Did Stassi Schroeder Quit Vanderpump Rules?


During the season 2 reunion of Vanderpump Rules it was revealed that Stassi Schroeder has quit her job at SUR, has a new boyfriend named Patrick, and is now living in New York City. This has had viewers wondering if Stassi will return to season 3 of Pump Rules or if she has quit the show too.

A viewer called in to ask Stassi what is next for her since she quit her job as a server. Andy bluntly asks, “Everyone wants to know if there’s another season would you come back?”

Stassi responded, “Well, I’ve moved to New York. I’ve been blogging for other sites and now I’ve been developing my own, so I’m really excited about that. And I’ve been working with different accessory and jewelry brands with styling, and that’s where I’m at. I’m not going to go waitress again. I’m kind of just doing me and doing what makes me happy.”

Andy adds, “Well I hope they… I hope we can figure out a way to see you back there somehow.”

Watch her response below.

Do you want to see Stassi return to Vanderpump Rules?

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10 Replies to “Did Stassi Schroeder Quit Vanderpump Rules?”

  1. Hopefully moving out on her own will help this mean, self centered brat to grow up. Of course for Andy it’s Travis loss. He loves chaos and confusion because it means big bucks.

  2. Not really…. it gets old fast when someone is always about themselves. Stassi was an instigator in most of the drama but yet….. she doesn’t seem to think so. Good bye and good luck…

  3. I watched this “reality” (cough, cough) show only once. Sluts, douchebags and all are overly entitled, who have no class and respect.

  4. Heck no! Move on spoiled Stassi. You are such a brat and I’m sick of seeing you on my TV screen. You were the only part of Vanderpump Rules that I hated!

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