Status of Lisa Vanderpump’s New Bar With the Tom’s

During this weeks episode of Vanderpump Rules we not only got to see Tom Schwartz’s wedding but also Lisa Vanderpump looking to open up a new restaurant.

Despite a previous failed attempt, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz were asked by Lisa Vanderpump if they wanted to open up a new bar with her as part owners and name it Tom Tom.

“I mean it’s so up-in-the-air, but at first I was just like ‘Oh my god, I can’t do this. I don’t want to tarnish your reputation that you spent 30 years building.’ Plus, also, in that moment I was emotionally fried,” Tom told the Dish. “I just couldn’t even process what she was proposing to me. There was so much going on in that moment, I could not process it, but I’m excited about. And we’ll see what happens.”

The offer happened back at Tom Schwartz wedding which was in August, the three of them haven’t finalized anything yet. “We’ve looked at a spot near PUMP, and we’ve had some creative conversations. But we’ve only talked about it one time since then,” he said. “Stay tuned, but I’m excited about it, and any opportunity to work with Lisa or Ken [Todd], I really look up to them. They’ve had so much success.”

You can sure count on Katie Maloney-Schwartz to be excited about the opportunity for her husband. “It’s like a massive compliment for them to approach you and be like, ‘We want to do business with you,'” she reminded her husband, before teasing, “I’m over here like, ‘Remember me?'”

What do you think about their possible new bar? Comment below.

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6 Replies to “Status of Lisa Vanderpump’s New Bar With the Tom’s”

  1. Schwartz is such a sweetie but a flake so….If he takes it seriously it could change the dynamic of his marriage if Katie no longer supported him she might be nicer.

  2. This offer was back in August and was only mentioned one time since? Maybe LVP came to her senses after that rose wore off at the wedding.
    Yes, I know she discussed this with Ken on camera, but was it a real offer, or did she just like the name and the appeal of the VPR stars to pull in the customers.
    I think it was nice of her, but from what I have seen of both Toms, neither is very bright, but they are both nice. Schwartzy is the most likeable and friendly and with some mentoring perhaps, he could be good at greeting the customers, however, I don’t think either time is bright enough to run a business, which is why Lisa and Ken will most likely hire someone else to do that…a silent partner maybe?

    I remember when Tom Sand. went to Lisa when he wanted to be a part of her new business and help her sell her sangria, and he could barely get a sentence out. When he was memorizing one line for that small part they showed to us, he had to have many takes just to get it right. He may be able to memorize drinks, but it is almost like a savant…maybe just one talent, oh, and he is great at hair and makeup and would make a great drag queen, yes.

    Maybe the offer was just to be nice…or Lisa did rethink this and realize it may not be the best idea. I think Schwartzy would end up letting Katie run the business. He just seems like a nice mama’s boy who really would rather just smile and be a part time model while it lasts and let her make the money. Even Katie said she could not be a pregnant waitress, so she is the major breadwinner there…until they blow it all on flowers or something else.

  3. I like Schwartz but this is a bad idea, the baggage Tom has meaning Katie. Katie is like a package deal she comes the other two bitchy witches. I think Katie is going two take it one of two two ways, she will be jealous of the partnership or I’m married to you it makes it half mine with her trying to run things with the two mouth pieces behind her. Why Lisa has such a blind spot with Katie, I just don’t get it.

  4. I genuinely enjoy watching both of the Toms. Aside from bartending (& whatever it is that Schwartz does for a living) wth do either one of them know about Management?
    I wonder if Lisa is you,g to make them take a Course in Restaurant Management or if the Toms are the Faces of the Bar? This would make sense.
    Sounds like a Spin Off!?

  5. Tom and Tom would be good workers at the bar, but should not even go near the aspect of running one….they have no backbone….Lisa has all the balls….she learned from Ken how to manage people…which means being the bad guy most of the time…..Tom and Tom couldnt hurt a fly.

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