Stassi Schroeder On Patrick Meagher Break-Up

When Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder announced that her and boyfriend Patrick Meagher were getting back together months ago, we thought it was going to last this time. Then, they broke up on their four year anniversary. Now, Stassi is commenting on her former relationship.

Stassi said on her podcast Straight Up with Stassi, “We got into an argument on our anniversary — that he did not remember — our four-year anniversary. Granted, OK, we broke up for a really long time, but I mean, our four-year anniversary, we met four years ago on that day,” Stassi recalled. “Nothing new happened to where I would be broken up and jilted a day before our Mexican vacation for our anniversary that I only remembered. Cool.”

Stassi was upset that Patrick didn’t care about their anniversary enough to remember it. “I mean, when I reminded him of our anniversary, I just got, ‘Aw, that’s sweet.’ I didn’t even get a f*cking daisy, not even a weed, nothing,” she said. “What did I get? Broken up with and told that he’s not coming on our Mexican vacation that I already prepaid for. So that’s fun. So that’s cool. That’s really cool.”

Stassi added, “I gave him time. I said, ‘I’m gonna give you a few hours. I know you don’t mean this. I know you’re gonna regret this.”

Patrick didn’t end up changing his mind in the end. “So I start going crazy, like mindlessly sobbing, taking mad amounts of Xanax to calm down,” Stassi said. “And I’m like, ‘Rachael, I need ya girl.'”

Stassi then decided to bring her friend Rachel O’Brien to go on the vacation Stassi originally planned to go on with Patrick.

“So we get on the flight. Rachael is sitting next to me,” Stassi said. “Keep looking over every 2 seconds before she fell asleep, being like, ‘Yep, this should be Patrick, should be my romantic f*cking flight. We should be cuddling and making out.'”


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Stassi admitted that she misses Patrick “every f*cking minute. I legit thought that if I was gonna get married in my life that Patrick would be it,” she shared. “I thought the second time around would be different, and I was jilted.”

Stassi finished saying, “I’m really sad. I’m really f*cking sad.”

“And I think that’s what makes it harder to say if we’d be able to ever reconcile again is because how many more f*cking times can I do that? The one thing that I do deserve is consistency.”


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