Sonja Morgan Talks About Who She’s Dating More, Rocco or “Frenchie”

As we have seen throughout this season, Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan continues to date two different men, even though one of them has moved in with her.

It makes you wonder if either of them have what it takes to have her all to themselves. Sonja spoke about it recently on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

“Well the first thing is I get over to Paris to re-open the family museum [and] ‘Frenchie”s chef is in the hospital so he had to stay there. He could not come,” she said. “Now Rocco is coming to Saint-Tropez — we are going to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation ball again together. So he’s getting ahead of ‘Frenchie.'”

Sonja also talks about how the race between both men is much closer than either guy knows. “Then ‘Frenchie’ texted today and said he’s going to come see me in Saint-Tropez also towards the end of the month,” she said about the hotelier, whose real name is Edgar. “And he’s coming to New York in September ’cause the renovation is done [at his hotel] and he sent photos of the first room renovated at the hotel and it’s ‘Sonja,’ the ‘Sonja’ suite.”

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6 Replies to “Sonja Morgan Talks About Who She’s Dating More, Rocco or “Frenchie””

  1. She is a disgusting excuse for a woman and mother. She is so hard up to have a man. Seeing her playing games with these men is gross. Sad that the men don’t see what she is doing. She just looks so pathetic. I heard her say last week that her daughter was doing great and she knows all about Sonja’s behavior. Sad that Quincy has to hear and see what is going on with her mother in the first place.
    Having lived a short time with J P Morgan Jr she got caught up in the money and now that she doesn’t live that lifestyle so she makes up lies about her world travels and her knowing royalty. No one cares anymore Sonja. Your a mess.

    1. I agree totally with you about Sonja. I am an old lady and Sonja just makes me embarrassed and disgusted. Let’s hope her daughter has better values.

  2. Rocco is not as fit as Frenchie, but he seems like a really jolly, sweet guy who will take care of Sonja in a loving protective fashion. Frenchie gives me stereotypical intense “Hurricane Love” French tease, which can be passionate and exciting for the short term, but maybe not the best thing over the long haul, it’s tiring.

    1. Frenchie will bang her for a while (not that she would hate that) and then move on to greener pastures, while Rocco will stick around because at his age very few younger women would be willing to get involved with him

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