Should Stassi Schroeder and Peter Madrigal Get Back Together?

During this this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules we saw for a moment Stassi Schroeder and Peter Madrigal rekindle and old flame that once was.

It happened during a game of spin the bottle, and then again at the end of the party while everyone encouraged them to kiss again, while they were in New Orleans celebrating the bachelor and bachelorette party of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz.

That kiss still weirds Kristen Doute out. “And it was really awkward. I try to go back in my brain to remember when they dated, which is so odd to think about and all those flashback photos, but they just shouldn’t kiss ever again. It made me physically uncomfortable,” Kristen told The Daily Dish.

“Kissing Stassi again was weird,” Peter said during the episode, adding his and Stassi’s relationship was like “oil and water”.

What you want to see Stassi and Peter back together? Comment below.

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6 Replies to “Should Stassi Schroeder and Peter Madrigal Get Back Together?”

  1. Run Peter Run!!!! you are such a nice guy but Stassi is a VIPER she will just ruin your life. Stay AWAY from her she is poison.

  2. Hopefully, Peter has enough common sense not to get his heart broken again….at this point Stassi seems to want sugar daddy….she is probably jelly of LaLa that’s why there was so much hating on her

  3. No way. Peter seems like a nice guy…more than most. Stassi needs a different kind of guy. She cannot be with someone she can control either. Maybe her little brother can pick one out for her. He seems to have more insight into his sister and her needs than she does.

  4. Oh Peter, please run as far away from this woman as you can get. You see right through her antics and her silly games that she plays. Please do not get involved with her again. You can do so much better and deserve so much more.

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