Stassi Schroeder On Her Conversation With Lisa Vanderpump


Stassi Schroeder is dishing on what it’s like to watch herself being back on Vanderpump Rules in a  new interview with Bravo’s the Daily Dish. Stassi opens up about her conversation with Lisa Vanderpump and reveals where they stand today and shares what it was like trying to rehash things from the past in order to repair her old friendships.

What did you think when you saw your first episode back?

Stassi Schroeder: It’s so weird to watch because things are so different from what they used to be. But I enjoyed watching it and I’m happy with the way everything’s turning out. I feel like we’re all at really good places individually in our lives and it’s been really nice.

Obviously you and Lisa have had a very interesting relationship over the years. Where do you stand now, and what was it like when you finally got to sit down?

That was one of the hardest things, actually. Lisa, she has a way with words and she definitely knows how to put someone into their place. That was really hard. Not my favorite day. Wouldn’t want to do that again.

Where are you now? Are you able to talk?

I actually don’t know. I haven’t seen her, so you’re guess is as good as mine.

Would you want to be closer with her?

I just don’t want to have any issues with anyone, even Lisa. I just want everything to be easy, and whatever kind of relationship she wants or doesn’t want, it’s fine. But I just want things to be easy.

This season the show’s been a little different. We’ve had a few new SURvers [Lala and James], it feels like the dynamics are a little bit different within the group. What was it like for you to come into it after being away and experiencing that?

It was definitely weird to witness how the dynamics have shifted. That was very strange. [After being gone for some long], it was just like a 180. But that’s what happens with our group. I feel like every year dynamics shift and change, so you just gotta roll with it.

Talk about who you were then and who you are now. Do you feel like you’ve changed?

It’s weird because all of us had to watch the Season 1 reunion recently and it was so crazy to see how much we’ve all changed. I just feel like I really needed to take — as much as I regret the way I handled everything last summer, I really needed that 10 month break where I didn’t think I was ever going to be a part of this again for me to kind of learn a little more about myself. And I really did learn that I have a bad habit of cutting people out when I feel like I’m wronged. And that’s something that I really try — actively try — and not do now. I also learned when you’re holding on to the pain or the anger, it only makes it worse for yourself. I’m so much happier now that I can let things go.

Is that why you and Kristen were able to sit down and hash things out?

I didn’t speak to her for a year and then after a year of not talking, she reached out to me. And [then] I would maybe text her back, and then it turned into a phone call, and then it turned into, “Do you want to get a drink?” It was a very slow thing. I’ve always said that Kristen isn’t a mean person and Kristen would never do anything to intentionally hurt me. [She’s] just a little self-destructive and crazy and makes bad decisions. And so knowing that about her makes it very easy to forgive anything else.

What did it feel like for you to sit down and rehash some of the things that have gone on in the past? Do you see a future with these people that you’ve spent so many years with?

Well, it was a really hard summer. Sitting down with a lot of them was really hard because I made the decision going in that I was just going to let everybody get out what they needed to get out and say whatever they needed to say to me. I was willing to take some beatings, so that was really difficult. But sometimes I feel like even when you feel like you’re wronged, you kind of just have to let it go and let people feel and say what they want to.

Who surprised you the most during those conversations?

Tom Schwartz. Well, you’ll see [why], but it just wasn’t what I expected. I went in there thinking it was gonna be one thing, and it ended up being another.

You’ve had the chance to meet Brittany, Jax’s new lady. What are your thoughts on her?

I think she’s adorable. I really like her a lot. I think after watching her on TV, she handles herself with so much grace. She’s like a true Southern girl. When somebody’s saying something to her that might be rude, whereas I would probably say something snarky right back, she just has this genuine smile and nods and goes on with what she’s doing. And it’s not a fake smile, it’s seriously how Southern girls are raised — except, I don’t know why I wasn’t like that. I missed that one.

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Stassi said Kristen would never do anything to hurt her personally…. Stassi your losing your mind… Kristen slept with your ex boyfriend at a very difficult time for you ( two times) and lied to your face. Kristen is a loose cannon and also a kamakazee pilot flying right into a brick wall. Boy how things change when you need money.

Now we know how low Stassi will stoop for cash….she would even eat humble pie from those whom she treated so crappy.

I think it’s less about the cash than the fame of being on TV and having people know her name.

Crocodile years and fake apologies lol! Oh Stassi, how low you’ve sunk

Yes. It appears tha way. She wants back on VPR any way she can get there.

