Stassi Schroeder Admits To Stalking Her Boyfriend


When it comes to finding a cute possible significant other, people go out of their way to check them out on social media and get all of the inside scoop, and even Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroder did just that! We all know when Stassi wants something, she will get it no matter what it takes. We know the story of how she got to meet her beau of over a year Patrick Meagher, but apparently that also includes some stalking? Yes-I said that correctly!

Two years ago, Stassi never actually met her radio-host boyfriend, but was a big fan of his radio show. She had her sights on meeting him-but maybe not in the most traditional way.

She admits to Millennium Magazine, “Yes, I did stalk him. He’s a sportswriter and host for Sirius XM. Before he did a show for Cosmo Radio called ‘Cocktails with Patrick.’ I didn’t have Sirius XM but my friends did. So whenever I would get in their car, I would be like, ‘Turn that show on, turn it on!’ Sometimes I would check if he was single. I would Google him. It got to a point where I was like, ‘This is my soulmate.'”

At one point, a mutual friend tried to get the pair to meet, but at the time Patrick wasn’t interested. “He was like, ‘A 25 year-old blonde reality star that lives in LA? No thank you.’ That is literally what he said.” she shared with the magazine.

Eventually, Stassi took things into her own hands and reached out to her man on Twitter, and over a year later they are happily together. “When I tweeted him a few months later, he was like, ‘Oh thats the girl Taylor was talking about,'” she tells the magazine. “He responded and we texted back and forth for two weeks. Then I was in New York for work and I met up with him and we’ve been together ever since! So, I really did stalk him!”

Photo Credit: Millenium Magazine


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