Who Started The Lesbian Rumors About Kandi Burruss On RHOA?

Part three of the RHOA reunion aired Sunday night and once again, the conversation turned to Porsha Williams’ allegation that Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker had once devised a plan to drug their co-star and former friend and take her home to have their way with her.

Viewers got filled in on some of the background about the drunken night the three shared (during which all parties admit Kandi was stone cold sober)—like the fact that it happened three years ago—Kandi finally asked Porsha point-blank where she got her information from. And that’s when the truth came out… the originator of this rumor was Phaedra Parks.

Judging by next week’s previews, Phaedra has a lot of explaining to do and none of her cast-mates believe her, not even Porsha.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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my southern mother always had an expression..”what goes up must come down..” which is an analogy for “the real person and intent always reveals itself”.. you can only pretend so long and so it is with Fakedra! She just used dum dum Porsha to disguise her ungodly purposes such as unforgiveness, jealousy, malice/spite, and bearing false witness against Kandi (she is the biggest hypocrite)! Makes you wonder about the other allegations made against her being in cahoots w Apollo and Mr. Chocolate and bearing the title of “head doctor”! So disappointing!

Oh no, i forgot about the “Head Doctor” title she had in University, oh my lord LOLOL. There used to be a time when I found Phaedra so funny (even though occasionally annoying), and her confessionals could be so silly and make you laugh…but she is definitely having a fall from grace the likes of which I have never seen on Bravo.

I think that all the chickens are coming to Roost w Fakedra the Great pretender! She married a criminal and Im not convinced she wasn’t in on the illegal scam..personally I think she was the mastermind behind the scheme! I’ve seen the sexual nastiness, and hypocrisy, the total lack of honesty and humility and the dishonesty in her dealings towards others and in all her relationships! She’s a freak who wants respectability (very much like Porsha) but a typical bad seed preachers kid who learned to act one way w mummy and daddy and freaky-deaky away from them! She’s religious… Read more »

While I agree with most of your assessment of Phaedra I do not agree that all religious people do things for show. Perhaps you should expand the circle of people with faith that you know and you will find that many of the everyday people with faith are sincere and good. Phaedra is an embarrassment to all human beings but she is deeply offensive to true Christians.

When I say “religious” I am referring to those who act like Pharisees..”do as I say not as I do”! Jesus referred to them as “..white washed seplechures filled with dead mens bones..”! They look good and even holy on the “outside” but their actions stem from the inside..a wicked and lawless heart filled with rebellion! Religion won’t save you..only faith held by true christians! You must be “relational not religious” that’s all I meant and if you are truly “born again” you are changed from the “inside out”!

I am humbled and thrilled with this reply. My apologies if it sounded arrogant. Love this reply….thank you.

I also appreciate your response too! Thank you for your sweet reply! I think sometimes we christians are naive to the way things really are out there..we’re insulated! I remember watching a show where Kurt Kameron went to Los Vegas and interviewed people on the strip to ask them if they considered themselves to be “christians”! Almost without fail, the most drunk and permiscous said “yes”! They didn’t understand the difference between being “born again” and having a “head knowledge” of Jesus I realized from that it is far more acceptable to be known as a Christian vs a pagan!

True people of God does nothing for show. They dont talk the talk, they simply walk the walk quietly & humbly without any pretense at all.

Watching Faketra squirm and circle talk her way out of her lies is funny. She avoided reason why she started the banging Sheamea and Kandi rumors, produced false records about her divorce that was really not finalized, and now the rumor that she herself started about Kandi wanting to drug and rape Porsha—FEDS–KEEP ON WATCHING FAKETRA–sometning will come up soon.

Andy…I am watching you. Phaedra has never been honest on the show, and like so many other Housewives…on so many other franchises, she will stoop to anything to destroy another cast mate. This shit will continue to escalate unless you, Andy, decree loud and clear… for all of Bravoland to hear and understand, that if you say it, you better be able to prove it….or you are out.

