Stassi Schroeder Claims James Kennedy’s Mom Robbed a Bank


Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder is spilling some juicy gossip about her co-stars on when she appeared on The Bitch Bible podcast recently.

Stassi and host Jackie Schimmel started chatting about James Kennedy and his mother when Stassi started dishing the dirt on James’ mom. “Well, she robbed a bank! I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this. She robbed a bank and she stole money from Kristen and it was like a huge deal. I don’t want to know too many details because of reasons like this, I have to say them on a podcast. So just don’t tell me. She might be my hero.”

RealityTea recapped the podcast and they explain that Stassi said James’ mom worked at the bank when this allegedly happened and Schroeder said she didn’t know any further details.

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20 Replies to “Stassi Schroeder Claims James Kennedy’s Mom Robbed a Bank”

    1. Of course they do and people will find out but it’s none of Stassis business I guess she had nothing else to say.

      1. I disagree. If you sign up for a reality show and do something like rob a freaking bank WHILE you’re on the show then it’s alllllllllll fair game! I’m pissed I had to find out about via blog, via podcast! Vanderpump Rules is clearly protecting some people while shredding others which gives the show less credibility than it already has.

    2. Okay, not to be mean BUT how do you know who she is if you have no time for people like her? Clearly, you watch the show, Vanderpump Rules, which is full of people like her.

      1. Your comment really was a bit silly! I have no time for people like Stassi who use other people to keep themselves relevant. Same as in the real world rather than reality. I used to watch it not now, I never liked her, to much of a princess from the start! I still stick to it wasn’t her story to tell, obviously there is nothing of interest she had to say about herself. Like Rain Kristen has shot right up in my estimation, she never let this out.
        Surely we can all have differences of opinion without calling each other mean? Have a nice Easter!

      2. Okay I wish I could delete my last comment but I can’t. Duffs if you don’t like my comments just don’t read that will make it much easier for me. I won’t respond to you either. I just don’t have the energy for comments like yours right now.

    3. mean? Since when stating facts is considered mean? You need help. Mean is Vandercunt pushing Jax on Stassi when she didn’t want to see him. Mean is LVC trying to break up Katie & Schwartz when he gave her the ring on a string saying ‘what do you see in him? I’d be gone blablabla”. Mean is LVC saying Kyle is only friend with people when you put your house on the market. Mean is LVC pushing scheana on Brandi when the whore slept with her ex husband. Mean is LVC talking sh*t about a sick woman not putting make up on to go to brunch when it should be celebrated……… AND THERES A LOT MORE

  1. Wow! Well, if you are going to appear on a reality tv show or any kind of tv show, expect all the skeletons in your closet…or the closet of your mother…to be outted!! I don’t blame Stassi for dishing…she makes for good entertainment and that is what she is paid for! James never should have accepted the show if there was anything he or his family were hiding.

  2. Well now I have more respect for Kristen, because she could’ve totally thrown this at James’s smug face at the reunion, but I guess she’s not that low

      1. Me too, kudos Kristen. But I support Stassi’s big mouth as I am disgusted the show would not disclose this but they will pimp out Stassi’s sex tape! All the while, James’ huge, smug and arrogant ego fills the state of California. Oh if I were Stassi I’d open my big mouth too!

  3. Good for Stassi. If her sex tape is fair game for the show then why shouldn’t James ratchet Mama (who has filmed on the show and WWHL) be up for discussion too?

  4. James’ pretty mom is kinda ratchet. The way she went off about how Kristen was the reason he was fired at Pump and would not listen to anytning else. That shows a persons character and irrational way of thinking very clearly. It’s her way or the highway.

  5. There is more to Stassi outing James’s Mom than just being on the show. That little dick gets around and has had some really mean things to say about her. Compared to James, who is the age Stassi was when she started on the show, she is an angel. I like that Stassi has grown and learned, and as always, very much dislike it when girls like Katie allow others to not only be the leader, but admire it, then when something doesn’t go their way the entire relationship was the other persons fault and responsibility. When no parameters are set out for years in a friendship the stronger of the two personalities is allowed to be who they are and go further than they ever would if the person they are pals with stood up for themselves. That dynamic is not possible without BOTH people in it to keep it in motion. If Katie wasn’t such a wuss, she would have told Stassi to back off way back when. That is what is necessary when you have a bond with someone. Admiration certainly doesn’t require obedience, and if Katie had shown her own life and needs to be more valid, Stassi would have backed off. Anyone who doesn’t think that can see how easy it was when Katie finally had the guts to do it.

  6. “…dislike it when girls like Katie allow others to not only be the leader, but admire it, then when something doesn’t go their way the entire relationship was the other persons fault and responsibility…” Really? Maybe Katie was brought up to be nice to others and non-confrontational. She may have had little or no experience in dealing with someone with Stassi’s confidence and strong personality. But she got on-the-job training and after a few years gained some insight and learned how to stand up for herself. I don’t see it as her being enabling as much as persevering in a confusing and uncomfortable situation. To her credit she stayed the nice person she was until finally she’d had enough of Stassi’s arrogant pushiness. Not everyone is hardwired to push back…some have to learn how to step out of their comfort zone and resist/defend against bullies.

    1. I didn’t see the early episodes but this had me scratching my head because Katie seems pretty nasty to her fiancé. Granted, LVP is right that he’s a puzzy, but still, she does not seem submissive at all in that relationship.

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