Is Sonja Morgan Upset With LuAnn Over the Tom Drama?


Sonja Morgan is speaking out about her relationship with LuAnn de Lesseps’ man Thomas D’Agostino and revealing why she really had a problem with their engagement at first. Morgan admits that she didn’t like that way Tom handled the situation in a new interview.

“I think that Tom just needed to tell the truth. Tom said to Luann that he was seeing me. I knew the group knew and it was going to come out. I knew there was no getting around it. To be polite, I said we were friends with benefits,” Morgan told Vulture. “I don’t expect the man to do that. The man has to make a woman feel special. He should have said, ‘We were really good friends and we had something special, but then I fell for Lu.’ That would have made us both feel special. That’s why I made the comments about the murky yellow diamond and stuff. I wasn’t mad at her. I was mad at him.”

But Sonja insists that nothing will hurt her relationship with Lu. “Yes [we’re fine], I will never let a guy come between us. I want to be friends with him, too,” she said. “You can’t be a tomcat and a lying cat. You have to tell the truth.”

Morgan explains that she only ever thought of Tom as a drinking buddy. “You know how Luann gets when it comes to men. I always say that I won’t let a man come between us. When we were living together, you got to see another side to her,” she explained. “She was more open about dating and I thought that was refreshing. Then as soon as there is a man, forget it. She gets like that. I wasn’t thinking of Tom in that way. I thought of him as a drinking buddy, dinner date, have sex after 11 p.m. and leave by 7 a.m. kind of guy.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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It sounds like Tom was just a f…k buddy then. Now we know more about the night visits he made, in and then out by morning. 😮
Sonja is being pretty cool about it, though it seemed to upset her on the show that she is losing a friend…who denied her close involvement with him too for the most part.
I don’t like Tom at all, but I do like Sonja. She is harmless really.

Maybe because I am an old lady the morals of these women shock me. There are just to many sexually transmitted desease today to act this way.

That’s true about the STDs. I think many of these older women feel somewhat immune in their minds anyway. Just my opinion.

You assume they aren’t having safe sex.maybe they are. Maybe they aren’t. And why judge them by your “morals”.

I said I was shocked not judging. I grew up in the 40’s and 50’s we never heard about HIV and AIDS.

That’s because AIDS didn’t become a virus in humans until about 1975 or thereabouts. I know I was in a hospital in 1979, and I would not allow them to give me a blood transfusion, my husband was ready to carry me out because the doctor got a court order!! Then my blood count steadied, Thank You God. But, right after that I started hearing about people with hemophilia contracting AIDS from blood transfusions. Real Sandy will know the exact date, mine is approximate to my memory of those times. As far as morals, morals are morals. Whether or not… Read more »
In 1945 a naval pilot died on an aircraft carrier of an unusual illness. His tissue was saved by the government. There were sporadic other deaths in 1951, 58, 64 and 67. All the tissue was saved from these individuals after they died. They think that somehow in the later 70s, this old virus mutated in Africa. It was picked up by Cuban soldiers in Angola and brought back to Cuba. In Cuba there was a bisexual community. A male Canadian flight attendant contracted it in Cuba and brought it back to Canada, the United States (NY, SFO, etc.) That… Read more »
OMG! Thank you, Sandy, for the dates, but the story mainly. It was sad then, and is sad now. Now, it can be prevented, and that we know how is the difference. Yes, I could have been one of the ones infected then. I had a feeling you would know, not because you are a wonderful R.N. but you have a head for the important times, dates and life circumstance that I have only seen in one other person in my lifetime. You just have a “feel” for important things. I see it, you might know it, many people know… Read more »

It was the early 80s when things became more public. Thanks to hubby for the other dates. He is also a historian who reads history books for fun so dates are his thing. 😉
I am always glad to help if I can.
Thanks so much for all of your kind words, 3 D’s.
Yes there gas been a lot of ignorance and prejudice over the years. Anyone can get it, really.
Have a nice day my friend. Xxxxxooooo ❤️❤️

3 D’s. You are the one with the awesome memory.
I am in awe of your many talents too!
Love ya. XO

I have help with my memory, too, in the form of Amazon Prime Video Library. It is the way you tell it though, not to go on & on, but you have a gift for telling the entire story, making it so interesting that I can not stop reading ( even when your husband helps with the dates ) and being concise. Have you ever done, or considered giving lectures to Medical students? My ability is limited to writing mostly, although I can change the course of a conversation if need be. That is why I believe Jaqo could have… Read more »
Thanks, 3 D’s. Honestly, from what I was told in the past as a nursing student and nurse, I probably should have gone into teaching other nurses at that time, anyway. I used to fill in for my instructor when she was not well at my own nursing program with clinical. She asked me. If only I started out younger and life did not change drastically when my mom passed suddenly which had me relocating and unable to go back to school, then marrying, and then it just was not easy. Today with online education, it is much easier. I… Read more »
Princess of Strogonoff

People have been sleeping around for ages and STD’s have been around for ages, the morals are not that different from the time when you were young and Wallis Simpson was hated by everyone, the only difference is that now people are more open about their sexual escapades, and those sexual escapades are easier to come by for both men and women

Personally, I find what you say very sad for the world our children and grandchildren grow up in. But that is just my opinion.

