Sonja Morgan’s Relationship With Rocco Ancarola Heating Up

Things are getting serious between Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan and her new man Rocco Ancarola.

“We’re liking each other a lot,” Ancarola told Page Six. “It’s starting to get real.”

Sonja was set up with the nightclub entrepreneur last summer by Jules Wainstein. He took Morgan to his friend Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental benefit in St-Tropez. She took him to a hockey game at Barclays Center.

Rocco’s famous clubs include Boom and Pink Elephant.

Last week, they went together to a holiday party thrown by PR guru R. Couri Hay at his Upper West Side townhouse. The party was co-hosted by actress Leesa Rowland.

“Sonja’s really fun,” said Anacarola. “We’re taking it one step at a time. We’ll see where it goes.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/Twitter

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I don’t know anything about this man but it would be nice if it worked out for her. I don’t mind Sonja compared to the rest of the cast she is the least spiteful to the other women with Bethenny and Ramona leading the pack. I know she is a bit of a lush but she isn’t nasty with it.

I agree. She isn’t nasty. She does have a way of talking over others when she doesn’t like what’s being said, but one has to have some guts. She has had a bad rep for her love of men, but for some reason she doesn’t come across like Luann. I couldn’t believe the way Luann treated her at the reunion, and I think Sonja fudged the numbers on how many times her and Tom were intimate for Luann. It was horrible how Luann was speaking and saying degrading comments during Sonja’s scenes shown at reunion. I honestly wouldn’t have remained… Read more »

P.S. I hope Sonja and Rocco become an item. I liked him, and it’s Sonja’s turn to be happy. Maybe she will become more in tune with the real world with a nice man as her escort, and maybe an exclusive relationship with him. She deserves it, IMO.

That’s nice. After all, a girl can’t play the Holly Golightly role forever. As fun as it can be sometimes to watch Sonja slip on the bannana peel as the shows hapless party girl who provides comic relief, it would be lovely to see Lady Morgan formerly Madame Treemont of the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s Smokey Eye Up-do in Gstaad Tiara Wearing Morgan League of Ex Wives” find a little joy and romantic stability in her life.