Stassi Schroeder Speaks On Her Vanderpump Season 4 Apperance


Long time Vanderpump Rules cast member Stassi Schroeder, who didn’t come back as a full-time cast member for season 4, will make a shocking return at some point during the season. At the season 4 premiere party Stassi gave her opinion about her return to the show.

“S***’s gonna f*** your brain up,” she told Bravo. Interesting wordage to use, but what do you really expect? Whenever there has been drama on the show in previous seasons, usually you can find a trail to Stassi.

Good or bad I know we are excited about her return, what do you think? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


13 Replies to “Stassi Schroeder Speaks On Her Vanderpump Season 4 Apperance”

    1. I knew you would say that! She is not quite a character I even love to hate, but you can count on her for shock value and drama. You never know what bizarre comment will come out of her mouth. I wonder what Jax thinks. Actually I don’t! He deserves someone like Stassi…or maybe no one at all. He is like a walking time bomb, sure to blow it all with his risk taking. 😮

      1. Jake you have been smoking something? Stassi brings nothing to the show at all. Tell us how you feel that she is the show because what we like about the show has nothing to do with Stassi.

  1. Im sorry who was it that said they were excited for her return. SOmeone please tell me what Stassi has ever brought to the show. She is a stuck up little girl who doesn’t have any friends but she needs followers to make herself feel good about herself. I have watched all 3 seasons over again and there is NOTHING on that show in which Stassi makes exciting. She is a bore. No personality, no game, no charm and no tv presence at all. Stay home Stassi no one cares.

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