How Did Stassi Schroeder Forgive Kristen Doute?


Vanderpump Rules stars Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute have officially moved on from their feud and back to being best friends, and Kristen is revealing that it wasn’t easy winning her BFF back.

“You mean, how did Stassi forgive me?! [Laughs.] I gave Stassi the space that she needed. It took us about a year and a half to even start talking again, and little-by-little I started reaching out,” she told AOL.

“It made me nervous, but I was willing to accept a rejection if that’s the way she wanted to go with it. I didn’t want to go with her thinking that I didn’t care enough to try. It definitely took some time, and we started talking little-by- little a couple of years ago, eventually when she was able to really get over Jax and not care about him anymore and become self-aware in her own place, she was able to then forgive me,” Doute explained. “It took time to rebuild that trust, and I tried really hard to prove to her that I was a changed person that she could trust. I’m really grateful that it worked out.”

Kristen says it was a huge “wakeup” seeing herself on television and losing her friends before she changed her past behavior.

“Obviously, during past seasons, people have seen their fair share of meltdowns that I’ve had, but I think that everything happens for a reason. I’m not proud of all of the decisions that I’ve made, but I think that it really was for the benefit of all of us when I lost a lot of my friends a couple of years ago, because it put me in a rock bottom place,” she said. “I had to take a hard look at myself and become more self-aware. With that, I was able to make healthier changes for myself, which has resulted in getting these friendships back.”

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12 Replies to “How Did Stassi Schroeder Forgive Kristen Doute?”

    1. LOl..I was thinking the same thing. The reason Stassi “forgave” Kristen was to get back on the show after she burned all bridges with everyone else. Let’s call a spade a spade!!!

  1. I am amazed both of them are still on the show…… I’m sort of grossed out with the cast this year…. especially Jax – he is a pig of all pigs – hard to look at him.

    1. What that pig is doing to his sweet southern gf is nothing short of slander too. He’s gaslighting the poor thing I believe cause he wants out of the relationship already. I really believe that. He’s a tool. A sick socio who needs to be taken out by his own method; lying. The kids should come up with some good scheme and shame the heck out of him like he does to others & see how it feels. He & Danielle Staub would be a perfect match made in hell. They deserve each other.

      1. I totally agree! So immature and passive aggressive. Guy, you’re a blink away from 40, grow some balls, man up and just break up with your poor sweet girlfriend, whom you never EVER deserved. The girl was moving her entire life across the country and he was trying to get in LaLa’s pants, if you remember. And how creepy is it that he thinks rekindling some sort of friendship with Stassi is by feeding her gossip, like an old wash woman, is normal? As repugnant as Stassi is at times, I do find her amusing, what the hell would she want a friendship with that tool after everything he did to her? And no one ever holds him accountable. It’s really annoying. I hope Brittany stands up to him and peaces out.

  2. I like Stassi. I think she got more crap than she deserved for the break up of her and Katie. Both of the people in the relationship are responsible for it. If Katie wasn’t a follower, Stassi would never have been able to be the stronger one in the partnership. Katie would have made those boundaries clear from the beginning. Not waited until the terms of the friendship were so many years old. Some people are simply strong, and some are not. Katie is strong when she drinks too much, then she gets cruel. Stassi is who she is all the time. She learned and grew, and was sincere in her apology for what happened between them. But I bet Katie never apologized for her part in it. She is not self aware enough to see her own faults. And she is damn well old enough to have gotten there in her life. She seems to expect in others what she is not willing, or able, to give. I’ll take a person like Stassi any day over someone like Katie. You know what you’r getting with Stassi, even the flaws.

  3. I like these girls 🙂 I think they are a hot mess but they are figuring it out, trying to do better and move forward . The fact that they even made up is incredibly mature. I have a sick soft spot for Kristen. Something in me wants to mother you AND spank her lol.

    The ones I can’t stand are LaLa, James the disgusting grandpa Jax!!! I really wanted to like LaLa but I couldn’t
    I used to like Ariana but since she became his girlfriend she’s such a sourpuss.
    Still enjoy this show way more than OC. 🙂

      1. Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yes you are correct ! I really missed it the first one time I boycotted but I’m totally over it now. Just not with the trouble 🙂 xoxoxo

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