Sonja Morgan Releases Tispy Girl, Will Bethenny Be Angry?


During this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, Carole Radziwill hosted get-together for some of the women to get a psychic reading from Kim Russo. Dorinda Medley, Jules Wainstein, Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer all attended Radziwill’s event.

The medium noticed right away that Bethenny was “blocking” her, but interrupted Bethenny by telling her that her father “doesn’t connect with his heart.” The psychic also told Frankel that she didn’t see her getting married again, and that then Bethenny said she needed to go pick her daughter up from school.

Next, the psychic told Dorinda that she wouldn’t be marrying her boyfriend John Mahdessian, which made Ramona say, “Thank God.” This did not go over well with Dorinda. “John doesn’t like you either. He thinks you’re a bitch,” she told Ramona. Ramona backpedalled, but Dorinda didn’t stop. She told Ramona to “stop acting like a bitch.” Ramona told Dorinda she was getting out of control.  “Shut your mouth!” Dorinda screamed. “No one gives a sh*t!”

Carole said she was “embarrassed” by the situation between the two as Dorinda stated that Mario left Ramona for someone else. When Ramona tried to correct Dorinda, she yelled, “Shut up! I’m tired of it, and I’m not putting up with it anymore!”

The psychic, Kim, tried to diffuse the situation by talking about Ramona’s late father. This made Singer emotional, which made Dorinda give her a hug and the two made up again.

Dorinda joined John for dinner after the party and things got heated between the two when they started discussing John’s problem with Ramona. “I’ve been a gentleman,” he said. “Oh, my God!” she finally snapped. “It’s not about you! I don’t want to talk about you!” John then dramatically stabbed a fork into his meal to signal he was done with the conversation.

“Do it again, and grab an Easy Pass to Queens,” Dorinda said before leaving. “John is not understanding that I’m sick and tired,” she lamented to the camera. “And he’s part of the reason that I’m done.”

Jules and Carole met up to chat about the drama that went on at the psychic party. Carole asked Jules what the psychic meant when she said that Jules was striving to be a role model for women. First, Jules said she meant being a mother. Carole pushed, saying she thought the psychic meant “something bigger.” Finally, Jules opened up about the real reason she hoped to be a role model.

“I’m over 12 years in recovery for an eating disorder,” she confessed.

Carole told the cameras she “wasn’t surprised” Jules had an eating disorder because she is “very, very, very thin, unnaturally thin.” She also said that Jules seemed to “care a lot about food” and “puts a lot of food out when guests come over.” Carole noted, “She definitely has a relationship with food.”

Finally, it was time for Sonja Morgan’s big birthday party. LuAnn confronted Ramona about being concerned LuAnn was a bad influence on Sonja. “Me? A bad influence on Sonja?” Luann groaned. “Are you kidding me, Mrs. Turtle Time?” She then accused Ramona of going around “with a bottle of pinot grigio” up her skirt.

“I’m not like Luann and Sonja, who stay out until 4 in the morning and then bring whatever guys they meet back to the place and drink, and who knows else they do,” Ramona told the cameras. “It’s not a good fit because Luann likes to drink a lot, and Sonja can’t keep up with her. We’re supposed to take Sonja away from drinking, taking her away from being with random men, and all Luann does is add to the influence of both.”

The party ended with Sonja revealed her latest business venture, a prosecco called Tipsy Girl. “Booze. That’s the last thing Sonja needs to do,” Ramona said to the cameras. Singer also made note of how similar the name is to Bethenny’s brand Skinnygirl.

Sonja didn’t seem to notice the similarity in the two names. “I love the name Tipsy Girl, and I feel like I’m the ultimate Tipsy Girl!” she declared with a smile. “I really wish Bethenny were here because I’d really like to get her opinion.”

When Jules suggested the name might be an issue for Bethenny, Dorinda said, “I can’t imagine this is going to matter to Bethenny. Bethenny is an ocean, and this is a tiny stream.”

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34 Replies to “Sonja Morgan Releases Tispy Girl, Will Bethenny Be Angry?”

  1. First I will say I haven’t watched it yet so I’m just commenting on this story. I don’t think Luann is any worse an influence on Sonja than Ramona was. Ramona always seemed to be drinkng, getting quite irritated if her Pinot wasn’t there. As for encouraging her to bring men home, well they have always shared, I’m thinking of Johnny Depp look alike!
    Skinny Girl/Tipsy Girl, Just because it’s Girl at the end shouldn’t matter to Bethenny if it’s successful good for Sonja! It’s not a diet drink so it doesn’t compare.
    Ok that’s about it for now as I’m falling asleep again! So hope this makes sense if jot I will correct it later. I’m sure I’m forgiven at the moment! Xxx

    1. Just to clarify my comment, I don’t particularly like any of these women this season, I enjoyed the last half of last season but I think none of these women are any better than each other! That’s just what I was just trying to say earlier in my half dozed way!

  2. I think Bethany will be pissed. She is so careful about her brand and what Sonja is doing verges on trademark infringement IMO

    1. Not gonna happen, you cannot register common names such as Girl, or Guy….Tipsy Girl is an acceptable name from a legal point of view, so Bethenny can’t do crap about it, whether she likes it or not.

      1. Thanks for your legal opinion. You should have a look at the public website of the US Patent and Trademark Office. Bethany’s company has registrations for SkinnyGirl in respect of multiple wares and she would have a reasonable argument to challenge the use of TipsyGirl

        1. She can register even “Slutty Girl¨” if she wants to, but she cannot prevent others from registering brands with the word “girl” included because that is a generic word.


