Sonja Morgan Says She’s Not Surprised About Josh Taekman


RHONY star Sonja Morgan is speaking out about Josh and Kristen Taekman’s recent Ashley Madison scandal. Morgan says she is not surprised by the news and says Kristen should have listened to her advice!

“I could see it coming,” Morgan told Page Six. “I didn’t like the way he was treating her. He chipped away at her self-esteem.”

Morgan clashed with Kristen at the end of this season, but Sonja insists she was trying to help empower the young mom. “I was trying to empower her. She didn’t take my advice,” Sonja tells the site.

Josh’s information was leaked in the massive data breach by hackers, who released millions of subscribers’ email addresses, rendezvous locations, and more. According to reports, Josh signed up for the cheating website in June 2011, and made 62 paid transactions under the alleged alias of “Mr_Big_NYC.” The user, whose credit card matched the address of Taekman’s Tribeca apartment, wrote that he was looking for “a beautiful sexy woman” in search for “discreet experiences.”

For now, Kristen is choosing to stand by her man.

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7 Replies to “Sonja Morgan Says She’s Not Surprised About Josh Taekman”

  1. SONJA you are the very very very last person to be giving advice to anyone about anything. Your a drunken, delusional, whore whose bad choices have given her the worst reputation in NY. Shut up SONJA no one wants to hear anything from you! Just go away

  2. What the F did Kristen marry and have children with? This dude is dangerous and Kristen should be proactive and plan her exit. Josh is going to hang around and try to use Kristen’s position to advertise his business and to attract women. Unfortunately for her, she is going to allow him to choose the time and place to discard her publically and with malice. Ramona, LuAnn and Sonja could give lessons about husbands who cheat, and discard their wives without a second glance.

  3. I just can’t see WHAT Kristen, or any other woman for that matter, sees in this man(?)! He is insulting, arrogant, rude, tasteless in his choice of clothing and shoes and infact, is ugly! Kristen, you can do soo much better!

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