Sonja Morgan: I Run Deep


Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss what she wanted to say to Ramona Singer in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja also explains how important her relationships are to her and what she thought of Milou’s funeral.

Sonja writes, “This is a totally cleansing episode for me. After Ramona “getting the dirt on Ben” and and then not coming to my get together with Aviva at my beach house in Watermill, dissing my Caburlesque cameo performance at my Sonja in the City charity, and then ditching me in the Berkshires to go to the Social Life Magazine party (remember early on I had in my Sonja in The City cover launch party for Social Life Magazine when Ramona was in the bathroom with Mario complaining she wasn’t invited by Heather to London and I was going without her?) I was really starting to feel manipulated.

Come on Lu. Hesitating to answer Kristen about Ramona throwing a glass at anyone before? I’ve never seen her act out before and either has Lu! I was on the edge my seat thinking you might say something else.

Kristen right away says “morbid” about the dog funeral! She says she’s not a dog person. Who’s not a dog person?

Marley smells the collar of Millou because he misses him to. I invite Millsap Cesar, and Maria over, my former “interns,” because they loved and knew Millou very well and I wanted their input as to where, how, and when we would hold this remembrance and passage of Millou.

I had been hanging on to those ashes and wonderful memories for a long time. It made sense to start with my first apartment that I bought in New York, because I was happy and felt I had everything to share and was able to bring Millou home there. It was a beautiful beginning for both of us.

I was wearing a grandmother pin in this meeting in front of the red hand painted armoire. I’m very nostalgic. I’m a sentimental person and I don’t burn bridges. I build my relationships. My relationships are very important to me — as I run deep.

I am a nurturer. It’s what I do. That’s why I love to build homes for a living, entertain, put people together (broker, branding, consulting, venture capitalist, name dropper, whatever you want to call it), and support my charities. I make a very good living doing it without feeling it’s against my grain because I enjoy doing it so much. It’s what I love doing.

My former interns are thriving. They are polished, worldly, sophisticated, accomplished, and connected. They are powerful in their own right. They are loving caring people who don’t forget where they came from. They are young and beautiful and busy but they take the time out to come and be with me during this important decision-making process.

I’m grateful to be a part of their lives and to have them in my lives.

I had such good belly laughs during Carole and Ramona’s interview process. Every single one of my interns sends a résumé before I even give my time to interview them. Their GPAs, their majors, and then their charity work tells me a lot about them. Then I look for former internships and work experience. This tells me about their commitment and what their other interests are. How long they stayed factors in sometimes. It depends. Because sometimes internships are short. And experiences such as Fashion Week are important but short. Having said that, I’d rather be in Carole’s interview process as it’s much more fun and I like her attitude. Read my book? Yes. Hired! She has a point. How can you want to work for me if you don’t know who I am read the book! Isn’t that what I said when I was speaking about Aviva? Read the book! Did anyone read Aviva’s book. It’s about her.

Resentment. Strong word I let out regarding Ramona and my feelings towards my father. Letter says I can’t help Ramona with your inner child. Well I know that! But a letter saying James certainly has helped me with my inner child! I certainly need to let go of my ex-husband and Millou. They were wonderful but the future holds new wonderful experiences for me.

Also new friends are coming — and the friends I have a great. But if the friends I have are not supporting new opportunities that are coming for me or simply can’t enjoy them and can’t be happy for me, then I’m just not going to talk about them with them. Those people are not being genuine.

Wendy Madden is a common friend between Aviva and I, so it’s nice that we can spend time together. There is just so little time when you’re busy with your family, work, and charities.

George was a surprise. Cody was a surprise. The marriage proposal was a surprise. George asking Harry and I to double date was quite a surprise. George giving his daughter sex tips in her bedroom was very much a surprise. That was the limit. Like I said when Aviva tried to set me up with her dad — that was date crime. Hate crime is one thing but this is called date crime! She did not really think we were a pair, did she?”

Photo Credit: Bravo