Andy doesn’t read blogs but he definitely reads comments on his social media- can you Tweet this to him, I think he NEEDS to see this. True Entertainment needs to see this. NBC Universal NEEDS to see this. Advertisers for these shows NEED to see this before they commit to purchasing blocks at Upfronts each spring/summer . I think RHOA left everyone’s mouth on the floor with Pha-Porsha’s stunts and shows this year, and a lot of that was courtesy of that messy ass Carlos King/King’s World Productions who worked in conjunction with True Entertainment to harvest this mess. Carlos… Read more »
I just tweeted it….but as you stated so well in your next post, Andy doesn’t care. He stated in an article that he doesn’t feel any need to intervene…basically because they are all adults and know what they are getting into when they sign up. He also said that most have parlayed their fame into some sort of merchandising and are laughing all the way to the bank. I am complicit, because I watch this crap…but I think I can make a pretty good case why our President, who is also a reality star, is not required to back up… Read more »

Great post Apple. Andy is nothing but a queen of gossip. The only time he intervenes is to bring up something even more blatant. He disgusts me more than those idiots who call into WWHL and tells him they love him. Yuck. And I won’t even get started on the White House.

Thanks, Aunt Bee. I wonder, sometimes, how his buddy Anderson Cooper feels about reality TV and Andy’s integral role in celebrating and rewarding bad behavior. Andy has said he didn’t invent the lack of honor and integrity in society, but that he is just documenting what is already rampant…but I don’t see these kinds of people in my daily life. In my experience, people who spread lies about others and climb all over everyone else to get ahead are not usually rewarded and eventually end up paying the consequences. I guess maybe the entertainment field and politics play by different… Read more »

Actually, shame on Andy for tolerating the rampant homophobia on Rhoa. It’s just shameful . While the world is fighting for gay rights, Andy will do anything for a buck


Rain 🙂 I agree with you

Frank Van Der Heijden

Which is kind of contradictory since Andy himself is a big power bottom

I am damn near done with RHOA. Everytime one of them wants to get someone, they start a gay rumor. Walter, Kordell, Chris, and now Kandi…this crap has to stop. It is so rude and offensive. The only ones who haven’t engaged in this messiness are Kandi and Cynthia (remember Cynthia was horrified when they started this with Chris and called it what it was).

Phaedra just cant own her shi*

Rain you re fat and trashy

Hey stupid. She’s not fat. She just has really big tits. Get a clue you silly child

Faketra–is that YOU? OR did you get your puppet Porsha to do your dirty work on this site too?

Haha. I think you figured it out. Ass sounds as bright as Porsha

You better watch your mouth

She probably does watch her mouth. When it’s wrapped around something going up and down

LOLOLOLOL Daisy 🙂 that’s so funny

Seriously , wth is that ? Right out of nowhere. Silly

Look here nasty fool. Rain never, ever did anything to you. So please get lost. I & Rain or anyone else that you insult will just ignore you from henceforth as you’re too low to waste our good blogging fingers on. One for all, all for one, you jealous mule.

No worries. Just too much stupid for me

Rain, the thing is, I can only place the blame on Andy to a degree. This show has to molded and finessed and cajoled into weekly trainwreck state long before it gets to him. He’s the last stop in the chain before the show airs each week and essentially just signs off on the episode be aired. He’s Admin, not present during production to manifest it, and not part of the editing team though he can exercise final say to suit the network’s objectives. Also, he’s long been gone from Bravo’s executive ranks while he focuses on his own endeavors… Read more »

My flag for them is proudly my middle finger

Rain, flag em. Period.

Rain 🙂 I’m glad you’re not bothered . Trolls are beneath you so don’t let them get to you .

This has turned into such a nasty, nasty show! I have never heard women of any age, talk like these nasty women. Now, saying that, isn’t it always the so called “Christian” on whatever show, to be the biggest sinner of the bunch? Phaedra has to go. Seriously, she has to go. And you give Porsha her walking papers too.

I’v been saying it and feeling it the whole season. This show is just nasty!

Frank Van Der Heijden

Funny, Phaedra goes to church to praise the Lord, yet as soon as she steps out she badmouths and throws false accusations against the fellow man, woman in this case….and the brain-dead broad knows as Porsha, who used to preach the word of God joins the choir.

Pure and sheer Christian sisterly love