Good lesson for her to never burn ALL your bridges! What a bizarre twist that she’s now staying with Kristen because she has nowhere to go

Even though Kristen is no longer a Surver, she is still on the show…and Stassi wants her face on more episodes. Kiving with Kristin at her nice Hollywood apartment is smart…if they don’t end up killing each other. Stassi is still being paid to appear too….though they both don’t have what they used to have before they made the stupid mistakes that had them out of Surving.
When Stasiis said….or “…maybe I am the crazy one…” or something like that, I said out loud, Yes, you are!

I bet you at the reunion, Stassi will once again say that she’s done with the show and will never ever ever appear on it again lol

We shall see. I think Stassi and Kristin are unpredictable. That is what makes them watchable, though I don’t love either of them. I did miss all of Stassi’s eerie comments though, I know her mind seemed quite sick as she said them. She says some crazy stuff…hope she won’t follow through with any of her threats though.

Isn’t it? I am pleased about it myself. Kristen needs to take a little more time and really apologize to Adriana. That half assed one at SUR where she wouldn’t then even allow Adriana to respond was rather minimal compared to the hundred times she made the dig about them sleeping together before her and Tom broke. Especially when she had several affairs during that relationship. And she did and said some creepy stuff and caused some damage during her little obsessive rant. She ruined the bachelorette party for Ariana without hesitation and at work caused a lot of problems.… Read more »
She didn’t have to work very hard to get there though. Bravo always wanted her to stay. I understand her saying she wouldn’t go back. I say definitive things occasionally simply as a defense mechanism. Then when I definitely do the opposite, I hope I can be as up front as she was about it. In the entire scheme of things with that group, she has actually admitted she cuts friends out of her life, realizes she can do that and is actively trying to be better. As I often think, what character flaws can we grow out of and… Read more »

Well, it only showed how low both her and Vanderpump have sunk.
Lisa said she’d never have Stassi back on the show, and Stassi waltzed back in no problem, lol.

They had to shoot this reconciliation for the storyline of the show, they couldn’t have the two together and not bridge that gap.

I don’t wish her ill will….. but I wasn’t happy to see that she was back on the show. I find her nasty, spoiled and annoying…. not how I want to spend my tv viewing time.

I am so glad Stassi is back in any capacity. First I have to say that Lisa was her usual unforgiving self. What Stassi did wasn’t that bad. She reacted poorly to a bad situation. She didn’t whore around, like Jaxx. She has always held a hard line in what she thinks is acceptable in relationships with men. When the last season ended and she was trying to explain to Lisa what she was feeling, Lisa wasn’t listening, she kept saying “you can’t just dump ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!!!” When was anyone accept Katie and Shwartz a friend to her?… Read more »

I couldnt agree more!

Oh I’m sure they will all forgive her in a few episodes , unless of course she puts her foot in her mouth again lol , she’s really her own worst enemy

Mornin’ Rain!!

Howdiei 3D 🙂

So basically every thing stassi/stupid ever said – she is now back tracking for a JOB/ $$$$ and faux fame. She was vile to Lisa even after Lisa helped her with the stupid M-video crap, stassi went around burning bridges and talking smack cause she was all grown up with a boyfriend (patrick), who tired of her BS and dumped her arse. Love to see stupid people like trashy stassi groveling—it’s a good look on her. I hope Lisa hires her back to wash the dishes or take out the trash–that would be karma…. BTW—what is up with stassi’s &… Read more »

Absolutely let us have hateful and crude be the word of the day. Stassi did some shit, yes. Lisa did some too. But Stassi, who is younger by a generation than Lisa is owning up to it and offering to pay the money back. She thanked Lisa and naturally Lisa has to throw it back in her face. I thought Lisa was gracious, I used to think she was. But now, not so much. I am so, so glad I live in my world.

She’s young and learning ! She had to learn the hard way but I think she’ll remember those lessons. She’s a smart girl

Lisa “I don’t hold a grudge” Vanderpump’s first words were to remind Stassi she called Vanderpump an old women and her last sentence was to remind her again – Lisa holds onto a drudge with a death grip. I can understand Stassi turning on Lisa, having someone like that trying to be that controlling would be exhausting. Loved this episode though, it was so much better with Stassi back and with as little James and Lala as possible. I was a little disappointing to see Stassi forfeit to Lisa so much, she stuck up for herself a bit but could… Read more »

You said it yourself , Stassi needs the money and to be back on the show, she had to kiss the ring. Future scenes show her and LaLa getting friendly, that would be a WRONG move on her part lol . But OMG, Scheana is driving shay to rehab, single handedly

I see something in Lala beyond her persona when she is interacting with James, GAG. I never understood how that little twit got on the show, got Kristen as a GF, etc., till I realized he is Max’s friend. He would never make the cast without that relationship. Him and Jaxx belong in the same theorem.