  3. Of course Bethenny is going to lose her mind. Tipsy Girl is a complete and total rip-off of B’s brand. Sonja is trying to ride the coattails of a hugely successful company. Even the label has the martini glass like Skinny Girl I almost think this it a set up for drama. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know this is going to be an issue.

    Has anyone seen Tipsy Girl in a store? This was filmed months ago so I’m wondering. Another hair-brained idea of Sonja’s that’ll probably never come to fruition.

    If I were Bethenny, I’d sue.

    Dorinda? Shut up, shut up, shut up! She’s gone from a 9 to a 1 in my books. With a mouth like hers it’s a wonder she hasn’t been punched. She’s vulgar this season. She and John were both drunk, IMO, in that restaurant debacle. What a sick relationship. I think Bravo is giving him plenty of camera time because everyone hates him. He turns my stomach. What a wanna-be fame ho.

      1. My deepest apologies. You’ll notice my comment was posted at 6:01 a.m. Not enough caffeine in my at that point.

    1. I absolutely love it when I see an opinion, factual it seems too, about this John situation, PJ. Here I am just going along thinking they are filming whatever Dorinda’s doing, and since she spends a lot of time with John ( or so it has been made to seem ) Then I read your post, and hey! An entirely new way of seeing the whole thing. It makes it so much more interesting to watch, especially when it’s a little boring…to be able to try to read the behind the scenes producer driven, cast driven, something besides what I thought driven. 🙂

  4. Luann, the Queen of Class? You don’t give someone an expensive birthday gift at someone else’s party. I thought it was hilarious of Ramona to call her out for double-gifting. (that’s a term I just made up for when someone gives you the same gift twice)

  5. Tipsy girl is a total rip off, ride the coattails of Bethany’s brand. Then again, Skinny Girl is a total rip off of Skinny Cow.

  6. Well, from what I saw, and I missed some, and maybe it was the preview of next week, Bethenny is pissed at the name and thinks Sonja stole the idea or something and even the name bothered Bethenny. So, Sonja did take off on the Bethenny brand, but it is not margaritas, and she should be able to use the name if it is not Skinny anything. Also, like O. R. Egg said, Skinny Girl was a rip off of Skinny Cow most likely.
    Everyone wants a wine or liquor. What happened to Vicki’s Vodka? LOL I would not buy any of this stuff except maybe LVP sangria, but I cannot find it near me. I think it is about an hour north where they carry it or did.

      1. Oh well. I guess everyone wants some alcoholic beverage. Is it copying? Tre had the Fabellini, LVP has sangria, Heather Dubrow has her sparkling wine, etc. Sonja picked a similar sounding name…and I doubt Bethenny will let it go. Sonja shoild have picked something else really. TipsyGal maybe?

    1. Sonja cannot sell champagne unless it is manufactured in the Champagne region of France, that’s why it is called prosecco, vino spumante, vino cava, all are the same thing with different names, but only the one made in France can be sold as “champagne’

      1. Yes, and didn’t Heather Dubrow make that point when she was selling her bubbly as well. I thought she mentioned that too. She called it a MÈTHOD CHAMPENOISE. I just foind and pasted that, and it was in all caps. That is as close to champagne as she could get for her sparkling wine.

      1. Don’t worry. My first comment was there before I noticed the error and made the above comment. 😉

  7. Is it necessary, seriously, first of all to show Sonja’s dog shit on the floor, then her picking it up, saying she hates it when it gets on her fingers? God ( Wear some gloves girl, I buy them in boxes of a hundred being I have Kitties whose facilities are in my attached garage! ) And for God Sakes, Bravo, this is supposed to be RHONY. Then we have to see her shoving q-tips up her nose, JHC. Can we leave out the stuff that is literally GAGGING me? I mean, COME ON! I know the franchise is in a little trouble. Is it really possible, honestly, that it is so BORING in New York City that we have to see dog shit and snot. I have been told, and usually by the ladies of New York that it is the greatest city in the effing WORLD. It isn’t of course, but nevertheless, could we PLEASE leave out the snot and shit?

  8. It won’t be Sonja’s “cheater brand” that causes Bethenny’s brand to fail…it will be Bethenny and her enormous ego. She makes everything from alcohol to t-shirts….including water, coffee, shakes, cookies, candy, popcorn, salad dressing, nutrition bars, and every kind of booze you can imagine…so it would be kind of impossible to try to market something she doesn’t already make. She is like the Ron Popeil of Bravo…and will try to make money off anything and everything. She can sue Sonja for using the name Tipsy Girl…but I don’t think it will matter much to her sales. I just don’t know who is buying her stuff or why. I tried her original Margarita years ago and it was nasty….none of us liked it….horrible bitter aftertaste. I just make my own…fresh…and for 25% of the cost…and there are lots of sangrias and proseccos and vodkas on the market that are cheaper than the Skinnygirl brands and taste better. As public perception of her continues to change, I think so will her sales…and that’s on her….not Sonja.

    1. It’s just Sonja being Sonja. TipsyGirl toaster ovens which can make breakfast for your trick when you’re still too loaded to get out of bed. Wish they made it hem when I was young

  9. To me Tipsy Girl doesn’t have anything to do with the Skinny Girl brand. It’s just that both owners are on the same Real Housewives show. Makes me think of how the creator of Disparate Housewives was not happy when he heard about The Real Housewives title.

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