Sonja Morgan Says Dorinda Likes to Be at the Center of the Drama


Sonja Morgan believes that LuAnn de Lesseps is drinking the Kool-Aid and that’s what she’s writing about in her blog this week. Morgan also says that Dorinda Medley likes to be at the center of the drama and explains why she was so upset about being left out of the trip to the Berkshires.

“Luann did tell everyone she dated a bunch. That’s why I was repeating it by saying she was dating 60/11 guys. I loved the way she was owning it, and I was sorta bragging about it. It was refreshing. BTW I never said Lu was bringing guys back to the house. Not sure where that rumor started. Probably Ramona put that in Bethenny’s ear like she did the garbage about me, my partying and my businesses since I haven’t seen B. And now Ramona and Dorinda are making sure of that.

So nice to have Cesar to help me pack a care package for my daughter. He’s loyal and has always been there for me. My daughter adores him too. We have gown together. He has scored fashion clients through our relationship, contacts through our charities and I have learned from him. He is a complete joy that wouldn’t cross me for a dollar or to get his face on camera. Some people would run you off the red carpet. Geez!

My interns Juliona from Alaska and Tiffanie from Colorado who helped me pack the care package for my daughter have also been an inspiration. They have done the gamut with me from magazine shoots, fashion shows, styling, charity events, social media, website crashes, podcasts, appearances, and staging my home for different fillings and events. They are delightful company, and it’s rewarding to share my experience — especially my mistakes to help them avoid the pain! I love seeing the success of each and every intern and member of “Team Sonja” as they go forward.

So ridiculous this business coming from Ramona about being scared about who I bring home. Don’t even get me going about who she brings home. Believe me she doesn’t have to be worried about Luann taking them from her. Puhleese.

One thing I agree with is that Lu, Ramona, Bethenny and I are more resilient than most. I can see Carole is still upset about Lu.

If I were there, no one would be going to bed early. I could have defended myself and some other friends. I’m used to it and always find a way to lighten things up. It would have been a paaaartay!

We know our group and what’s in store on our trips and we grow from them. Well some of us. Lol.

B woke up w Carole.

D woke up w Jules.

And Ramona w/o me? What’s wrong with that picture? I would have shared Lu’s room. Jealous much?

Now you know it was all disingenuine, the “concern” for me, or they would have had me near.

Dorinda saying she wanted a weekend bringing out the best in each other is so fake again. She knows us by now, and she loves being in the center of the drama.

Carole and Bethenny leaving and tripping over poop has become routine so I guess they will be cool coming to my poop palace for tea.

I can tell Jules and I will have a blast together. Can’t you? She’s a nut and not judgmental. Time will tell.

I’m so happy to see Lu and Carole make up. I can see how protective Bethenny is of her business and rightly so. I always looked to her as so invincible at business, but she has deep emotions related to her biz.

When I walk into Ramona’s holiday party of 12 people I had no idea what had transpired in the Berkshires. Bethenny is obviously going through so much. Now I have Lu and Ramona meddling after not having me in the country. Why are they saying let’s save Carole? From me? Why didn’t they say Bethenny left because of the drama with Lu?! That she was wiped out from that and didn’t want to go at it again. Once again they are claiming concern and protection.

BTW I’m wearing my jogger pants and matching jacket. Luann is drinking the Kool-Aid listening to the girls who are being fed by Ramona about my businesses. Ramona made a derogatory comment about my fashion collection on Watch What Happens Live when Andy Cohen asked her about it instead of being a supportive friend. Now Lu says when crying to the girls in the Berkshires about me that my businesses aren’t doing well! I’m just starting up. It takes years in the fashion business if you even survive. This isn’t a liscencing deal where I get commissions on what I sell of other people’s products. I do appreciate and love Lu for sticking up for me.”

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6 Replies to “Sonja Morgan Says Dorinda Likes to Be at the Center of the Drama”

  1. Dorinda is the LAST one of the women that feel the need to be in the spotlight for the love of God. Jules is behind Dorinda. The other clowns are in a dead heat for first place

  2. I don’t know why she’s so endearing to me. I can’t stand braggers and liars, and we all know she’s both. But she’s just so ridiculously delusional in her lala land that she makes me laugh.

  3. Sonja shouldn’t have been uninvited. I agree w Bethany that Sonya was totally wrong naming her brand TipsyGirl. She needed $$$ and tailgating on Skinny Girl was a way to make $$$. But why exclude her because Dorinda thought there would be drama? These women don’t get along EVER!! Luann should’ve been the one left out because let’s face it…. She’s so phony!! Girl code… Pedophile… Dating (screwing) married men… Miss Manners (the biggest joke yet)!

  4. She must have forgotten the dinner at that place where you can preform or whatever it is, Sushi Rocks I believe, where she said Luann brought 4 different men home. I might have to watch it again, but I am pretty sure she said that. Of course she is delusional, but I didn’t think she would have neglected to watch the episode that this blog was written for.
    When Sonja left Bethenny’s office that day and said as she got on the elevator “Does that mean I can’t do pocketbooks because Luann is doing them?” YES, YES. YES! Because manufacturing plants, business plans, credit lines, retailers, leather, fabric, sewing machines, designers, skilled people from many parts of the design and business world would be crucial to “doing pocketbooks”, then there are the employees, and hundreds of other BUSINESS related necessities are all needed to “DO” pocketbooks.
    If Sonja had sold a $10,000.00 diamond bracelet to anyone, and if she in fact had had a hand in making that happen, we would have most definitely seen a photo of it at the very least. Jewelers who do jewelry for housewives don’t do it for fun. If they are true contacts and have made jewelry for a housewife, whether the contact was made before or after that woman, whoever it is, became a housewife, there is a discussion before one just casually walks into their place of business followed by a camera crew. There is a huge benefit to being filmed on RHONY, or any of the cities in the franchise, FGSakes, I see that Sonja really believes her own delusion, making her, really, the first person I have seen who is TRULY delusional. In the medical sense of the word.
    Sonja didn’t even BLINK when Bethenny asked her if it was the same distributors ( that she couldn’t name even one of ) who got her clothing line into the stores, or if the “bracelet” was sold through the Nigerian Football Team or if the perfume line was distributed by the same people she had many evenings spent sitting with tasting the wines and prosecco’s.
    I mean, it has become so common to hear her speak like that, that I somehow forgot to realize she is living in a world where only delusion exists.
    Whether she should or shouldn’t have been invited to Dorinda’s was Dorinda’s decision. She had the right to invite or exclude anyone, if not all of the ladies.

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