for him privately in our home. He was pleasantly surprised!”

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  1. This self centered, ultra controlling, egotist is a royal pain in the ass. There is no amount of money anyone could pay me to be married to this macho maniac.

  2. Travis seems very scary to me. Controlling, disrespectful, self-absorbed creep. What was this woman thinking?!

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