Sonja Morgan Understands Why Bethenny Won’t Open Up To Heather


Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan is opening up about the drama this season on the Real Housewives of New York City. In her recent blog, Morgan calls her co-stars emotional vampires and explains why she doesn’t blame Bethenny for not wanting to open up to Heather Thomson.

Sonja writes, “Well ladies and gentlemen, we may not have made it out of the Berkshires without drama, but at least we made it out without any wine throwing! You’ve got to love how a dinner party at which two girls cried is considered tame for my group of friends. I loved the story Dorinda shared about wanting to own that beautiful house. Positivity, visualization, and tenacity are the ultimate keys to success. I have learned that through my decades of hard work and experience, and it has really served me well. Everything I have dreamed has come true. Furthermore, I bring the fun, not the drama.

Overall Dorinda was an amazing hostess to all of us crazy ladies, and I am so grateful to her for extending her warmth and hospitality by sharing her birthday with us nuts.

It’s so funny how Ramona feels that she can discuss dating with all of the OTHER girls. She doesn’t open up to me because we are like sisters and you can’t bullsh– a sister. I always know what is really going on in her life. I know this is a difficult time for her, and all I can do is love and support her. The irony is I have always been the number one champion of Ramona, and I’ve always protected her privacy. When the girls go after her, I am always the first to stand up to her even through she does not extend me the same courtesy.

I think it’s ridiculous that Luann and Ramona are having this fight over Dorinda! Both of them should be worried about doing things to promote Dorinda’s happiness and stability during her challenging transition instead of tearing down her leading man. Wait til they get some more ammunition from her as she lets them in to her private world. They always use intimate information against you. Luann and Ramona fight over me all the time, so I know the awkward position Dorinda has found herself in. The only advice I can give her is stay out of their drama. Those girls are very territorial, so it’s best to just be a friend to both of them and let the girls fight with each other and tire themselves out. They must like fighting, since they do it all the time!

Speaking of people who thrive off drama, what was with Kristen this episode?! Like Dorinda said to Kristen, if you are going to do a sandwich, do a sandwich! Don’t act like John was trying to be malicious when we were all just having a good time as adults in a private club. If you can’t take the heat, Kristen, get out of the kitchen!

I’m glad I didn’t come to that dinner at The Red Lion. Sometime these girls are emotional vampires, and I get tired of having to lighten up the mood all the time. Ever since Atlantic City I have been taking a step back. Carole did not accurately represent Bethenny’s position at all! Bethenny did not say that she needed to spend every minute with her daughter–she said that when she has her daughter on the weekends, she’s not going to give that up to go to the Berkshires. When you have something deep going on in your life–like me with my business lawsuit and divorce debackle (I am divorced! But it goes on!)–one doesn’t have the time or energy to do a lot of socializing, especially not with new people, and I can therefore understand what Bethenny is going through. I was there 10 years ago with a 5-year-old getting divorced and sued just like Bethenny. I feel as though I am just coming out the other end now. Whew!

I am sorry that I missed hearing in person Dorinda say that not everything is always going to be okay. The way she said it was hilarious and true! Sometimes you don’t know that everything is going to be okay. In fact, you know it’s not okay or fair and that’s when you have to find the strength within yourself to just get out of bed and start your day. I put one foot in front of the other day after day. I really respect how strong Dorinda is. She is a fighter and not a victim.
I loved how all of the women immediately hated on my dress as soon as I showed up to Dorinda’s house. I would like everyone to know that dress was made by Michael Kors, not Dracula! But I have always been able to laugh at myself and take a joke, so if the girls want to pick on my dress, that’s fine. I’ll always make fashion faux pas. That’s how I create. The only times I really get upset are when they aren’t being supportive and are attacking my livelihood. Compared to some of the things these women have said about me, a little jab about my dress feels good!

I love John, and that moment with Dorinda, John, and me in the bedroom is pure fun! Everyone needs to stop saying that they are going to stop knocking John and actually stop knocking John. I have great intuition about people, and I can see that John really cares about Dorinda. It’s great that Dorinda felt comfortable sharing why John is so special to her. I think that conversation really helped the other women see that Dorinda loves John and that John helped her through a very difficult time in her life and has been there for the last two years.

Dorinda’s birthday dinner started off so nice and then just crashed and burned! You could tell that Dorinda wasn’t too upset that the women were fighting, because it distracted them from talking about John. The issues about what Bethenny was going to eat is too ridiculous for words. Like Ramona said, Bethenny is a grown woman and can make her own dining choices. She doesn’t need Heather to mother her all the time. I think Heather would get along with all of the women much better if she stopped trying to control everyone. Controlling everyone around you doesn’t mean you are actually in control–it means you want to be a dictator. I can see why Bethenny doesn’t feel comfortable sharing things with Heather. Everything you share in intimacy with Heather she uses as ammunition against you. It feels like a trap to be friends with Heather! For example, when Heather was in the car with Carole and said that I had said I made my first million when I was 20?! I would love to know where Heather gets her material from, because I never said that. I shared intimate information on how my assets were co-mingled with my ex and how I planned to reorganize my assets to finally be out of the Chapter 11. If you really are concerned, you wouldn’t use that information to ridicule me, you would have real constructive advice. However, she doesn’t have the experience I have to help me in this situation. So don’t ask! Just be a friend and hold my hand. Heather needs to stop counting other peoples’ money and dissecting our life choices in which she has no experience. I think she would be a lot happier if she examined her own life for a change.”

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  • apple

    I try to like Sonja…I really do…but the PR just doesn’t pan out for me. She says she’s an entrepeneur and a real estate investor…an artist and a designer…a fabulous host and entertainer….but all I see is a pretentious drunk old slut. I don’t think I am a prude, but that scene in Dorinda’s bedroom with John was not “pure fun” and then she didn’t even wear the beautiful dress Dorinda was nice enough to lend her.

  • Aya

    Sonja rocks!

  • Sonja sucks is more likely. She’s an old has been, she got her money from her ex husband whom she met while waitressing in a gentleman’s club. Now she’s an extreme drunken cougar.

  • For me Sonja is different because she is not mean. She does have cougaritis and drinks too much, but she doesn’t intentionally hurt anyone. Her entire time on the show, I have never seen her go after someone with lies and rumors. She gets a little out of line, and I think she needs to not be so public about some things, but she was always well known in New York and just amped it up on HW. I don’t care how she met her husband or how much money she got from the marriage. I have never heard her bad mouth the man aside from saying she wishes he would let it be over. They were married 10 years and have a daughter. She has always been a socialite and from what I can see had some business acumen before her marriage and lived well. She wasn’t in her twenties when she met him, and she had built some good business in the restaurant industry. She has always been a socialite and I think the women use her to make themselves look good. I see why she is backing Bethenny. B has been honest with her and treated her with respect even though they had a rocky beginning this year. I am glad they both have a friend on the show.