Agree with both of these ladies. But, Tom doesn’t sound like a very upstanding guy. Luann seems just too desparate and has jumped the gun here. Beware Lu, thou will reap what thou sows!!!!!

I agree Karen. Lu was talking marriage before he even bought the ring and probably before he even popped the question. Maybe she asked him????? Also I heard he has little money – maybe she is playing the Kenya card and paying him to marry her. Absolutely nothing would surprise me about the countless.

I don’t think she made too much money off her music, and she is one of the least wealthy of the ladies if not the least wealthy, unless she has some more stashed that no one knows about. I could see her asking him. Maybe that is because she gives off so much masculine energy. Maybe Tom likes that? Now I am imagining Lu as a dominatrix…not a nice vision. She’s probably a switch. (That means they take turns in who is the dom or sub.). Yes, this may be a bit much, but my mind wandered. 😮 Help!
Princess of Strogonoff

You seem to understand very well the S&M…it makes me wonder….

Then you must be an expert. 😉

LOL AWARD to R Sandy

Ditto. LMAO.


Princess of Strogonoff

Probably, but I don´t walk around passing judgement and pretending I am different…You just outed yourself as a dominatrix

LMAO !!!

I hope you are a really nice person and just say these off the wall comments to make us laugh. After all the comments you made about our Sandy you sound very judgmental to me. Have a good day Princess.

I totally agree Aunt Bee and to add Sandy is one of the nicest people I have ever encountered

Thank you Daisy. R Sandy has also helped me with good advice in my personal life too. She is a good friend.

Hugs Aunt Bee . I hope you’re doing good and have a wonderful day

Aunt Bee, you are such great friend I met here at All Things.
You are so admirable in your life and as a person in every way. You have a strong faith and moral character that is so apparent in your words, and you care. I feel honored to know you.

Thank you Sandy. You know I feel the same way about you. There are so many wonderful people here. Thank you all.


You are too kind Daisy and a pleasure to know. I love you and Aunt Bee and Suze, and 3D’s and Rain, and starr, and so many more here.
You are awesome! Thank you. Xoxox

Same to you Sandy dear . I must say I can tell the level of your intelligence by your wonderful come backs

Thanks, Daisy. I am not too great at the comebacks, but I do try to be respectful as much as possible. I am not here to fight and don’t need added stressors in my life. I do, however, appreciate all the wonderful people I am lucky enough to interact with here at this site who are as lovely as you, Daisy. It makes my day!
I hope you have a wonderful day. I know that you and your hubby are much relieved. Relax and enjoy. 😉 Thanks again. XO

Sandy, you are going through a lot right now and no you do not need any added stress . I do think you have great come backs and they are always intelligent and respectful . You and your hubby are in my prayers


Ha! LMAO You are funny, Princess. You say I am passing judgment, and yet that is all that you do! I never once said that you could not spell stroganoff before either…until now. 😉 I hope you know how to make it. Maybe you can attach a recipe. 😉 Oh, maybe I am a submissive and not a dominant. How on earth do you know so much if you are not a dominatrix yourself? You seem to like that word. I could say the same about you that you said about me, since your behavior is more dominant than submissive… Read more »
Princess of Strogonoff

Oops…..I hit a raw nerve…sorry !

Maybe there is just too much Sour cream in your Stroganoff?! 😉

Good one Sandy. Not everyone can be a classy lady like you


Daisy, there was no button under your post about Sandy having class. So, I put it as close as I could get it. She DOES have class, as do you and so many here. I can’t name them, as my brain is not turned on yet & I never fail to forget to name someone important. But you all know who you are. 🙂 I am getting ready to eat my BK, that will start the brain engine.

Was that a Whopper? 🙂 Yum!

3D’S. I hope this falls in the right place. You also have a ton of class and have such a brilliant mind. I often find myself envious of your gift with words. Can’t forget about your spunk. You are a lady I would not want to tangle with. If bk is burger king yummy count me in

This message is for 3Ds! Since you don’t post on OC , I thought i would catch you here . How are you sweetie? I hope all is well ❤️ Since you’re a Kyle fan, I wanted to share this story with you. Kylie was with Erika (no other HWs) in Greece for a big gay festival, erika was performing there. There are quite a few pics and vids on two twitter and Instagram. They seem to be having a great time . I’ve been saying since last season that these 2 are close (based on them social media) but… Read more »
I agree Sandy. I think they BOTH think the other one has money, and I find that kind of funny. Neither of them are truly wealthy. Luann was when she was a countess. But, now with both kids reaching majority, no more child support, and no more spousal support. Now, I would like to see Luann WORK. That is one thing that kinda shows that Bethenny doesn’t say facetious things. She could easily say, and it would be true, that she herself has always worked, and Luann has NEVER worked. Not since they knew each other. I always wondered what… Read more »

Luann is passionate about being financially secure maybe. She sees combined assets better than just hers alone, perhaps. Also she may fear being older and alone, especially now that she may have an empty nest as well.
She did model at one time after a brief stint as a locensed practical nurse and was also a co host of an Italian soccer show at one time. I think she just wants to party and live the good life; a bon vivant. She does have the Housewives to keep her busy too.

