Sonja Morgan Reveals Why She’s Really Mad At Dorinda Medley

No one likes to be left out, so when Dorinda Medley decided not to invite Sonja Morgan to the group’s weekend in the Berkshires last season of The Real Housewives of New York City, Sonja’s feelings were very hurt.

In fact, the women are still feuding in this season of the show. But Sonja revealed what the deep-rooted issue with Dorinda on a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

“It wasn’t about not being invited to the Berkshires. It was about, I’m very allergic to this friend-jumping stuff,” Sonja said. “So these were my really good friends, and [Dorinda] was someone that everyone had known for 10 years. I was invited the year before with my really good friends to Dorinda’s house. Then the following year, for all these flimsy excuses, I’m not invited with my really good friend group. There comes the pain and the stab.”

Sonja says she’s seen this type of behavior in New York City before. “And it happens all the time. You meet these people who you’ve always seen out at cocktail parties. They come into your friend group, and then there’s the dinner the next night that you’re not invited to or the front row at the fashion show and they don’t include you. That’s how I felt. I felt somebody else was with my friends, and I’m not there,” she said. “And I needed to get with Bethenny [Frankel]. There was this whole blow-up that they were stirring the pot on.”

Andy told Sonja it was time she get over what had happened in the Berkshires. “OK, Season 8,” he reminded Sonja after her explanation.

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I don’t blame you Sonja. It just wasn’t right to steal your friends away and exclude you.

Can’t help it, think she’s ditzy and quirky and funny. I don’t think she ever means true harm, do you?
Dorinda and that dossier? Wth is that?

I like Sonja. Yes, she is ditzy and quirky. She is always a lot of fun, and I think she has a good heart. Maybe the others are just jealous? Whatever it is, Dorinda has always had me not loving her. I love to hate her at times too. I like her some of the time, but a lot of the time I think she is just frustrated and taking it out on everyone else, or choosing who to eliminate from her little clique. She can be a very nasty drunk. That slurred speech is the dead giveaway, and she… Read more »

I’m really wondering if she will ever get over the loss of her beloved husband. She seems incapable of moving forward, and has a lot of bitterness. Her boyfriend John according to everyone is the antithesis of her husband, he’s so smarmy, don’t you think? You are so right, she’s vile when drunk.
I hope your sons are enjoying their drive back home.

Hi Sun, The sons are at a 3 day event, so they are still there having fun in CA. Thanks for mentioning them. I don’t think Dorinda will ever really be able to move on from her last husband. He sounded like perfection in her eyes and in her heart. She still feels married to him, I believe, and John was there for her, since he was a friend of her husband’s, I believe and moved in on her to support her at her time of loss…and then some. John is a lot of fun for her, but I do… Read more »

I so agree, Sandy! Repulsive is the perfect word, he looks like Shrek and acts like a jerk!

Sonja’s blogs are difficult to read. You would think her ” interns” could put her thoughts into coherent sentences. I’m convinced Sonja’s is under the influence of something when she writes them.

Frank Van Der Heijden

Sonja needs to upgrade her sex toys…just saying

Frank Van Der Heijden

Looks like Dorinda did not want to share a line with Sonja…

haha !!!

OMG that after show was hilarious 🙂

I also have to think that it was really awful of Dorinda to do that knowing that Sonja relies on RHONY for her paycheck. Dorinda is beyond filthy rich! How about helping a friend who is in financial trouble. By not filming with her she can be demoted to part-time or just let go.

Sonja’s maturity level is so low, poor thing. It’s why she’s so endearing too. It’s like she never lived through the teenage days of not being invited to a party where everyone else was invited and the next day the whole school is talking about it. Didn’t she ever have to figure how to handle that one years ago? But I don’t blame her feeling the way she did but lashing out on Social Media about Dorinda was not the way to handle it. I’m glad she and Dorinda made up because I adore these two ladies. I hope it… Read more »