Stephanie Hollman On Her Regrets About Text-Gate

Stephanie Hollman is sharing her thoughts about text-gate in her blog this week. Hollman says she regrets that she didn’t go into further detail in her text to Brandi, but insists that she doesn’t regret sending it. Steph also admires Cary Deuber for having lunch with Brandi Redmond to clear the air.

“We jumped into this week’s episode by introducing my incredibly gifted life coach, Lori Dixon. I have never been a stranger to sharing my thoughts on therapy or self-help. I believe that communication is one of, if not the most, important aspects of a relationship! I was very vocal about the therapy that Travis and I attended during the filming of season one and I wrote a blog post titled “My Journey To Finding Me” on my website about my experience at Hoffman Institute, so I felt it was only fitting that I share some of the soul searching and coaching that I do with Lori. If there is something that I did wrong, I want to address that and fix it. I have never claimed to be a perfect person or friend, but I am trying to be the best me that I can be!

I have been pressing Travis to start house hunting with me for a while now! We frequently buy and sell investment properties, but I wanted to make this one my challenge! Travis is great at seeing the potential profit in a property, but am all about the functionality for our family…and how many pairs of shoes I can fit in the closet! Don’t get me wrong, the house is insanely cool… if you’re a billionaire bachelor looking for a giant indoor display case to keep your exotic sea life! I am seeing this house through my “mom eyes” and nothing about it seemed practical! I want my boys to be able to live in their home and have a place to throw their toys, not worry about some crazy expensive wallpaper getting messed up.

I am not going to let Travis pressure me into living in a home that is not suitable for our family! This is going to be a group decision, and if we can’t come to an agreement, we are going to call this one another investment property. I am standing my ground on this – I am mama bear, hear me roar!

I applaud Cary for meeting with Brandi at lunch to clear up this text message situation, and I think she explained the issue very well in her confessional this episode. I spoke to Cary, deducted a conclusion from that conversation, and sent a message to Brandi! Do I regret sending the text to Brandi? No! Even though we were not talking at the time, I still consider her my best friend and I have her best interests at heart! I do not want to see her get hurt, so when I watch her get closer to someone that I very clearly do not trust, I get concerned. What I do regret doing is not going into further detail in that message. When Cary approached me at the fashion show, I was very honest in saying that I did text Brandi, but again, I did not do it with ill intentions. Cary has been an incredible friend to me and I did not by any means want to get her tangled in our mess, and for that I am sorry!

I was excited/a nervous wreck to go to the dog park for the Howl-o-ween dog contest! After Mark’s party, I was unsure as to how this interaction would go, but I remained hopeful. Brandi and I had been approached months prior about judging this contest, so of course, I was not going to back out! Cruz is my little animal lover, so he had the best time picking out Biscuits outfit for the day and was very proud to tote around his fluffy little R2D2.

I left that event with some hope in my heart! I am thankful that Brandi agreed to talk with me and I pray that when we meet next it will just be her and I so we can finally find some resolution!”

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