L.P.N. CT.

Oh, I absolutely see her as needing to be married, but MORE than financially secure, she needs to be rich. There is a vast chasm between financial security in her world and mine. Also, it is 15 times more expensive to live in the Upper East Side of Manhattan than in rural Reno, Nevada. That’s for sure. But it is all relative. What I meant was she has never seemed to have a true passion for anything. Not a particular charity, not for a certain political view, no advocacy for anything. I mean, I have had money, and then I… Read more »

I don’t know enough about her personally to know what she does, but on the show she never has shown any passion for anything but her flings with whomever wherever and for Jacques and now Tom. 😉

🙂 ❤️

Lu got very lucky to marry money. Her life with the count was VERY LUCRATIVE. She had no limits. Im also not sure whether she had money from family or work she has never brought that up on the show. I do know that she got a sweet deal in the divorce. Those kids were not adults yet so child support and alimony or a family stipend possibly. Im sure that Alex was paying for the private schools, the trips and everything else she does. 16 years is a long time being married to a count. can we say stinking… Read more »
Well, if the alimony is great, then maybe marrying another is not a good idea for that reason alone. Granted she has a fashion line of her own, but the Count has provided well for her it seems. The kids are grown now too. She sold her Hamptons estate for a lot and maybe invested some more, so she is not poor in the least. I don’t know it all, but what is posted out there is that her net worth is 2 million. That may be far off, but that can be used up rather quickly if someone is… Read more »
Princess of Strogonoff

LuAnn is passionate about having sex with as many guys as she can, probably at the same time, and enjoying life….something so many women here would love to do but cannot or don´t dare to

Sometimes I actually think you are the Countess or Countless or whatever Luann calls herself these days. You always feel the need for a title. If someone wants to have many sexual partners, and I am certain that there are maybe more than a few here who could if they wanted to and maybe even did when they were younger, but that is not judging them either. It is not about wanting what Luann has when it comes to a love life. She can do whatever she wants. It is her choice. She is a grown woman. Yet, you seem… Read more »

I meant that if someone wants multiple partners, and they are adults, they can do what they like if it is consensual. It just is risky behavior. That is the truth. I am not judging, but only stating the truth.

Princess of Strogonoff

Now….people casting stones….hilarious

Tom was the storyline for both Lu and Sonja this season so the man should get a nice wedding gift from her lol.

Princess of Strogonoff

He’ll be a Douche…from the Royal House of Bagg…so he’ll become The DoucheBagg

Sonja cannot have it both ways or three ways or four ways…whatever. First she is crying because Tom has decided for whatever reason to be with Lu. Ok fine. Whatever happened previous to that engagement is just the past. Sonja talks ALL the TIME about her so called “Friends with Benefits” that to me shows she just wants to get laid. I don’t see her making mature comments like.. I can’t wait to find my prince charming” These chicks have standards that they just cannot achieve. They are in their 50’s it’s not like they are 33 and got a… Read more »

She wants Tom to make her feel special all of a sudden when he’s between women as one of several f–ck buddies for 10 long years. Why did she make herself so available for so long to a guy who had no serious interest in her? Didn’t she ever notice in the last 10 years that she wasn’t ever special to him at all except in her own mind? Now she thinks he has to say she was special to him when she wasn’t?

Your spot on Moriah… it;s almost like Sonja thinks he (Tom) should have asked her permission first before he proposed to Lu. It;s none of her business. Unfortunately Sonja is not the sharpest pencil in the drawer. She actually sees herself as this glamorous jet setting woman and feels that ALL the men she takes up with want her so badly. They can’t keep their hands off of her. The sad part is that these guys only see her as a piece of tail. They may be friends with benefits as she calls them…. I wonder if she feels that… Read more »

I saw Sonja on the WWHL show the other day, & she is so beautiful. She seems like she has gotten it together. Cutting back on her drinking looks good on her.

What´s wrong with having a f*ckbuddy ?

Lighten up, ladies !!!….Live a little !!

I feel for Sonja. But LuAnn is very territorial and desperate. Personally, she really blew it with Jacques. That guy was adorable and she wasn’t very faithful to him (remember Johnnie Depp in St. Barts?) … anyway, This Tom guy seems like an opportunist to me. I don’t think this marriage is going to be very long. If they make it to four years I’ll be surprised.

Yeah I’m with you on this too, Trixiebelle. I like Sonja very much, crazy as she is. I think Tom treated her pretty badly. No matter what, she didn’t deserve the dismissal the way it happened. It still hurts.