But I don’t feel Stassis apology was genuine, it was strictly ‘survival’ IMO. Stassi is like a little LVP, she only apologizes and admits wrong, if she is getting something bigger and better in return

Yeah I agree they are very similar. I don’t think the apology was genuine either. This interview gave the impression this was the last time they saw eachother, so hopefully we won’t see them interacting anymore. There is no need for them to interact, this show is about the younger cast, Lisa is like a regular guest star who pops up to scold them or give them a gift. I don’t think many people care about seeing Lisa and Stassi interacting, I’m way more interested in seeing her interact with Katie and Jax.

I know Stassi is your darling lol, but what really bothered me the most on that episode is when she was taking digs at Kirsten on her talking points. Kirsten is offering her a place to stay and is her ONLY friend at this point, so why the cattiness? Yes I know Kirsten slept with JAX etc etc, but Stassi decided she forgave her and ready to move on!! I just think it’s very mean spirited accept help from s friend (staying in their house even) then turn around and bite them ! So she hasn’t really changed at all… Read more »

Yeah I didn’t see the comments as mean, I saw them as poking fun at the whole situation rather than being mean spirited. Those kind of comments reminded me of how Lisa used to be, where she could say mean things but they were in a joking way and they weren’t said with as much venom as she speaks now, which is exactly how me and my friends would talk about something, it’s easier to make jokes of it rather then never mention it again.

I think the reason she did that was because of Kristen’s huge lie at the bar that she “Not a minute (or day?)” in my life have I been a cheater.” Kristen had her share of talking points also. Sometimes I wonder if they simply have less of a filter when stating how they honestly feel about things. I wasn’t insulted by any of the remarks from them. We shall see. It is a lesson, for me, in a huge group of young people living in “Hollywood.” None of my friends at that age were going to bars and trying… Read more »
Do you EVER get bored of constantly posting negative comments about Lisa Vanderpump? And worse, at the expense of giving her the slightest bit of credit ON OCCASION? I mean, I couldn’t stand Brandi, but I was willing to say nice things about it when they were warranted. What about Lisa paying off the man to make the sex tape go away? Not a comment about that being a nice thing to do? Especially given that she never discussed it publicly until STASSI brought it up on the episode, so it can in no way be said to be for… Read more »
So if I wanna talk about LVP I have to talk about the good stuff? I’ve said lots of good stuff about her, but this season in particular the negative outweighs the bad. I commented here saying it was amazing she paid for the sex tape when it came out last year on those news threads, and I said Stassi was being an asshole and just separating herself from the group because of the tape. I had more positive things to say about LVP paying for the tape before last nights episode, now we fond out she paid in cash… Read more »

Yes that’s true, you have said that and I will testify to that 🙂

lol thanks! I think some people just remember the negative when it suits them.

RHOBHLover, That exact point has also been my problem with particular posters. Never conceding even the smallest point or value to an opposing opinion. It actually reminds me of my Dad, who would dig his heels in until he felt he had ground out the smallest doubt. I find it to be a small and/or very young mind that can not find a way to be gracious. Even in the most brutal of disagreements every single hypothesis need not be ground into the dust. Conceding another’s point of view as having merit falls under the heading of artful conversation, IMO.

I believe Stassi’s apology was sincere. She handled a lot of things badly and lashed out at those who cared for her. Bad girl. But I hope she comes back from it. I think she can and will. The Eternal Optimist.

Stassi will always retain a version of herself. The entitlement gene is imprinted on her psyche. She may be strong enough to maintain the illusion of a new, improved Stassi and repair her former relationships, but I don’t pretend to accept that she will sustain a significant permanent change to her character. We will see. And as an admirer of LVP I am very disappointed in her inequitable stance regarding Stassi since most of the other younger cast members have done as bad or worse things. Holier-than-thou is not an attractive mantle for anyone to carry or display.

I’m definitely curious if Frank was the ex who leaked the sex tape? Has that every been proven?

Yes, Stassi said very quickly that it was Frank. I almost missed it.